Breaking all taboos and stereotypes, a 59-year-old woman decided to continue her life traveling, now after 2 years she says she only intends to return to Brazil to renew her passport

Josafa Freitas is retired, mother of three, grandmother of one grandson and divorced, but above all she is a traveller. Jô, as everyone calls her, was born and raised in Ceará and managed to retire, despite working for a while as a social worker taking care of trans women in the Ceará prison system.

However, during her work period, the retiree was already planning her trip around the world. These days, all they have is a suitcase and a Facebook page.”Jô: living where my suitcase is”, to update your friends and family of your adventures. In your quest to give a around the world, the woman has visited more than 40 countries in 2 years.

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The places visited by her were divided into two stages: first the European continent, then Asia and Africa. It all started in 2017, when the retiree traveled to Europe to give lectures and participate in meetings with professionals in her profession. So, while she was there, she decided to work as a nanny and study to get regularized on the continent, while visiting different countries.

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This was the first step to follow your project of around the world. He only returned to Brazil to rent the properties, sell what he didn't need and leave for Africa. Since then, he has not set foot on Brazilian territory. He intends to return in 2019 only to renew his passport, which no longer has clean pages of stamps.

But before that, the retiree wants to visit Malaysia, the Philippines and New Zealand, places that do not require visas. While she had free pages in her document, she was able to visit places like Kenya, Laos, India, Egypt, Vietnam and more, always recording her experiences through photos.

Who is the retiree traveling the world? 

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Jô is a woman who did not accept the rules imposed, according to her daughter, Lilith Feitosa, in an interview given to the BBC, she reversed the roles, normally it is the children who leave the parents in the nest and not the other way around. The young woman saw her mother leave home when she was 24 years old, even before finishing college, but she says she has accepted this reality over time.

At first everyone was surprised, but Jô always had in her head that it was time to be happy. After raising children, living a turbulent marriage and still working in services that offered precarious conditions, she needed to change the direction of her life. So, he decided to give his long-awaited around the world.

Along her way as a traveler, the retiree met many people and made many friends. Some became companions, who decided to share special and romantic moments. But according to her, it was nothing serious, she is no longer looking for a partner, she just wants to enjoy her life traveling.

However, it is clear that it has already gone through some difficulties. Jô was harassed in India and also lost her cell phone in Kenya, but she managed to get by and resist with only her basic English. For her, the secret is to believe in people, only then is it worth traveling around the world.

According to research carried out by the Ministry of Tourism, women with the same initiative as the retiree are appearing more and more. In 2017, around 17.8% of women wanted to travel alone, a number 6% higher than the rate among men.

Traveler's tips: how to go around the world? 

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First of all: save. Josefa says that as soon as she started thinking about her plan to give a around the world, dispensed with “futile” expenses, she didn't even dye her hair. In addition, exchanging hotels for shared rooms and hostels also makes a big difference when organizing the trip.

During her trip, the retiree also developed her own methods of saving money. For example, carry your own coffee, feed yourself instant noodles and have an electric kettle to get hot water. In addition, she adhered to a vegetable-based diet, avoiding meat during meals.

Another important tip for anyone who wants to give a around the world is to research the currency of the country you are going to visit. It's important to get used to the quotation and know how to convert the currency, so you don't have to spend without having a clue. Another interesting point is not to rush with the tours, visit everything slowly and slowly.

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