Find out what the authorities are requiring from tourists and residents as a security protocol in the new rules for entering Brazil 

The pandemic continues at an increasing pace in Brazil and in much of the world, so since last year, the government together with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) established some protocols for tourists, people who have a Brazilian passport or residents returning from international flights, can enter Brazil.

However, as the situation is still unstable with waves of contagion and the discovery of variants all the time, these Rules can change at any time. Therefore, before taking an international trip, or if you are already on one and need to return to Brazil, check the measures that are adopted. To make your life easier, we have separated the updated rules valid for the Brazilian territory. 

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Entry restrictions and new rules for entering Brazil

Flights originating in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) and South Africa are temporarily banned in Brazil, depending on the variants of the coronavirus discovered in these two locations. However, foreigners, spouses, partners, children, parents or guardians of Brazilians and holders of the National Migration Registry will have authorized entry into the country. 

How is the entry in Brazil? 

It is mandatory for all people wishing to enter Brazil to fill in gives Traveler's Health Statement up to 72 hours before boarding. It collects data related to people's health and about the trip they are taking. Just present the proof of this form, which is sent by email, at the time of boarding. 

COVID-19 test to enter Brazil

Since January 2021, the Brazilian government requires that all travelers, whether foreigners or residents returning from an international plane trip, present the negative/non-reactive RT-PCR test for Covid-19, carried out up to 72 hours before boarding to enter the country. The examination report must be shown to the airline at the time of check in.  

Important: The RT-PCR exam is considered the gold standard for detecting the presence of the virus, so it is the ONLY type of test accepted by airlines. Quick tests done in pharmacies, with a drop of blood or PCR-LAMP, done with saliva are NOT valid for this situation. 

*Performing the Covid PCR test and presenting the DSV (Traveler's Health Declaration) are mandatory for all travelers over 12 years old, Brazilians or foreigners, who want to enter Brazil, regardless of their place of origin.

In the case of unaccompanied children between 2 and 12 years old (traveling with proper authorization) there is also the obligation to present the test. If they are accompanied, they are exempt from the test, as long as their companions present a negative result. Children under 2 years old are exempt from taking the test.

New rules for entering Brazil

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Security Protocols for Travel to Brazil 

The use of masks in airports and throughout the flight is mandatory to increase protection against the coronavirus. Anvisa prohibited the use of bandanas, scarves, acrylic masks, with expiration valves, of fabric with a single layer and face shield type facial protectors, are allowed if the traveler wears a mask underneath. 

Fabric masks must have more than one layer of protection and it is essential that they cover the mouth and nose. Surgical masks, PFF2/N95, are also authorized. In-flight service remains prohibited, and only children, the elderly or people with special diets can eat on the plane.

At the airport, rigidity also prevails. Passengers can only remove the mask in the food court when eating. If the protocol is not obeyed by the traveler, he or she can carry warnings and a fine from two thousand reais.

Quarantine for travel to Brazil

Quarantine is not mandatory in Brazil. However, due to the discovery of new strains, residents who have been to the United Kingdom or South Africa in the last two weeks must undergo a 14-day isolation period upon arrival in Brazil, which can be done at a hotel or home. In addition, all travelers must present a negative Covid PCR test upon arrival in Brazil. 

New rules for entering Brazil

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Pandemic situation in Brazil 

Cases of coronavirus remain high in the country and there are still some variants with national spread, such as P1 and also the one that circulates in the United Kingdom.

Even with vaccination increasing every day, it is necessary to be aware and consider that each state has its circulation rules, according to the number of deaths, occupation of hospital beds, governments evaluate restrictive measures. 

Therefore, before traveling, first, make sure that it is really necessary to visit the country and include in your search information about the pandemic in the city you will be staying. You can also follow the situation in each state, evaluating the places where cases are stable, increasing or decreasing.

How is the entry of Brazilians in other countries? 

Each country has adopted a different policy throughout the fight against the pandemic. And, as health safety protocols change all the time, it is recommended to consult the current situation before embarking on a trip. See below how it is to enter some countries:

Rules for entering Chile
Rules for entering Colombia
Rules for entering Argentina
Rules for entering the United States

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