If you are about to take a trip to the United States, know the limit on purchases abroad so you don't get stuck at the airport

Many people plan a trip to the United States with the objective of buying something, and let's agree that even those who only want to go for leisure also end up buying something. In their eagerness to purchase products at a lower price, however, it is not uncommon for these people to forget to check the overseas purchase limit, which can end up generating a certain headache when returning to Brazil. These unexpected expenses can make a huge difference to your budget, so pay attention to the following information.

After all, what is the purchase limit in the US?

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THE US purchase limit is US$500.00 for travel by air or sea, simple as that. This value is changed to US$300.00 if the trip is made by land, but we will only consider here the trips made by plane, which are much more frequent and cause more doubts.

Considering that this is the limit, it is automatically understood that any and all purchases made abroad must be within this amount to avoid paying taxes, but there are some products, considered for personal use, that can freely pass through customs, as long as they prove that they were actually in use.

Let's suppose, for example, that your shopping abroad include perfumes, glasses and that amazing sneakers you saw on Instagram: if they are out of the packaging and without a label they will hardly be seen as items for sale (which are some of the items that the Federal Revenue Service seeks to prevent, preventing clandestine trade), after all they could be actually in use and not included in the purchase quota. But be careful: having several units in your suitcase, even more so if your trip is short, is asking to pay tax and generating distrust on the part of the inspectors. Another exception includes watches, cell phones and cameras: each passenger is allowed to have one (and only ONE) item of each in their baggage without affecting US$500.00.

When do US purchases incur tax?

Before answering this question, it is important to emphasize that even respecting the limit of US$500.00, it is very important that you declare your goods on your return to Brazil and keep the receipt, as this can avoid problems on your next international trips.

Now the answer: the shopping in the USA generate tax when they exceed the allowable amount, in which case you will pay 50% of the excess amount. An example: if these purchases were at US$600.00, it means that you exceeded US$100.00, and you must pay US$50.00 in tax.

If you refuse to go through customs or misdeclare the purchased goods, you will have to pay the same 50% tax plus 50% fine. Considering the example, there would be a total of US$100.00 payable. It is also worth keeping the proof of payment in case you need to make an appointment on a next trip.

What is the free shop purchase limit?

If the overseas purchase limit worry who goes travel to the United States, The free shop purchase limit don't stay behind. Here, however, it is worth an addendum: these stores are famous for offering cheaper products precisely because they are tax free, but if you make a purchase on the way to the US or in the US, you will already be using US$500.00.

If this is your intention, to be able to buy without fear of compromising your budget, wait until the time of return of the trip, when you can purchase products at the Brazilian airport without compromising the above limit and still being able to enjoy the quota of US$500.00.

Just be sure to follow the tips above and pay attention to the items purchased. To learn more and discover information such as which products you can bring to Brazil returning from the USA, visit the IRS international travel page for an updated query.

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