The skater has visited 47 countries in 10 years, and anyone who thinks he will stop there is wrong

Marcelo Gervasio da Silva, 55, made a promise before his father passed away: travel the world. Initially the idea was to go around the places by bike, because he was a cyclist, but as he had an accident and started skateboarding, a friend joked that his promise would be fulfilled that way.

So he started to consider the idea, but for this to be possible, the sportsman had to adapt the skateboard and perfect it to the maximum. This construction took three years, selecting more resistant wheels, adapted to any type of soil, in addition to training on the avenues of Rio.

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The journey of the skater who went around the world 

round the world skateboard brazilian

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Marcelo began his travels in Brazil, first he went from Copacabana to Angra dos Reis and then he increased the kilometers, covering 2,327 km in 45 days, passing through Goiás, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro. So, he continued exploring the country, but when he arrived in the south, he decided to take a risk and get to know nearby countries like Uruguay and Argentina.

Soon after, he left for Africa, going from north to south and finally returned to Brazil, but not to stay, but to start a new journey to Chile. In this idea of giving around the world with skateboarding, Marcelo has already visited the five continents, covering 57 km, among some of the countries visited are: Madagascar, Mozambique, Finland, Belgium and Spain.

The traveler's big goal was to be in Moscow for the 2018 World Cup, he succeeded and he still went on a long walk through Europe afterwards. So, his new goal is to be at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, visiting Oceania and South Korea along the way.

However, Marcelo shared that he travels prepared, with various equipment and utensils, such as a mini kitchen, tent, medicine, personal hygiene products and basic clothes. Even with only 60 reais in his wallet, the skater manages to get by, always shares his story with people and ends up getting help to get his around the world.

Unforeseen events and adventures during the round the world 

round the world skateboard brazilian

Photo: Disclosure

One of the great secrets of these skaters is to show that they are Brazilian. Marcelo told in an interview with Uol Viagem that he was almost attacked by militiamen in Somalia, but what really saved him was doing little smacks, showing Neymar's shirt and knowing how to improvise in the language.

Just like anyone who wants travel the world, Marcelo went through very different experiences in terms of accommodation. The sportsman has slept in 5-star hotels and also in public restrooms, as in France, where he just stretched out his mat and waited for no guard to appear.

But in the end, all these experiences served as a learning experience, because Marcelo discovered expressions in many other languages. Before traveling, he only knew English and Spanish, currently he can speak about 300 to 40 expressions in German, Russian, Swahili and Malagasy, in addition to basic phrases in several languages, such as: “My name is Marcelo, I am from Brazil” or “I'm crossing the skateboarding world”.

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