Check the main rules for hand luggage on domestic flights to avoid unforeseen circumstances on your trip

At hand luggage rules, and also for checked baggage, have changed and left many people with doubts. With regard to domestic flights, there are still those who seek to know what is allowed to take inside the aircraft, as well as the measures that must be taken to avoid unforeseen and unwanted expenses.

If this is also your case, check out below what you should know about the rules for hand luggage on domestic flights and make your trip worry-free.

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The rules for hand luggage on domestic flights: what you should know

One of the first points that you should consider, and respect, in relation to the hand luggage rules is the maximum allowable weight of 10 kg. The measurements of the luggage in question must also be respected, not exceeding 115 centimeters (considering depth, width and height).

If you exceed the maximum weight or size allowed, the airline is completely free to check your luggage, as it will not fit inside the appropriate compartment in the cabin and may compromise the total weight of the aircraft.

dealing with rules for hand luggage on domestic flights you don't have to worry too much about its contents: in addition to electronic equipment, such as cell phones, it is also allowed to take many items for personal use, such as perfume, well-stored foods and some liquids.

It is important to point out that in addition to the contents carried inside this suitcase or backpack of up to 10 kg, which is enough to take a lot of things on your trip, you can also take a smaller hand item, usually a backpack or purse, which must be carried below the seat in front of you.

Finally, always keep in mind that all valuables must be in your hand luggage, and in the case of this type of luggage, the airline is not responsible for damage or theft. If your favorite perfume breaks, for example, there's nothing you can do about it.

When buying your ticket, or even before, check the rules for hand luggage on domestic flights worked by the company itself, in addition to those imposed by ANAC.

What is allowed in hand luggage on domestic flights

Discover some of the many items that can be carried on your hand baggage during domestic flights:

  •         Electronics such as tablets, cell phones and notebooks;
  •         Perfumes, alcoholic beverages and liquids that do not exceed the 1.2 liters allowed;
  •         Food and perishable products properly packaged;
  •         Sporting materials such as a diving mask and balls that are deflated;
  •         Musical instruments that respect the dimensions and weight imposed by law;
  •         Small appliances such as coffee makers.

Small and valuable objects, such as jewelry, can, and should, always be with you on the plane. As far as pets are concerned, you need to check the rules of each airline, but it is usually enough to meet a few requirements to be able to take your dog or cat in the cabin with you.

At the ANAC website it is possible to check more rules for hand luggage on domestic flights and find out all about checked baggage too, so be sure to visit it before you travel.

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