THE Romantic Route in Germany is the most famous tourist circuit in the country, and connects the cities of Füssen and Würzbuz

THE road map travels about 325 km passing through 27 cities with beautiful landscapes and super charming villages in the interior of the country. Along the way, it is possible to observe scenarios where nature predominates, with mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, as well as historical buildings in the region that will certainly make you travel back in time.

How to do the Romantic Route

Castles, palaces, churches and monasteries are some of the attractions that make the Romantic Route in Germany one of the most charming routes in the Europe. For this, the route can be done in many ways:

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Bicycle: There are bike paths that connect all cities.

Buses: From April to October it is possible to discover the entire route with a special bus for the journey. More information click here.

Train: Access only in the main cities on the route, but it is possible to take a combination of train and intercity buses between other cities.

Car: The best way to make the journey, as public transport is infrequent in some cities. As the regions are very close, it is possible to make the route in just 3 days by car.

Romantic Route itinerary

The first city south of the route is Fussen, and also the highest in Bavaria known as the fairytale city. The destination is set against the background of the German Alps. In addition, the historic center is surrounded by medieval streets and baroque churches that complete the landscape.

Surprisingly, it is in this city that the castles of Neuschwastein, Hohenschwangau, Linderhof and the church declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, Wieskirche.

Another important detail: the Neuschwastein Castle served as the inspiration for the Disney cartoon Cinderella. The site even served as a residence for King Ludwig II. As a result, it receives around 5,000 tourists every day.

Germany's Romantic Route

Photo: Hans / Pixabay

Germany's Romantic Route

Fussen. Photo: Hans / Pixabay

With 250,000 inhabitants Augsburg is the largest city in Romantic Route and also the second oldest city in the Germany. In this way, the municipality has buildings from the Renaissance period, palaces and mansions that make this city a perfect setting.

Germany's Romantic Route

Augsburg. Photo: 10019 / Pixabay

Although not exactly in the way of the Romantic Route, Ulm is worth a visit. Famous for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein, Ulm has an important cathedral in the region that boasts a gigantic tower over 160 meters high.

Ulm. Photo: Hans / Pixabay

After being heavily bombed in WWII, Donauworth has been carefully restored and so now attracts lovers of history and architecture. Finally, when you're in town, don't miss the Reichesstrasse, the most charming street in Donauworth.


Another city that deserves a stop is Nordlingen, the place still preserves the walls that protected it in the 14th and 15th centuries. Another curiosity is that the city is located on top of a crater with almost 1 km in diameter, formed by the impact of a meteor that, according to experts, hit the earth 15 million years ago.

One more option for those who want to know an attraction that is still little explored by tourism is the city of Dinkelbühl, the traditional German village has impressive medieval streets and buildings and preserves the feeling of a traditional village in the country.

In addition, the banks of the River Tauber are surrounded by a 3km long wall where you can walk around and enjoy the view of the city. As a result, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is considered the best preserved medieval town in the world. Germany.

Germany's Romantic Route

Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Photo: Roman Kraft / Unsplash

Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Photo: Roman Kraft / Unsplash

More information

THE official tourism website gives Romantic Route in Germany brings a list of all hotel and hostel options along the way, with address, telephone number and price range.

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