There were several markets that saw their revenue reach worrying levels with the height and development of the pandemic. But, without a doubt, one of the most devastated was the tourism sector.

Within the “new normal”, the sector tries to take advantage of the slight resumption of tourism to recover its economy. With that in mind, there is the proposal to open and regulate casino resorts in Brazil. Already know how it works? Heard about the debate? Follow all the details in our article and stay on top of the news.

Briefly understand the project to legalize casino resorts or hotels

In the second half of 2021, Arthur Lira, president of the Chamber of Deputies, created a specific group to discuss and analyze the feasibility of legalizing gambling in Brazil. However, in a special modality, with the proposal to stimulate the generation of integrated resort casinos. In a format similar to those that neighboring Uruguay and Paraguay already deliver – and which they do, even with great success.

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The primary objective of such guidelines is to think about whether it is feasible to work with such ventures – and whether the pros outweigh the cons – for the possible generation of income and benefits for the Brazilian people.

Therefore, the project involves a number of ministries and different types of specialists. Going from the analysis by the Federal Public Ministry to sections such as Economy, Tourism and Security.

What are the advantages of such ventures?

According to one of the project's defenders, Federal Deputy Eduardo Bismarck, casino games are widely exploited and accepted by Brazilian society – despite their illegality. Therefore, legalizing gambling in hotels and casino resorts can take away the perverse side of the practice. Thus bringing benefits to society.

But, after all, what good can the regulation and creation of casino resorts bring? There are several reasons given by the interested parties.

First, they cite the great opportunity to boost Brazilian tourism and bring profitability after periods of so much crisis involving the new coronavirus. Thus, the activity would help the sector to recover, generate new jobs (helping local families) and boost the economy in hot spots tourism – largely affected in such a period.

As if the local effects and advantages were not enough, there is a forecast of generating taxes in favor of the general society with such activities. The operation, in general terms, would be as follows: the tax collection of such establishments would be converted into social demands. Something that is already applied in a similar way, currently, with the games of chance promoted by Caixa Econômica Federal (CAIXA).

Still, the whole scenario would increase foreign investment in Brazil. Since the companies most predisposed to explore the gambling market in the country are foreign. And that would certainly be highly advantageous for the national economy!

International economies that already follow the model

For a long time, several countries have been exploring the model of integrated resort casinos as a way to stimulate their tourism and bring social benefits thanks to the economy. Want to check out some examples?

Big global cities – and their hotels – already attract tourists to explore games in live casino.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The imposing Marina Bay Sands casino is one of the most famous internationally. Located in Singapore, it works as an annex to the hotel of the same name – which even has an infinity pool (on its roof).

It occupies a special place in the TOP 10 best resort casinos worldwide. And ends up, even if indirectly, actively contributing to the national economy. One of the main goals of implementing integrated resort casinos in any country.

Kurhaus Baden-Baden Casino

Within the global scenario, the German casino Baden-Baden (Kurhaus) is endowed with a special position. With over 150 years of history, it is one of the most extravagant casinos on the entire planet.

Extremely luxurious, the space serves not only for games, but also for presentations and major events, and follows the rise of the place as a spot for international tourism. It's no wonder that many casino lovers go there just to see it and end up taking the opportunity to relax in its spa or in the hotel itself. After all, with casino resorts, the whole experience is intertwined.

Other examples in Latin American countries

Although the previous examples are from countries far from Brazil, we do not need to go far to check the positive points generated by hotel developments coupled with casinos. In Latin America, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina have casino resorts that attract tourists and are extremely renowned – generating revenue for the entire country.

Now, it is up to the public to await the decision of the team responsible for weighing the pros and cons for Brazil.

While the legalization agenda is still in force, in the hands of great powers, online gambling and betting fans can stay legal – putting their guesses and exploring online fun. In addition to the opportunity to play online and live casino, you can even bet LVBET sports, betting on markets and teams you want! As long as you choose a trusted platform, there's no harm in trying!

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