Party and beach have never been such a perfect combination and the proof of that is in safe harbor, a city located 700 km from savior. Its gigantic kiosks and restaurants by the sea are an invitation to endless fun, always packed with lots of music, dancing and, of course, joy. All the energy of northeastern Brazil fits into this territory, which is also a milestone in the discovery of Brazil, with countless museums, monuments and churches that help us understand the origins of our country. 

No accident, safe harbor it was the first city that Pedro Álvares Cabral and his crew disembarked when they arrived in Brazilian territory and soon came face to face with abundant nature and paradisiacal beaches. All this past lives on in the  Historic center of the city, which is listed by Iphan (Institute of National Historic Heritage) and recognized by the UNESCO how Natural Heritage of Humanity. You can see how important he is to our country. It marks the division between Cidade Alta and Baixa, where visitors find several tourist attractions.

Attractions in Porto Seguro

safe harbor

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But, after all, which attractions to visit in Porto Seguro? Start this adventure by Discovery Landmark, which was installed by the Portuguese in 1503, three years after Cabral arrived in the region, to represent the possession of the territory. It is 2.5 meters high, in marble and is the oldest existing Brazilian historical heritage.

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In this region, it is also possible to find an architectural ensemble relevant to the city, which includes the Church of Nossa Sra. da Pena, the Church of Our Sra. da Misericórdia, the Igreja de São Benedito, which marked the mission of the Jesuits at the time and the Casa de Câmara e Jail, or also known as the Museum of Porto Seguro, which contains a collection that tells about the life of the Indians who inhabited the place. before the arrival of the colonists. There are several items that were used by the tribes at the time and there is still a room that was used as a jail. 

Still in the city, another postcard is the Passarela do Álcool, also known as Passarela do Descobrimento. However, unlike other historical sites, it is synonymous with partying, much sought after at night by tourists who want to warm up to parties, as there are numerous stalls selling drinks. It is also the best place to get to know the local cuisine and shop for handcrafted items. 

As for the beach, taperapuã is a mandatory stop. It is just 7 km from the center of Porto Seguro and has a calm and waveless sea, ideal for a swim. However, its waterfront is dominated by gigantic tents that, together, form a true outdoor party. The most famous are TôaTôa, Axé Moi and Barramares, which in addition to great music, also offer lunch, good drinks and lots of fun. Impossible to stop. 

But, if you want to enjoy the beach, but in a quieter environment, the Mundai beach It is a refuge for tourists, which has a great structure and good times in the midst of nature. Another alternative to finding increasingly deserted places is to go to the city of Santa Cruz de Cabrália, 23 km away from Porto Seguro. It is the opposite of its neighbor, it is a place for those looking for rest and disconnection, without the hustle found on downtown beaches.  

To end this trip to Porto Seguro in an unforgettable way, try to observe Humpback Whales. The tour is recommended to be done between July and October, when the largest mammals on the planet come towards the coast of Bahia for reproductive purposes. The tour is done on a boat that takes you to strategic viewing points. 

safe harbor

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