Check out romantic cities near São Paulo/SP that ask for a visit with your love

THE state of São Paulo concentrate romantic destinations ideal to enjoy with your partner. In addition, the capital of São Paulo is located in a privileged area, close to other charming cities in the neighboring states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

Paradise islands, cities surrounded by mountains, green areas and true refuges near waterfalls are some of the options that are on our list of romantic cities to visit near the city of São Paulo. So check it out:

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Romantic cities near São Paulo

Monte Verde – MG


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Between the best cities to travel in Brazil, it is certainly green Hill, which in addition to the coziness also offers several romantic options. On site, which is one of the romantic cities near São Paulo, you can enjoy a cozy inn with your partner. It is right on top of the mountains, having an almost surreal view of nature. Also, if you are an adventurous couple, why not try ecotourism activities in the region?

Serra Negra – SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Sierra Negra join our list romantic cities in SP. There you and your partner can enjoy an indoor environment and enjoy picnics, horseback riding, cable car rides and train rides. It is also possible to know some particularities of the place, such as the Disneyland of the Robots… so, were you curious?

Campos do Jordão – SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

With a climate similar to that of Monte Verde, Campos do Jordão undeniably integrates the romantic cities to travel with the partner. There the couple can enjoy a lot of hot chocolate and stay very close in the cold climate, typical in the top of the mountains. The environment is suitable both for couples who just want to relax and for those who enjoy the adrenaline of ecotourism.

Atibaia - SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Yet another inland city integrating the romantic places to travel. atibaia It's perfect for couples who want to get away from the world and enjoy a quieter life. In other words, it is possible to take steamboat rides, pedal boats, walking on trails and even hang gliding jumps, only for those who enjoy a thrill.

Ilhabela - SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Beach and a charming little town to stay with your love. Between the best destinations to travel in Brazil it is Beautiful island, on the coast of SP. Where you can find deserted beaches to relax or go hiking and discover hidden waterfalls in the middle of nature. So don't miss this amazing destination with your partner.

Holambra – SP


Photo: Tania Parejo

Known as the city of flowers, Holambra is one of romantic cities in SP, which you will no doubt regret if you pay a visit. The place is not only decorated by the beauties of nature, but also by the colorful houses and constructions that light up the whole environment. Why don't you go for a romantic walk in the flower fields and visit the mill?

San Francisco Xavier – SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A perfect place to explore nature is San Francisco Xavier, very close to the capital of São Paulo. There couples who are fans of ecotourism will fall in love even more, since it is possible to go hiking, climbing and several other activities in the middle of the forest. Remembering that the cold is a strong point of the region, bringing a lot of fog, which decorates the environment.

Goncalves – MG


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A city that bears the typical features of Minas is Gonçalves, perfect for couples looking for peace and romance. It is one of best places to travel because most establishments are equipped with fireplaces, wood stoves and windows that offer a beautiful view of the mountains.

São Bento do Sapucai – SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On the border with Minas Gerais, Sao Bento do Sapucai is undeniably one of romantic cities to travel with the partner. This destination is ideal for couples who want to get in touch with nature, because the great attractions such as the great Pedra do Baú and the waterfalls are accessed through trails.

Ubatuba - SP


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On the coast of São Paulo, who has never heard of ubatuba? Although many do not think of this as one of the best places to travel, it's really worth spending a weekend as a couple. There, lovers can find deserted and super calm beaches, in addition to relaxing on the white sand.

Viscount of Mauá – RJ

Anyone who thinks that Rio de Janeiro is just about beaches is wrong. Viscount of Mauá it is living proof that cities in the interior enchant many people, especially couples. Thus, the environment is great for those who want to enjoy waterfalls in the middle of the forest and have incredible views from the top of nature.

Paraty - RJ

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

paraty It is already a popular destination for couples in love. It is one of best places to travel because in addition to having a historic center, which preserves the roots of colonization, couples can also take advantage of boat trips and enjoy the local beaches.

Angra dos Reis – RJ

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Speaking of the beach… Angra dos Reis could not be missing from our to-do list. romantic cities to travel. The place is a paradise for lovers, because it has deserted islands and seas perfect for diving. In addition, the water takes on a bluish color, standing out from the other regions of the country.

Bananal – SP

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever thought about mixing history with leisure? banana plantation can provide you with this experience and that is why it is one of the romantic cities in SP. There, couples can stroll through the streets of the historic center and discover a little more of the region's coffee past, in addition to visiting the waterfalls hidden in the woods.

Embu das Artes – SP

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As the name implies, the region of Embu das Artes It is marked by several exhibitions and works by artisans. It is also one of best places to travel, as couples can have fun discovering new things at craft fairs, shops and antique shops, in addition to relaxing in the midst of so much decoration.

Tiradentes – MG

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

one more of romantic cities near São Paulo to travel It's straps, typical mining town. The place carries many traces of the local formation, with historic centers, cobblestone streets and preserved mansions. In addition to walking through all this, couples can also enjoy the cuisine of Minas Gerais and enjoy cheese bread for breakfast and feijoada for lunch.

Cunha - SP

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The city of Wedge, known as “romantic refuge” is located in the mountains in SP and is a great option for couples who want to take a break from the rush. The environment offers walks through trails, waterfalls and the famous lavender fields, where you can have a view of the horizon full of flowers. When it's time to return home, don't forget to take some ceramics, which are cheaper in the region.

São Luiz do Paraitinga – SP

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A city in the interior of São Paulo that has all the best to offer. In Sao Luiz do Paraitinga you can get in touch with a large Atlantic Forest reserve in the state, and therefore, carry out activities focused on nature, such as trails to discover waterfalls and river rafting. What do you and your partner think about this opportunity?

Sao Roque - SP

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Finally, one more romantic cities in SP worth visiting with your love is São Roque. The place is marked by the production of wines, so most of the attractions are in the fields and in the wine tasting. However, you can also visit the main church and learn a little more about the people of the region.

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