There will be 95 days of shows, shows, parades and a magical environment that will take over Gramado during Natal Luz 2021, the 36th edition of the biggest Christmas event in Brazil.

THE Christmas Light in Gramado 2021 starts on the 28th and you can already purchase your tickets to enjoy the main attractions of what is the biggest Christmas event in Brazil. The 36th edition runs until January 30, 2022 and, in addition to traditional shows and beautiful Christmas decorations, it brings news and environments fully adapted to the new health protocols.

There will be 95 days of shows, shows, parades, contests and a magical environment that will take care of the beautiful city of Serra Gaúcha. The elements of the Christmas Luz 2021 decoration, including, have already started to be placed in strategic points of Gramado and already show how beautiful this year's celebration will be.

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Christmas Light 2021

christmas light lawn 2021

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THE Christmas Light 2021 will have five main attractions: Nativitaten, Natalis – The Creation, The Great Christmas Parade, The First Miracle of the Baby Jesus and The Kingdom of Christmas. All are paid and will take place on various days and times between October 28, 2021 and January 30, 2022.

In addition to paid shows, the Christmas Light in Gramado 2021 will have several free attractions: Show do Acendimento, Rua das Renas, Vila de Natal, Tannenbaumfest, Christmas Tour, Noel's Race and Walk, Concurso Brilha Gramado and the Palácio dos Festivais Stage.

Christmas Light Schedule 2021

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Check out some of the Christmas Light 2021 schedule and discover what the biggest Christmas event in Brazil has in store for you this year:


Nativitaten is a Christmas show full of lights, lyrical singers and fireworks shows. It is held on Lake Joaquina Rita Bier, where Christmas decorations and artists float on the water, as they tell about the creation of the world and its most memorable moments. The presentation will take place on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:00.

Natalis – The Creation

Another highlight of Natal Luz in Gramado, the show Natalis – a Criação also takes place on Lake Joaquina Rita Bier, with laser projections on the water screens – known as “water screen” -, synchronized fireworks and various artists, including singers, performers and dancers. The entire presentation will be narrated by Cid Moreira. The show will be presented on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 pm.

The Great Christmas Parade

THE Great Christmas Parade is one of the most traditional shows in the Christmas program of Lawn. The parade is made up of themed wings, with characters, music, dances and lots of lights, and takes place at Expo Gramado, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, at 9 pm.

The first is the Holy Wing, which represents the birth of Jesus. Then comes the Christmas Celebrations wing, which conveys the joy of the season. Afterwards, the Sweets Embellishments wing transports the public to a fantasy world and remembers all the goodies from the Christmas dinner. Finally, the White wing brings the Snow Queen's court, which prepares the most awaited moment: the arrival of Santa Claus.

The First Miracle of the Baby Jesus

Performed by the Gramado Symphony Orchestra, the show O Primeiro Milagre do Menino Jesus is an operetta with the participation of several international singers and the Vozes de Gramado choir.

The show brings all the charm of Christmas and promises to transport the audience on a journey based on the journey of the Magi following the guiding star. It will be held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 7 pm at Expo Gramado.

The Kingdom of Christmas

Unprecedented attraction of the 36th edition of the Christmas Light in Gramado, the Kingdom of Christmas features five Christmas-themed environments: Garden of the Kingdom, Village of the Kingdom, Atelier do Reino, Forest of the Kingdom and White Village of the Kingdom. Reino do Natal will be installed at Expo Gramado, open from 10 am to 8:30 pm, every day.

The 3,000-square-meter structure was designed to meet all sanitary protocols and the internal areas have a system for air renewal and cleaning of the flow areas. In addition, more than 60 daily sessions of the presentations will be held to meet the public in small groups, respecting social distance.

Christmas Light Ticket

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You Christmas Light tickets 2021 are already on sale at event official website. There, you can also find the entire program and buy tickets for different attractions.

Prices vary between presentations and range from R$ 100 to R$ 380. Students, seniors and children pay half the ticket price. blood donors from Rio Grande do Sul are also benefited from the half-price.

Check below the ticket price of the main attractions of Natal Luz in Gramado 2021:

  • Nativitaten: tickets from R$ 220.
  • Natalis – Creation: tickets from R$ 150.
  • The Great Christmas Parade: Tickets from R$ 190.
  • The First Miracle of the Baby Jesus: Tickets from R$ 120.
  • The Kingdom of Christmas: Tickets from R$ 100.

How to get


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Although Caxias do Sul airport is the closest to Gramado, the one that has the best structure and is most used by travelers to the city of Serra Gaúcha is Porto Alegre airport – Salgado Filho International Airport -, 115 km away. . When arriving in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, you can go to Gramado by bus, taxi, app driver or rent a car.

To go from Porto Alegre to Gramado by car, the fastest way starts on the BR-116, then follows the RS-239 towards Taquara, where you need to access the RS-115, which leads to Gramado. Most of the route is on a double lane, which increases the speed of traffic.

If you want to enjoy the trip more and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the region from Porto Alegre, an alternative is to head to Gramado along the famous Romantic Route. Considered the most beautiful route between the two cities, the route follows the BR-116 to Novo Hamburgo, where the road reveals beautiful scenery and passes through cities with a strong German influence. In Nova Petrópolis, the road follows the BR-235 – equally beautiful – to the entrance to Gramado, on Avenida das Hortênsias.

For those who decide to travel to Gramado by bus, the Rodoviária Municipal de Gramado receives buses from Porto Alegre and Caxias do Sul at various times of the day, as well as travel from cities such as Florianópolis, Curitiba and São Paulo.

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