Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, put stuffed pandas on tables so that people start to respect the distance 

To make people respect social distancing, a restaurant in Bangkok, in Thailand proposed an innovative – and very cute – method. The establishment has put stuffed pandas on the chairs so people don't feel close to each other.

The idea came when the owner of the space realized that people were not fulfilling the distancing rules. With pandas, people started to remember to follow the rules and even found fun companions to share the table with, lessening the feeling of isolation.

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thailand pandas restaurant

Restaurant in Thailand. Photo: Disclosure

The Thai government began to reduce confinement restrictions last week. Restaurants and businesses began to reopen with restrictions. The return to "normal life" is being gradual and with security measures. So far, the country has recorded a total of 3,025 cases of Covid-19 and 56 deaths.

thailand pandas restaurant

Restaurant in Thailand. Photo: Disclosure

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