Among so many places to visit in the city of Rio Grande do Sul, George III is a themed restaurant inspired by the Royal Palace of the United Kingdom.

How about enjoying a dinner with all the pomp of the English royal family? 

You don't have to travel to England, just head to the charming city of Lawn.

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That's what you read! 

Among so many amazing places to visit in the city of Serra Gaúcha, there is one that looks like a piece of the United Kingdom in Brazil.

I'm talking about George III Restaurant.

THE restaurant has a themed space inspired by the Royal Palace of the United Kingdom and is right at the entrance of Lawn, a true invitation to an incredible cultural and gastronomic experience. 

George III, a restaurant inspired by the Royal Palace of the United Kingdom

Gramado themed restaurant

Themed restaurant in Gramado. Photo: Disclosure

Titled as the Contemporary European Gastro Bar, the George III impresses right away: its brown facade with golden details recalls London in the 18th century.

The building inspired by the Royal Palace of the United Kingdom - Buckingham Palace -, is beautiful both inside and out. 

The various settings were designed to refer to the history of the English crown and make the visitor have a complete experience: taste typical dishes in environments that make you feel in the United Kingdom without leaving Brazil.

Amazing, no?

Therefore, when visiting Lawn, don't miss the George III restaurant, more than a place to eat, it's a great tour.

Find out more about the themed restaurant in Gramado

Gramado themed restaurant

Themed restaurant in Gramado. Photo: Disclosure

The entire interior of the George III is decorated with European-style paintings of the British royal family and London, with richly detailed moldings. In addition to many baroque objects.

The restaurant has different environments, each following an English style of decoration, but all equally beautiful. In addition, typical London music helps with the ambiance.

The waiting room is called the Crown Room because it has a replica of Queen Elizabeth II's crown. 

There are also two traditional English bars, a pub and a main hall, in addition to the Golden Room, reserved for romantic moments, and the Royal Room, which hosts large events. 

The service is also fit for royalty. From arrival to departure, visitors are welcomed and served in a unique way. Waiters wear classic English attire and dishes are served on exquisite crockery.

THE menu do George III brings reinterpretations of traditional dishes of English cuisine and exclusive drinks. 

And, to finish off in the best English way, the restaurant offers tea service – a symbol of the English aristocracy – after dinner. 

The George III restaurant is located at Avenida Borges de Medeiros, 1489, in the Planalto neighborhood, in Gramado. It is open every day of the week for dinner only, from 19:00 to 00:00. 

More attractions in Gramado

Restaurant inspired by the Royal Palace

Restaurant inspired by the Royal Palace. Photo: Rosanetour

A famous winter destination, Gramado has many themed attractions that guarantee great tours throughout the year. 

It is a charming city: the architecture of the houses, the gastronomy and the Serra Gaúcha make Lawn a special corner of Europe in Brazil.

Cozy and with many attractions, the city is great for those looking for outdoor activities, culture and excellent cuisine. By the way, like George III, there are several other themed restaurants in Gramado.

So, if you are planning to travel there, check out our tips on the main attractions in Gramado to make your experience even better.

Of all that there is to do in Gramado, enjoy the delicious cuisine of George III, take time to discover the only snow park in Brazil, go pedal boats on Lago Negro and try delicious chocolates. 

If you have time, visit nearby Canela, just 9 km away and with many incredible attractions.

Know the Gramado's main attractions:

Tourist center: The city center of Gramado concentrates several tourist attractions, which can be visited in a beautiful walk. Take the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful architecture of the buildings.  

Avenida Borges de Medeiros, where George III is located, houses much of what there is to see, especially in Praça Major Nicoletti, where the Parish of São Pedro, the Fonte do Amor Eterno and the Palace of Festivals are located.

Covered Street: Next to Praça Major Nicoletti, Rua Coberta concentrates many restaurants and shops. It is a very beautiful place, with hanging plants on the roof and beautiful lighting. It is ideal for walks, shopping and a stop to eat or just have a hot chocolate.

Pie Street: Also known as Ladeira das Flores, Rua Torta – originally Rua Emílio Sorgetz – is the ideal place to take pictures. A postcard from Gramado, the street enchants with the color of the plants spread across it. 

black lake: The main attraction in Lago Negro is the pedal boat. But there is also a trail around it, great for hiking. The place is very beautiful, surrounded by trees from the Black Forest of Germany, and ideal for those who want to enjoy nature.

Mini World: The Mini Mundo is an open-air park that brings together replicas of buildings from Brazil and the world in a proportion 24 times smaller than the originals. The perfection of the replicas impresses and reveals a meticulous work. There are several famous places, including the Ipiranga Museum in São Paulo, the Usina do Gasómetro in Porto Alegre and the Bariloche Airport in Argentina.

Gramado Zoo: The Gramado Zoo has only species of Brazilian fauna. There are about 1,500 animals living in environments that recreate their natural habitat.

Gaucho Park: As the name implies, Parque Gaúcho is a place to learn more about gaucho cultures and traditions. The place even has a space that recreates how people lived in the state in the 18th century.

Le Jardin – Lavender Park: Especially beautiful, Le Jardin – Parque de Lavanda is perfect for those who want to enjoy a beautiful landscape, full of species of lavender and flowers.  

Garden of Love: With scenarios inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany - in Italy -, Jardim do Amor is great for taking pictures and very popular with couples, especially those who go to Gramado on their honeymoon.

Snowland: Opened in 2013, Snowland is the only snow park in Brazil, where temperatures range from -3ºC and -5ºC. It has many attractions with snow, especially the artificial snow mountain that has a slope for skiing and snowboarding.

Chocolate World: The Chocolate World offers a trip around the world through replicas of famous monuments made in chocolate. The museum has more than 200 pieces in 30 tons of chocolate. 

Did you see how many amazing tours can be done in Gramado? Plan your trip now, get to know all these places and enjoy a dinner in the best English style at the George III restaurant.

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