After two years in the midst of covid-19, with remote work, isolation and, finally, vaccine in the arm, the adventure sport circuit will have the long-awaited return of immersion and updating face-to-face events: the Cultural and Scientific Journey of Mountaineering Gear Tips takes place from April 01 to 03, 2022, the first after the pandemic.

With the challenge of debating the world and its necessary reconfiguration after the arrival of covid-19, the Scientific Journey of Mountaineering will bring together training, knowledge, interaction and scientific and cultural production of mountaineering in its various modalities.

The target audience ranges from those starting out to those already working in the area. The founder of the Journey, Fernanda May, says that the extensive program was designed for the community of mountain sports practitioners in general.

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“The event is complete, with lectures, classes and workshops for all tastes and different levels of knowledge. Those who are already a guide, for example, will have the chance to update themselves in first aid, among other knowledge; entrepreneurs will be able to exchange information about new circuits and options that can be offered, in addition to networking; and those who are just starting will have the chance to prepare for adverse situations, to deal with safety equipment and to produce minimal impact on nature”, says May, who is a doctor and has been mountaineering for 24 years.

Pedro Lacaz Amaral, co-organizer of the event, highlights the arrival of new practitioners to the mountaineering scene throughout Brazil: “The adventure sport received many new participants, many people wanting to discover new activities after being in isolation for so long, and the market, its professionals and amateur athletes need to be updated and informed. That is why, in this edition, we will have an even more complete program, with meetings dedicated to debating the latest in terms of physical and mental conditioning, equipment and technology, as well as skills and knowledge”, says Pedro Lacaz Amaral. , co-organizer of the event.

The event includes sports such as biking, climbing, trail running, and trekking, with all the updates in these areas, and also takes a dip in places: Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Patagonia, much sought after by professional and amateur sportsmen, are highlighted. In addition, the journey brings the latest in terms of equipment and safety, minimal impact and health, as well as panels dedicated to the deepening and analysis of articles and scientific data. Finally, the cultural part of the event will feature photographic exhibitions, maps and mountain literature.

Programming has specialists in Bikepacking, Climbing, Trail Running and Trekking 

One of the attractions is the lecture by the adventure sport specialist Guilherme Cavallari. Author of 19 books in the area and co-author of a series of documentary films, he will share his experience with long bicycle trips through places like the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Mantiqueira, Patagonia and Mongolia in a meeting about bikepacking.

For Cavallari, social isolation has affected people's mental health in a very significant way, and this is leading many people to seek refuge and healing in the encounter with nature.

“In my talk I talk about experiences of being in nature, of being on adventure. I talk about the journey I made in Mongolia by bike, but also about the experience of preparation, which is very important for anyone who wants to start making long journeys.”

Cavallari says that the Mountaineering Journey is of paramount importance to promote mountain culture in Brazil: “Being in nature is a way of taking care of physical and mental health, but also a way of protecting the environment. Nobody takes care of what they don't know, and we need more people to know more and more. Promoting a culture of adventure is critical, and that is one of the roles of the journey.”


III Cultural and Scientific Journey of Mountaineering Gear Tips

April 1st to 3rd, 2020
Location: Hotel Fazenda Villa Forte, in Engenheiro Passos (RJ)

Speakers: André Fatini, Antônio Calvo, Branca Franco, Cláudio Machado, Ed Padilha, Fábio “Tchê” Moralles, Freddy Duclerc, Gabriel Tarso, Guilherme Cavallari, Isadora Martins, Luiz Aragão, Luiz Gadetto, Marcela Tenório, Maria Tereza Ulbrich, Pedro Hauck , Pedro Lacaz Amaral and Ricardo Pina.

Web site:

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