when visiting Rondônia, tourists find a little bit of every part of the Brazil in a complete cultural experience and intense contact with nature. The history of the territory goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when Indians and immigrants from different parts of the country arrived to support the construction of the Madeira-Mamoré Railway. And many stayed there in search of other working conditions and were responsible for this mixture, making this destination even more plural.

All this diversity is also reflected in the gastronomy, which has a little bit of each corner, however, for those who want to know the true taste of Rondônia, you cannot fail to try the tacacá. This delicacy of indigenous origin is made from tucupi, which is the juice extracted from the cassava root, mixed with dried shrimp, jambu, cassava gum and seasonings.

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Another very characteristic dish is açaí with fish, a very curious combination, but very common, especially in fish rodizios that drive tourists crazy with the value below average. It's for having fun! 

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The main tourist offer in the region is the walks in the middle of nature, which guarantee a spectacular connection and incredible landscapes. And to make this experience even more satisfying, the best time to visit Rondônia It's during the winter, believe me, because it corresponds to the driest period, because between December and March, the rains are severe, but don't worry, because heat will never be lacking, throughout the year the average temperature is above 25°C .

Knowing the history of Rondônia is also part of the list of activities for tourists and, in this regard, the capital Porto Velho leaves nothing to be desired. The city is perfect to learn more about this region of Brazil by taking a tour of the Madeira-Mamoré Railway Museum, which preserves data on the construction of this road that originated the city.

THE Square of the Three Water Tanks It is also worth a visit, since it is represented on the municipality's flag, there are three cylinders that supplied Porto Velho until the 50's. way to find porpoises along the way. It's so worth it. 

Another city worth mentioning is Ji-Paraná, also known as the “Heart of Rondônia”. It is crossed by the Machado and Urupá rivers, which in a certain stretch form an island that impresses with its shape, which resembles a heart. In this abundance of waters, there are many activities that can be done, such as fishing, swimming, rowing in the midst of virgin nature. In addition, in this region visitors find expeditions through the jungle, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, where they can contemplate different species of animals and plants. 

There is also located the Parque Aquático Tracoá Water Park, where there is a beautiful lagoon to cool off and other attractions to entertain, especially children. 

Something very important is missing from this itinerary, the freshwater beaches, which make up several scenarios in the northern region of the Brazil. And of course in Rondônia it wouldn't be different. To get to know them, the tourist must go to Costa Marques, located 713 km away, the way is long, but the reward for the landscape is worth the effort.

And, to end with a lot of adventure, Guajará-Mirim, which has already received the title of Green City, for having more than 93% of its area considered as Conservation Units. Those who go there can't miss a visit to the Pacaás Novos National Park to delight in the numerous waterfalls and get to know Pico do Tracoá, the highest point in Rondônia. A perfect experience for adrenaline junkies. 


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