Accommodation in Paraty: if you are looking for a place to immerse yourself in nature and disconnect from the world, get to know Refúgio Mamanguá

Have you ever imagined staying between the sea and the mountains of paraty fully immersed in nature? This is possible in Pousada Refugio Mamanguá, a true caiçara paradise in the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

located in Mamanguá bag, this rustic inn is ideal for those looking for tranquility and who want to enjoy the charms of this paradisiacal place in a simple and comfortable way. In addition, this accommodation in paraty it privileges the caiçara way of life and promotes the sustainability of neighboring communities and the conservation of the area.

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The Saco do Mamanguá is 8 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide and is considered the only fjord tropical of Brazil and the World. In it there are 33 beaches and 8 caiçara communities, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest and bathed by an emerald green sea.

Did you want to know this amazing place? Continue reading this post and learn more about Saco do Mamanguá and how accommodation in Pousada Refugio Mamanguá can offer you the best experience in this corner of the Rio de Janeiro coast. Stay between the sea and the mountains of Paraty and live unforgettable days in this caiçara paradise.

Refúgio Mamanguá: a caiçara paradise

accommodation in Paraty

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Built in a privileged area of Mamanguá bag, between the mountains covered by Atlantic Forest and the sea of calm waters in tones of emerald, the Pousada Refúgio Mamanguá is the perfect option for those looking for contact with nature.

The entire structure of this caiçara paradise was made with ecologically certified materials. In addition, the accommodations are simple and comfortable, favoring the landscape as the main attraction. There, the internet signal is scarce and the electrical energy suffers oscillations, due to falling branches on the wiring that passes through the middle of the forest.

It is accommodation in Paraty serves breakfast and dinner inspired by healthy cuisine, with foods typical of the region, such as fish, shrimp, mussels, clams, mussels, bananas and manioc flour. In addition, the rustic inn does not serve lunch precisely to encourage income generation in local restaurants. 

Accommodation between the sea and the mountains of Paraty 

accommodation in Paraty

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When staying at Refúgio Mamanguá you will be in comfortable accommodation between the sea and the mountains of paraty. Therefore, this is the ideal place for those looking for tranquility.

There are two types of suites, 6 Yellow and 2 Purple. The yellow suites are the ones closest to the sea, just 20 meters away. They accommodate up to three people and have a gas shower, ceiling fan, covered porch and wooden deck, with a hammock and mat for resting.

The purple suites are 100 meters from the sea, closer to the Atlantic Forest. They are perfect for those who want to stay with more privacy. There are three box beds in this accommodation, gas shower and ceiling fan. The suites also have a covered wooden deck for contemplation of the landscape.

What to do at Pousada Refúgio Mamanguá

accommodation in Paraty

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Located in an area surrounded by exuberant nature, the Pousada Refugio Mamanguá favors the practice of sports such as trekking, rowing, swimming and diving. In addition, free Canadian canoes are available for guests to travel through Saco do Mamanguá. As well as working with rental of stand-up paddle boards and kayaks. 

There are several trails around the inn, great for those who enjoy hiking. These paths lead to beautiful places and reveal incredible landscapes. One of the most famous trails is the one that leads to Pico do Pão de Açúcar. 

Saco do Mamanguá has green and calm waters, great for swimming. A tip from the inn is to swim at night, especially during the new or crescent moon, when the bioluminescence of the zooplankton leaves traces with each movement of the waters. 

Another tip is to practice diving at the entrance to Saco do Mamanguá, where the waters are deeper and the bottom is covered by rocks. The region is home to a great diversity of marine life. 

See below how to get to Refúgio Mamanguá. 

How to get to the Mamanguá Refuge

Mamanguá Refuge

Accommodation in Paraty: Mamanguá Refuge. Photo: Disclosure

Access to Pousada Refúgio Mamanguá is by boat only. The journey from Praia de Paraty Mirim takes about 45 minutes and is done by local boat. Those traveling by car to the beach can use the various parking lots that exist there. Those who have their own boat, locate the inn on the right bank of Saco do Mamanguá right after Praia Grande.

The road that leads to Paraty Mirim passes through Rodovia BR-101, both for those coming from São Paulo and for those departing from Rio de Janeiro. In the case of travelers leaving the capital of São Paulo, the entrance to Paraty Mirim is right after km 584. For those coming from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, access is 10 km from the roundabout at the entrance to the city of Paraty.

After leaving the highway, it is necessary to travel 7 km on a dirt road to reach the beach, from where the boats depart for the Pousada Refúgio Mamanguá. There are also buses that depart from Paraty to Praia de Paraty Mirim. The journey takes around 40 minutes. 

So, what are you waiting for to plan your trip to this caiçara paradise on the coast of Rio de Janeiro? Stay at Pousada Refúgio Mamanguá and enjoy days of peace and tranquility between the sea and the mountains of Paraty.

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