River Route: discover the secrets and landscapes of the largest tropical forest in the world! Boat trip in the Amazon between Belém x Manaus

Widely used in the northern region of the country, river transport links the main cities and capitals of the Amazon.

The trips are made in one or more days depending on the destination, the classic route Bethlehem x manaus lasts a total of 6 days and is becoming a popular route as it arouses the curiosity of travelers and backpackers who are looking for an experience tourism and want to explore the Amazon Rainforest in another way – this is certainly a different perspective, experiencing the transport that is routine of these natives.

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The annoying noise of the engine goes unnoticed after a few hours of sailing. The trips that connect the two main capitals of the northern region, Bethlehem and manaus, are advisable for curious travelers without frills, as there is no comfort, during the days the traveler sleeps in a cluster of hammocks aboard regional boats. However, it can also be a remarkable trip for travelers who enjoy deeper experiences like this.

In this “boat trip”, what counts are the experiences, understanding the routine of the riverside peoples who need this means of transport and meeting the sailors and natives who live along the rivers and streams of the Amazon. Here, what matters is to delight in the countless reports of residents, backpackers and travelers who pass through this exotic part of Brazil.

River Route: traveling between Belém x Manaus

Upon entering the forest, we are faced with the grandeur of the elements and lives present in the Amazon. The breadth of the rivers that are lost to sight when we look at the horizon, the thousands of species coexisting in harmony with the grandeur of the wild forest that swallows an extensive territory that corresponds to 6 Brazilian states, also covering 4 other countries. All this shows us how insignificant we are in the face of the exuberance of nature present in every forest.

The sun's rays invade a good part of the ship very early in the morning, the coffee served on the boats is very simple, usually a hot mix is offered with a glass of coffee with milk.

To pass the time, be accompanied by a good book and observe the changes of the Amazonian scenarios that are transformed during the trip. There are mangroves, flooded fields, villages along the river, mountains and huge territories of dense forest that pass slowly alongside the deck, where passengers set up their hammocks.

Contemplating and immortalizing the sunrise and sunset with photographs and the endless sky populated by countless stars are unforgettable memories of this unique experience in the Amazon Rainforest.

River Route

Network accommodations form a curious cluster. Photo: Gustavo Albano

River Route

Navigating the rivers of the Amazon. Photo: Luan Carvalho

Belem vs Santarem vs Manaus

The trip can be started in two ways: one departing from Belém (6 days) or from Manaus (5 days), this one with a day less, as the boats follow the flow of the rivers. These transports are very common throughout the northern region and the route can be configured in another way, according to your availability and intention. However, the visitor who has more time can also spend a few more days in Alter do Chão to enjoy the beach destinations or one of the other capitals if the idea is to enjoy the cities.

The boat trip in the Amazon also passes through other very interesting places that can certainly be a good one for those who have a longer period to explore the Route, such as Monte Alegre, a city full of waterfalls that resembles a piece of the savannah on Amazonian soil, Parintins, known for its popular manifestations and for the festival that bears the name of the city, Óbidos, a legendary riverside city of the Amazon warriors, Breves, among others.

Amazon boat trip

This is Valeska, a Chilean and she was going to visit her daughter who lives in Alter do Chão. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Amazon boat trip

Maria do Carmo was traveling to see the doctor with her family. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Boat trip in the Amazon

Landscapes of the boat trip in the Amazon. Riverside house surrounded by an immense açaizero. Photo: Gustavo Albano

River Route

Boat trip between Belém and Manaus. Navigating the rivers, you can observe the routine of the forest dwellers. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Boat trip in the Amazon

Amazon boat trip: Some children approach the boat in small canoes. Photo: Gustavo Albano

River Route: cities

the weather in Bethlehem it is totally cosmopolitan, skyscrapers compete for territories with historic buildings. The largest open-air fair in Latin America adds colors and aromas with the typical products of the forest, which stamp the facades of the hundreds of shops that make up the Ver-o-Peso complex, in addition to the busy night watered with carimbó and lots of good music.

manaus is known worldwide as the capital of Amazon rainforest, it is from there that many tours depart to explore the wildest side of the Amazon, where the visitor navigates the rivers in traditional wooden boats, and can also stay in jungle hotels in areas of dense forest and visit nature reserves. Throughout the city, in addition to the famous Teatro Amazonas, several restaurants and renowned chefs offer a gastronomic circuit that mixes the regional with the modern.

If you intend to spend more time in the region, we recommend a stop in the municipality of Santarém to discover the beautiful freshwater beaches of the village of Alter do Chão, from there it is also possible to walk in the Tapajós National Forest (FLONA) and observe a primary forest with ancient trees.

This trip is an opportunity to discover another reality in Brazil. If you like good stories, root culture and are a nature lover, be sure to check out Rota dos Rios.

Route Accommodation Option

Local Hostel – Manaus
R. Dona Libânia, 215 – Downtown, Manaus
Phone: (92) 3213 9159

Dom Preguiça Hostel – Alter do Chão
Travessa Antônio Alves, Nº492 Alter do Chão
93 3016-0139

Hostel Gallery – Belém
Rua Cônego Jerônimo Pimentel, 61 – Belém
Phone: (91) 3038 3272

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