If you like to travel and are always looking for a new itinerary to do on vacation, you must have heard about the Rota das Emoções, a tourist itinerary that begins (or ends) in Maranhão sheets at the maranhão, then passes through Delta do Parnaíba and fur coast of Piauí until you reach the fantastic Jericoacoara village, at the Ceará.

The route was popular with tourists and won for two consecutive years the title of best tourist itinerary in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Tourism – influenced by the public. The trip can take between 4 to 15 days, passing through countless fascinating landscapes in a well-preserved and inhospitable region. There are so many attractions along the route, that it is possible to make a totally personalized itinerary, adapting to the different tourist profiles and time available.

The beginning of the adventure (or the end for those who chose to go the opposite way), is in the tropical desert dotted by gigantic lagoons of incredibly clear water, formed by the rains that arrive in this region during the winter. The surroundings have mangrove areas, a beautiful coastline and numerous villages that preserve the entire culture of the fishermen who live on the banks of the river. Lencois Maranhenses National Park and surroundings – one of the most traditional and charming regions of the state of maranhão.

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Then we leave for the second stage of the trip, the scenario that takes over is that of the biggest Delta of the Americas, which marks the meeting of 5 rivers that flow towards the sea, passing through the largest mangrove forest in the Brazil. There are more than 80 islands with few riverside families, all of them with wildly and exotic fauna and flora, a little piece of Brazil that everyone should know.

The other part of the script is the charming Jericoacoara village, one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, famous for the cool atmosphere of the village on the sand and for the natural beauties that surround the region.

We recommend for those who have availability, make the Route of Emotions in at least 7 days, ideal time to discover the main attractions without too much rush, passing through the cities of Santo Amaro, barriers, Atins and Tutóia at the maranhão, parnaíba, coast of Luís Correia and Big Bar in beach cashew tree, in the state of Piauí and Jericoacoara on the coast of Ceará.

The route can be done with their own vehicle and even by bus for backpackers, but for better comfort and safety, it is recommended to close the entire route with a local receptive tourism agency, in addition to enjoying the most and not having to worry about doing all the planning of hotels, schedules and possible headaches with stuck cars and delays – part of the itinerary needs 4×4 cars – the route allows you to cross the Parnaíba Delta by boat, the highlight of the tour that needs to be added to your script. This is one of the negative points for those who want to do the script in their own vehicle.

We did the route with the agency eco adventure, pioneers in Route of Emotions and one of the few agencies that offer personalized tours along the route, working since 1998 serving different profiles of travelers with support in any of the destinations on the route.

Day 1 – Santo Amaro

On the first day of the tour we start exploring the newly discovered Santa Amaro, a small bucolic municipality within the National Park of Maranhão sheets which can only be accessed via 4×4 vehicles. Built on the banks of the first dunes that form the tropical desert, the city fascinates with its peaceful climate and the great natural beauties present in the region.

Among the highlights are the Lagoon of Swallows a wonderful lagoon of refreshing waters, the spike with support houses that offer lunch in front of a wonderful area with dunes and lakes and rivers bathing, and finally the Bethany Lagoon.

Photo Gustavo Albano

Espigão in Santo Amaro – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Photo Gustavo Albano

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Santo Amaro – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 2 – Barreirinhas

The first attraction of the day is the warm and transparent waters of the Rio Formiga in the village of cardosa. Access is made in 4×4 overalls to the floating point (also called Buoy Cross) where visitors descend the calm current in shallow and incredibly clean water. The tour lasts an average of 40 minutes.

After lunch, the route continues towards Atins, a fishing village is the eastern entrance to the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The route starts in Beira Rio de barriers where we take the traditional voadeiras, small boats that cross the waters of the Rio Preguiça making two stops: the first to observe the beauties of the village of Vassouras by the river and enjoy the friendly monkeys that live in the region.

The second stop is the town of Mandacaru with approximately 1400 inhabitants, the main attraction is the imposing Lighthouse that bears the same name as the village, a metallic structure that has a 360° view of the region where it is possible to see the Lencois Maranhenses National Park, caburé and Atins, the last destination of the third day of travel.

View of Mandacaru Lighthouse - Photo: Gustavo Albano

View of Mandacaru Lighthouse – Photo: Luan Carvalho

Capuchin monkey in the village of Vassouras - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Capuchin monkey in the village of Vassouras – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 3 – Atins

The small village with sandy streets is still little publicized and this is the number one factor for you to add the destination on the route. The rusticity and the lack of constant movement of tourists provide attractions beyond paradisiacal, such as the charming Capybara Lagoon, destination close to Song of Atins, where Lúzia and Antônio's restaurants are located, the houses that offer the best shrimp in the region.

From there we took a speedboat to an extensive strip of sand that separates the ocean waters with the Rio Preguiça. named from caburé, the peninsula has some restaurants and inns, its exotic and privileged location guarantees incredible moments in a place of unique beauty.

The final destination of the third day is the city of parnaíba, in the state of Piauí, along the way, the icing on the cake is the observation of hundreds of Red Guarás, birds typical of the region that have this color thanks to the pigment of their main food – the crabs that inhabit the largest mangrove forest in Brazil .

Adventurers will love the night safari at the Delta do Parnaíba, tour by boat that leaves from the port of Big Island, showing all the diversity of the fauna present in the region, with a focus on alligators, iguanas, snakes and other venomous animals found at night.

Capívara Lagoon in Atins - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Capívara Lagoon in Atins – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Caburé - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Caburé – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Delta do Parnaíba - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Delta do Parnaíba – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 4 – Delta do Parnaíba and Barra Grande

On the morning of the fourth day of the Rota das Emoções, the ideal is to continue exploring the beauties of the delta, a canoe trip through the streams and mangroves is the best way to observe birds such as the toucan, the caracará and many other species of birds. In addition to hearing from the natives some of the local curiosities, you will also find other animals that live in this biome, such as the capuchin monkeys that make a party when they meet tourists. Then the best option is to visit the Caju Island, an ecological paradise formed by dunes, natural pools and cashew fields.

In parnaíba for Big Bar it's only 71 km passing through Luís Correia, a municipality in Piauí that has beautiful beaches famous for locals such as Salt Stone, a Macapá Beach and the Atalaia beach.

The best program to enjoy the cozy village of Barra Grande is to enjoy the sunset that rests in the warm waters of the Piauí coast and walk through the charming sandy streets full of good restaurants, hotels and bars. Strong winds and lots of waves also provide ideal conditions for those who want to practice water sports.

Delta do Parnaíba - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Delta do Parnaíba – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Hotel BGK in Barra Grande - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Hotel BGK in Barra Grande – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 5 – Barra Grande and Jericoacoara

In addition to the great winds that draw the attention of kite and windsurf practitioners, the Big Bar It also offers ecological and conscious adventure tours with activities such as hiking and canoeing along the region's streams. On the tour to observe the seahorse, the tourist takes a walk along the Oyster Trails, Ilha das Garças and Fraldão, starting at the beach itself.

Mandatory stop for lunch on the way between Big Bar and Jericoacoara, a Tatajuba Lagoon located in Camocim, Ceará, the lagoon surrounded by beautiful dunes offers several restaurant options that please the clientele, preparing the environments with chairs in front of the water and colorful hammocks perfect for a few hours of rest in the calm waters of the lagoon.

The afternoon can be spent in the peaceful and paradisiacal Jericoacoara beach which has clear and calm waters, forming a huge blue pool colored only by the little fishermen boats and the sails of the kite and windsurfs that cut the water all day long. You can also enjoy the beautiful image of the sun hiding towards the ocean at Duna do Pôr do Sol, a mandatory stop for anyone visiting the unforgettable village of Jericoacoara.

The narrow alleys lined with souvenir shops, restaurants and bars on the “rustic-chic” line delight tourists passing through. Jeri. The nightlife of the village is due to the numerous attractions offered in the bars with live music and artistic performances, in addition to the well-crafted program of the inns by the sea.

Tatajuba Lagoon - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Tatajuba Lagoon – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Jericoacoara - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Jericoacoara – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 6 – Jericoacoara

In Jericoacoara, also known as the tour that runs along the “East Coast”, passes through some unmissable attractions of the destination, starting with the Lagoon of Paradise - the biggest postcard of Jericoacoara. A large lake with water that varies from green to blue depending on the depth.

THE Praia do Prea is another destination for those who love water sports, the beach is in Jijoca from Jericoacoara and is the best lunch stop option for those who want more affordable prices. Among the best-selling dishes in the region are Lobster and a wide variety of recipes with fish, other seafood and typical Northeastern food.

Another essential point for anyone visiting the Jericoacoara village, is to know the Holed stone, an unusual rock formation of large proportions that has a curious hole in the middle.

Pedra Furada in Jericoacoara Photo: Gustavo Albano

Pedra Furada in Jericoacoara Photo: Gustavo Albano

Blue Lagoon in Jericoacoara - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Blue Lagoon in Jericoacoara – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 7 – Jericoacoara and Fortaleza

Depending on the time of return, if you have the morning free, enjoy the last day at the beach, and if the tide is low, be sure to visit the Well of Ananias – a natural pool that appears between the village beach and the beach spotted. Perfect to relax a little more before coming back to reality.

IMPORTANT: For the traveler who wants to know the Route of Emotions by the traditional route, it is recommended to buy a one-way ticket São Luís, at the maranhão, and the turn by Strength – or vice versa for those who chose to take the opposite path. That way you will be with your boarding and disembarkation close to the chosen destinations.

Jericoacoara - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Jericoacoara – Photo: Gustavo Albano

Jericoacoara - Photo: Gustavo Albano

Jericoacoara – Photo: Gustavo Albano

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