Have you ever thought about taking a trip around the world by train? This is possible in a circuit of 21 thousand kilometers on rails, 3 continents and 17 cities in a 28-day itinerary.

Who never dreamed of giving the around the world? This desire seems to accompany humanity for centuries and has already served as an inspiration for many books and films. Whether by ship, plane or even by bicycle, many people try to accomplish this feat using the most varied means of transport. But have you ever imagined cross the planet aboard a train?

THE TT Travel Group offers the train as a means of transportation for a transcontinental trip. The experience has no less than 21 thousand kilometers on rails, 3 continents and 17 cities in a 28-day itinerary.

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Train route around the world

It all starts in Chicago, with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains all the way to Canada. On this route, it is possible to enjoy the view of several national parks with impressive landscapes. Soon after, it's time to board a flight from Vancouver and cross the Pacific Ocean to Beijing. One of the most magical moments of the trip arrives: traveling the most famous highway in the world, the Trans-Siberian.

From there, you can see the Gobi Desert from Erlian to Moscow and cross the geographical border between Europe and Asia marked by the Ural Mountains. To close the trip with a flourish, from Helsinki, Finland, to Stockholm, Sweden, the journey is carried out by the sophisticated Tallink Silja Line, ending the fabulous trip.

During this incredible journey of round the world by train, several stops are made in 17 cities. It is an opportunity to get to know the culture, gastronomy and other peculiarities of each place. Accommodation in some hotels is also part of the package, which is an opportune time to rest and recharge to get back on track.

To make the experience even better, specialized professionals with a vast repertoire are available to answer any questions and help passengers in whatever way is necessary. To accompany travelers, the guide in charge is also Brazilian.

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How much?

the value of round the world by train, with double accommodation, all trains included, meals, tours and accommodation is €27,900. All airline tickets, however, are the responsibility of the passenger.

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