Find out how to get to Assisi on a day trip from Rome and what to see in the charming medieval city

assisi is a very charming medieval town located in Umbria, central region of Italy. The city was home to Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clara, two of the saints most worshiped by Catholics. Most of the main points to visit are geared towards religious tourism, but the city itself is a major attraction.

There are several medieval buildings, stone houses, alleys, alleys, squares, walls and fountains that are scattered throughout Assisi. At the end of the day, a unique atmosphere of great tranquility becomes the perfect setting for tasting a good Italian wine.

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One advantage is that Assisi is about three hours away from Pomegranate, a good option for back and forth for those who have a few days to spare in the Italian capital. We will explain the best ways to get to Assisi in a quick tour from Rome and what to visit in the city.

How to get to Assisi on a day trip from Rome?

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There are basically three ways toget to Assisi from Rome: by car, by train or by bus. Let's talk a little about each of these options so that you can decide how you think is best to make your quick trip to Assisi.

For those who intend to go to Assisi using the train, the route is offered daily, with or without changing. Trains depart from Roma Termini or Roma Tiburtina Station and the journey takes around two hours. Arriving at Assis Station, it is necessary to take a taxi or a bus, since the place is a little far from the Historic Center of the city to go walking. It is important to book your train tickets in advance to ensure more affordable prices.

For those who choose the bus as a means of transport to get to Assisi, there are lines that depart from Fiumicino Airport or Tiburtina Station. In this case, the route is not direct, passing through cities such as Perugia, Deruta, Pontenuovo, among others, with a minimum duration of 3 hours.

To get to Assisi by car, there are two options: rent a car and drive on your own, or rent a car with a private driver. The first option entails attention with limited traffic zones, fines and parking spaces, as well as attention on the roads which can often be a little confusing.

The second option saves a little more time, since the accredited drivers are professionals who already know the procedures for driving in Italy. In the company Elmocar, for example, drivers speak Portuguese and add information and tips to the route.

It is important to note that in Assisi it is not allowed to access the historic center by car, only residents and taxis are allowed to enter, as well as cars with accredited drivers, as is the case with Elmocar.

What to do in Assisi in a day

Photo: Luca Aless / Wikimedia Commons

Now, on to the attractions. What to do in Assisi in a few hours on a day trip from Rome? As we have already said, the city is one of the most important points of pilgrimage for religious. Luckily, the municipality is not that big, making it possible to visit most of its tourist attractions in a short time.

The main attraction here is the 13th-century Basilica of San Francisco, a World Heritage Site and home to the saint's tomb. The church, which is actually a complex that houses two basilicas, is considered a great work of Italian architecture and a great example of sacred art, rich in detail.

Other highlights are the Plaza del Comune, the Temple of Minerva from the year 1 BC, the Basilica of Santa Clara, the Cathedral of San Rufino and the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, where Saint Francis died.

It goes without saying that Assisi is more than a dip in the religious world, but a historic opportunity to discover important architectural treasures and grandiose buildings. In addition, the charm of its streets flanked by gray walls is capable of enchanting any visitor.

If you want to get to know Assisi in a day trip from Rome with a driver who speaks Portuguese, our recommendation is Elmocar. The company has been welcoming Brazilians to Italy for over 20 years and offers the best tours in Rome and other cities and regions across the country.

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