For road trip lovers, go through the Royal Road it's almost like finding a chest of gold behind the rainbow, full of history. It's the biggest Brazil tourist route, with more than 1600 km of extension, which passes through several cities in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, a true adventure whose route is already an attraction in itself.

The path is a rescue to the traditions of the past, as it was created in the 17th century to drain gold and diamonds through trails that were used by royalty. To this day, it attracts travelers looking to rescue and discover every corner.

Each traveler chooses the level of adrenaline they want for this tour, according to their physical conditions and mood.

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There are those who prefer to travel by car, motorcycle or via vehicles from tourist agencies, by bicycle or even on foot. Yes, there are those who risk spending up to more than 40 days walking to reach the main points that make up the route.

Royal Road itineraries

There are basically four different types of routes that you can discover while traveling through the destinations that comprise the Royal Road:

  • old path, or also known as Caminho do Ouro, which was the first route created by the Portuguese Crown and connects Ouro Preto (MG) to Paraty (RJ);
  • New Path, whose objective was to provide a safer route to the port of Rio de Janeiro, since the loads that were loaded could be looted on the traditional maritime route between Paraty and Rio de Janeiro;
  • Path of Diamonds, which connected Ouro Preto, to Diamantina, also in Minas Gerais, which at the time was the main city for the extraction of diamonds, and;
  • Sarabuçu path, which is a district of Ouro Preto, which guarantees visitors incredible mountain landscapes, the subject of popular legends.

What to see on the Estrada Real way?

royal road Minas Gerais

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It is even difficult to choose the most striking points of this journey, which can be adapted according to the wishes and style of each traveler. However, the Center of Paraty is worth a stop, as it presents a unique architecture, composed of mansions, museums and churches full of history.

In Petrópolis, also in Rio de Janeiro, include the Imperial Museum in the list, which was the former summer residence of D. Pedro II, with an enriching collection.

Lose yourself with Aleijadinho's constructions and works in the mining town of Congonhas, elected Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco and São João del Rei. Take the opportunity and take a tour of Maria Fumaça that leads to Tiradentes (MG), there are 12 km of a charming landscape.

To feel even closer to this history, be sure to visit the churches, museums and mines in Ouro Preto, you can go through the tunnels and see up close where this precious metal was extracted.

Be sure to stop by Diamantina to learn more about diamond extraction, and for a breath of fresh air, head to Serra do Espinhaço, a mountain range that stretches from Minas Gerais to Bahia and has geological folds with more than 2.5 billions of years. Surprise yourself!

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