Capital of São Paulo can win Ferris wheel designed by the same architects who made the iconic London Eye

According to information in the column of Monica Bergamo at Folha de S. Paulo, the capital of São Paulo should get a new postcard soon. The city will get a Ferris wheel made by the same architectural firm responsible for building the iconic London Eye, one of the most visited tourist spots in the British capital.

The city's newest attraction will reportedly be 150 meters tall, 15 meters taller than the London Eye – and will feature 32 cabins with a capacity for up to 32 people each. However, the location and date on which the equipment will be installed has not yet been defined. Four sites are being analyzed. Among the members of the group are Charles Nogueira and lawyer Aroldo Camillo.

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The architectural work that offers the most enchanting view of London, is the fourth largest Ferris wheel in the world was built to celebrate the turn of the millennium from 1999 to 2000. Today the attraction is part of the British scene and was designed by architects Julia Barfield, Steve Chilton, Nic Bailey, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Frank Anatole and David Marks, deceased October 2017.

London. Photo: Itmlux / Pixabay

Sao Paulo. Photo: cifotart / iStockphoto

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