Is it worth studying abroad in Ireland? The Emerald Island has become one of the main destinations for Brazilians who want to study English in Europe

THE Ireland has been standing out as a great hub for students from all over the world looking to have a study experience in Europe, improve their English and experience a new culture. In fact, the reasons for doing exchange in ireland are diverse and may vary according to the exchange student's profile and needs.

To make life easier for those who are planning to study and work in Ireland, we have separated 9 good reasons why Ireland can be your next destination in Europe. The Emerald Isle, as it is affectionately called, tops the list of the best countries to exchange and study English. So, learn about the advantages of living in Irish cities and plan your exchange as soon as possible.  

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Exchange in Ireland – Cost benefit 


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The values to make exchange in ireland it's certainly one of the reasons the city is so popular with students. Exchange agencies such as World Study offer different types of courses and prices for travelers. The country is extremely receptive and makes it easy for foreign students to go. When compared to different countries in Europe and around the world, the Ireland It is undoubtedly one of the most affordable. In addition, the country also offers courses with varying durations, which can be taken between 1 and 6 months, and can be renewed up to twice for those who want to stay longer in the country. 

Exchange in Ireland – Language


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

English is the official language of the country and follows the same British standard in all schools. It is especially easy to find teachers of different nationalities teaching foreigners living in Ireland. The country concentrates several schools specialized in receiving these students who want to improve their English and still have the opportunity to legally stay in Europe without having European citizenship. Therefore, you can consult the ILEP to find the perfect teaching unit for you. The Irish government's official list shows all schools regulated and authorized to attract students from other countries outside the European Union.

Living in a first world country


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

THE Ireland it is part of the United Kingdom and is very close to countries like England and Scotland, known worldwide for their quality of life and infrastructure. Certainly, living in a first world country is the dream of many Brazilians who want to restart their lives abroad, have more professional opportunities, go to college and even have a special visa to work in Europe. 

Teachers from different parts of the world


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

As it is an exchange hub, schools in Ireland choose to have teachers of different nationalities, precisely so that the student can have references with different accents. THE The English Studio, a school that has units in Dublin and London, offers didactics aimed at interaction between students and a curriculum with only certified teachers.

Above all, the teachers are of different nationalities. In addition to Irish teachers, you will also be able to take classes with natives from England, Canada and other countries. One thing is for sure, shortly after starting classes, it will be easy to notice a considerable improvement in your English.

irish culture


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

THE Ireland It has an ancient culture! The city houses a valuable architectural heritage of medieval buildings built centuries ago! Churches, monuments, museums, historic libraries and castles spread across different parts of the country are some of the attractions most sought after by tourists who come to the island in search of historical references.

Possibility of work during the exchange 


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

THE Ireland has a law for students who have a visa Stamp 2 (valid for 8 months), which allows foreigners to work up to 20 hours per week, with the possibility of extending this period to up to 40 hours in the official vacation months of the student. The Irish salary is considered one of the highest in Europe and can, for example, be a great help in the expenses that the exchange student will have in Ireland.

Travel to other countries 


Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

In fact, with a student visa it is even easier to travel to other countries that are part of the European Union. In addition, Ireland also has one of the best known low-cost airlines, Ryanair. It is possible to find cheap flights and buy air tickets for less than 20 euros to destinations such as London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and others.

Great options of cities to carry out the exchange

Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

Despite being the most popular among tourists, Dublin, the Irish capital, is not the only city that offers a great exchange student experience. In this way, other destinations such as cork, Galway and Limerick They also provide excellent value for money. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly popular among students who decide to live in the country for a while.

Natural Beauties

Exchange in Ireland. Photo: Wikikmedia Commons

Certainly, the Ireland It is a great country for those who love to live close to nature. The island has fabulous scenery along its coastline, as well as valleys, hills, lakes and medieval villages that seem to have stopped in time. One of the most popular places is the wicklow national park and the famous cliffs of Cliffs of Moher, which surprisingly already served as the setting for one of the Harry Potter films and has already competed for the post of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

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