As safe as they are charming, these countries are great destinations for anyone looking to venture into the world alone for the first time. 

The number of people traveling alone It only grows: travelers are increasingly embarking on solo adventures around the world and discovering amazing places to enjoy their own company.

Traveling alone has numerous advantages, such as controlling your own itinerary, schedules and attractions to visit. However, when it comes to embarking on a first solo trip to another country, some people feel a little insecure about taking that first step. 

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There are very safe destinations, with incredible landscapes and very hospitable people for those who want to embark on a solo trip for the first time. They can serve as a first step and fuel to lose fear and throw yourself into this beautiful world that certainly deserves to be admired and explored by all travelers.

Discover some of the safest and most charming destinations in the world for those who want to travel alone for the first time.


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The remote Nordic island has won the title of “the friendliest country in the world”, as well as being recognized for advances in quality of life and gender equality. With just over 323,000 inhabitants, Iceland is one of the best and safest countries for those who want to travel alone for the first time. The island still holds landscapes of surreal beauty full of fjords, parks, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and the incomparable Northern Lights.


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Ranked as the second most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index, it goes without saying that Denmark is one of the top destinations for first-time solo travelers. As a bonus, there is still a lot to enjoy in this small, socially advanced nation that was an ancient Viking territory, and which to this day holds imposing castles and exuberant natural beauties.


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Canada is a country of gigantic proportions and incredible natural beauty, but that's not all. It also enters the list of destinations you should consider when traveling alone for the first time because it is very welcoming to immigrants, in addition to offering safety, quality of life and a lot of infrastructure even in large cities such as Vancouver and Toronto.

Costa Rica

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If you love virtually untouched natural landscapes like beautiful waterfalls, idyllic beaches and even volcanoes, Costa Rica is your place in the world. To improve, Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America, in addition to having a welcoming people, many natural beauties and a wide variety of cultural attractions, such as museums and theaters.


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Considered one of the safest countries in Europe, the destination has paid much attention to issues such as the environment, security, gender equality and education. The Netherlands also has cycling as the most common means of transport, a perfect way to explore the fabulous windmills, tulip fields and many other beauties that set it apart from the rest of the world.


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It is impossible to leave Austria aside in a list of the best countries for those who want to travel alone for the first time. That's because the country leads the ranking of quality of life of European Union countries. To improve, the capital Vienna was voted the best city in the world to live. In addition, the country has a very rich cultural heritage.


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Uruguay is one of the most peaceful and safe countries in Latin America. And the best: it is very close to Brazil, ideal for those who are planning to travel alone for the first time. Beaches, historic places, good cuisine, affordable prices, as well as a hospitable people are some of the advantages of the country. For those who want to party, Punta del Este is the place where parties, casinos and people from all over the world meet in search of fun.

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For those who consider language a barrier when traveling, Portugal is a safe and very beautiful destination for a first solo experience. Towns, villages, hamlets, beautiful beaches, medieval towns, countryside, peaceful countryside and a multitude of tours can be accomplished in a trip to the country. In addition, the capital Lisbon is great for those who want to spend little, see amazing attractions and make new friends.

New Zealand

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New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world and, like its neighbor Australia, one of the best destinations for solo travellers. In addition to practically zero levels of violence, the country has incredible landscapes that range from deserted beaches to modern cities, pleasing all types of travelers.


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Croatia, in addition to being a safe and peaceful country, is perfect for those who want to enjoy their own company. In addition, the destination also has beautiful coastal cities, medieval scenery, many parks, handicraft shops and a very friendly and receptive people with tourists.


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One of the safest places on the planet is also one of the most charming countries in Europe and, therefore, a great destination for those who want to travel alone for the first time. Snowy mountains, monuments preserved for centuries and a lot of tranquility will make travelers feel with full autonomy to take tours and enjoy the attractions.

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