Coronavirus: Satellite images show reversal of climate effects on the planet after China and Italy go into quarantine

Studies carried out by the Center for Research in Energy and Clean Air (CREA), in the United States, showed that after China and Italy went into quarantine, they caused a drastic reduction in environmental pollution in both countries. 

The analysis compares images from mid-January and this week. The difference is noticeable, showing that the decrease in industrial activity and the circulation of means of transport produced a drop in pollutant gas emissions.

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According to experts, confinement could have very positive effects on combating the planet's climate crisis.

corona virus gas emission

Comparison table of gas emissions in China between January and February 2019, and in January February 2020 (photo: NASA)

China has provided a quarantine in Hubei province, where the city of Wuhan. The place recorded the first cases of coronavirus in December 2019. The city is one of the main industrial centers in the country, and according to the study, the stoppage of the industry meant a significant decrease in emissions of polluting gases.

Researcher Lauri Myllyvirta, who led the CREA study, says China has emitted 150 million metric tons less carbon dioxide in the last three weeks than in the same period last year.

In the case of Italy, a similar effect was observed after the quarantine. The task force imposed in the Lombardy region, according to images produced by ESA's Copernicus Sentinel satellite.

According to some researchers, the lives that could be saved if this phenomenon lasts for a long time would be much more than those lost with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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