Money, attention with scams, transfers and much more: discover important tips for your first trip to Santiago, Chile

Santiago, at the Chile, is an incredible metropolis. Multifaceted and cosmopolitan, it is a place to have fun, enjoy nature and enjoy various attractions. There are, in fact, programs for all tastes and those who know the city always want to come back.

Despite being safe and quiet, the Chilean capital, like any other big city, requires some precautions that can help tourists to escape some known scams, which can start as soon as they arrive at the airport.

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To avoid problems during your trip, we have separated some important tips. Check it out below:

Understanding Chilean Pesos

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First of all, let's get to the basics: what currency to use in chile? The official currency of Chile is the Chilean Peso (CLP). Unlike Argentina, where reais are well accepted in some establishments, in Chile you will need to change your money to make purchases in the country. Avoid exchanging money in Brazil, as exchanging money in Santiago can be more advantageous. To give you an idea, 1 real is worth around 170 Chilean pesos (April 2019 quotation).

But where to exchange the money? The exchange offices located inside Santiago International Airport are reliable, but the quotes are not so good. Prefer to exchange your money at exchange offices located on Rua Augustinas, in the central region of the city, which offers several reliable establishments. Usually, the exchange offices on Agustinas Street are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. However, on Sundays they are usually closed.

Scams at the airport: redoubled attention

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As we said above, Santiago is a very safe city, but like any big capital, it's always good to be aware and avoid possible scams that are applied to inattentive tourists. Let's give you some tips for you to escape this type of problem.

A very common scam that is usually practiced right when you disembark at the airport is the “pirate transfer”. As soon as you land at the airport and don't immediately locate the person who picked you up, they approach and introduce themselves as the city's official taxi drivers.

These people simulate a phone call saying that your transfer will be delayed and they offer to take you there, but at prices much higher than the usual rates. To give you an idea, a trip that would cost 35 thousand pesos round trip (equivalent to approximately 210 reais) can be offered for up to 90 thousand Chilean pesos, that is, almost double the value.

Some of these “pirate transfers” also offer to go with the tourist to the airport exchange office to change money. We don't even need to say it's a hole, right? To avoid this type of problem as soon as you disembark, the tip is not to trust the first person that appears in front of you.

Accredited transfers are always uniformed and have a sign with your name. Our tip for anyone looking to hire a reliable transfer in Santiago and the Brazil Transfer, which has been providing this service for years in the city and which also has a team prepared to take passengers safely to their hotels. The transfer is the safest and most comfortable way to leave the airport and arrive at your hotel in Santiago without any problems or problems.

And are the taxis worth it?

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Taxis are widely used in the city, but it is also necessary to be careful with scams. There are two most common types: tampered taximeter and improper charging. In the latter, when paying, you hand over a bill and they tell you that you delivered a bill of lesser value. That's why, whenever you take a taxi, you should tell them how much money you're handing over and set the price for the ride. If the taxi driver refuses to give you an estimate, better avoid it.

A tip is to use the Easy Taxi application, which reduces the chances of a tampered taximeter. The Uber app is not legal in Chile and in places such as airports or malls, with a large flow of people, inspection is intense.

If you have any problems during your stay in Santiago, the Chilean police are very reliable and are among the best in the world. Known as “Carbineros”, whenever you need information, don't hesitate to ask them. 133 is the emergency telephone in Chile and 139 is the information telephone.

In addition, enjoy your trip: Santiago is one of the most charming cities in Chile and you will certainly return to Brazil with many stories and photos of beautiful places, good memories and an immense desire to return.

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