Planning a trip to Maragogi? When you're at your destination, don't forget to take a dip in the region!

Diving in the “Brazilian Caribbean” can be one of the most fascinating experiences to enjoy in Tupinikin lands. A destination full of activities for the whole family, the Coral Coast covers one of the most cinematic areas of the Alagoas coast. Coconut groves as far as the eye can see border a sea of crystalline waters that is almost always paradisiacal, the surprising scenery runs through much of the state. One of the most coveted stops is the small Maragogi, one of the municipalities protected by the second largest barrier reef in the world.

The second most visited destination in the state, it is only behind the capital Maceió. Alagoas is a state with stable temperature for most of the year, destination for sun and beach, high temperatures are always inviting for those who want to enjoy the numerous diving spots that the region offers. During the year, temperatures fluctuate only in the rainy season, which is between April and August, at this time the sea is not so clear, as there may be variations in the water tones according to the storms.

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Right time to go diving in Maragogi

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Right time to go diving in Maragogi

We were invited by Maragogi Dive, a diving operator that offers baptism and guided tours among the corals. As soon as the tide goes out, different species of fish are visible for observation. The great variety of fish and shoals form a true natural aquarium 6 km out to sea. Underwater photographers accompany the tours to ensure excellent underwater clicks, a typical souvenir of those who visit Maragogi.

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To take advantage of the natural pools that form between the corals, also known as the Galés de Maragogi, the driest periods between October and January make the waters even more crystalline, perfect for diving, facilitating the observation of local marine life. It is also worth paying attention to the tide levels, to schedule the best period of the tour, make sure in advance, as the best time for diving is during low tide (closest to 0.0). As the variation is constant (twice a day), organize yourself to do it at the best time. The tide table can be viewed in this link.

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