Traditional restaurant in Prague, Czech Republic, offers dinner in a medieval tavern with music, dance and piro phagia

the architecture of Prague it is in fact the main attraction of the capital of the Czech Republic. Its winding streets act as a true open-air museum, exposing its wonderful medieval architectural ensemble, which was so impressive that it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

If you are looking for unforgettable and fun experiences in the city, we recommend a dinner at U krále Brabantského, a medieval-themed restaurant that will take you back in time while enjoying various dishes from the house.

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U krále Brabantského is one of the most traditional restaurants in Prague and is well worth a visit! In addition to the menu inspired by typical dishes of the country, the restaurant is housed in a medieval tavern from the 7th century, with thematic decoration. As if that were not enough, the place also offers themed performances of music, dance and piro fagia. 

Enjoy the customs of the past with lots of food and amazing performances by the team responsible for the night's entertainment. Get ready for juggling performances, sword fights, exotic snake dancing and lots of music!

The place is surrounded by myths and legends related to kings, alchemists, executioners and even about Mozart, who would have made the song „Malá Noční“ in the place. According to historical records, the place was founded in 1375 and received many Czech kings who used its secret passages to drink and forget about their problems.

disturbing decor

The decoration is another attraction in itself, when entering a narrow stone passage, the visitor is faced with rooms lit only with candles and torches. The rooms have long wooden tables adorned with chains, chalices and medieval objects. Don't be alarmed when you see skulls "decorating" the walls, they are also part of the decor.

Despite having another basement floor and accommodating many visitors, U krále Brabantského is certainly one of the best-known restaurants in the city and usually fills up quickly. It is recommended to try to make a reservation or buy your ticket with Medieval Dinner with unlimited drinks.

Medieval Restaurant in Prague. Photo: Disclosure

U krále Brabantského

Presentation during dinner in a medieval restaurant in Prague. Photo: Disclosure

Medieval Czech Republic Restaurant

Artists make presentations with fire, fighting and dancing with snakes. Photo: Disclosure

U krále Brabantského

Photo: Disclosure

Medieval Czech Republic Restaurant

Themed decor. Photo: Disclosure


Photo: Disclosure

Medieval Restaurant

Medieval Czech Republic Restaurant. Photo: Disclosure

Check out a promotional video for the restaurant:


U Pavouka is located in the Malá Strana district towards Prague Castle. 

Address: Thunovská 198/15

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