Restaurant in the Netherlands bet on robots to reopen establishments and maintain social distance between employees and customers

With the easing of social isolation measures in some countries and the reopening of local commerce, bars and restaurants have found creative ways to protect customers from the risks of transmission of Covid-19.

A restaurant in the city of Renesse, in the Netherlands, surprised its customers with the new way they found to reduce contact between their customers and employees during the new coronavirus pandemic. 

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The Royal Palace restaurant decided to replace its waiters with robots that, in addition to greeting their customers, are able to serve and remove used dishes. The measure is part of a series of tests carried out by the country to maintain social distance.

robot holland restaurant

Dutch restaurant uses robot waiter to maintain social isolation. Photo: Disclosure

“They help us with the work we do,” says Leah Hu, owner of the Royal Palace. “We are often busy cleaning tables and robots give us an extra hand. We're not disappearing, we're still here. This sector will always need people”, he added.

Many restaurants in the Netherlands have been closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic after the first confirmed case in the country in February 2020. In the last week, many have started to reopen, but with limits on the number of customers allowed and with new tactics to reduce contagion. 

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