The Bar do Cofre, Farol Santander's new space, maintains original features and will open in February in the city

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Sao Paulo, The Santander lighthouse , old one Bank of the State of Sao Paulo, has one of the most iconic views of the metropolis. go up to the Lighthouse Cafe, located at the top of its 25 floors, and being dazzled by what you see from above is almost a must for anyone visiting the central region of São Paulo.

The novelty is that, now, people will have a reason to go down the stairs and discover all the secrets of the underground of the famous building. This is because, on February 1st, a bar will be inaugurated that will occupy the premises of the building's old safe.

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to access the SubAstor Safe Bar it is necessary to go down a few flights of stairs and go through a barred gate at the entrance. On the sides, two 16-ton circular doors already indicate what an old financial institution used to be.

Photo: Disclosure

The place occupies three rooms that maintain the original features of the bank vault, with chairs, sofa and restored elements that give the impression of a journey through time. The floors and walls of the establishments are made of marble and the lighting has taken on a reddish tone, making the environment even more mysterious.

One of the rooms has drawers where the investments of former account holders were kept, in addition to a giant sofa to receive larger groups. In the midst of classic snacks and drinks, similar to those of its matrix – the bar SubAstor, at Vila Madalena – the new venture also has exclusive requests.

Photo: Disclosure

The history of the Altino Arantes Building

The place where the Santander lighthouse keeps many stories on its walls. A kind of São Paulo Empire State Building, the imposing skyscraper located in the heart of downtown Sao Paulo it was built in 1947 as the headquarters of the Banespa bank. At the time, it was named after the then director of the institution, Altino Arantes.

It didn't take long for the building to become one of the city's postcards, after all, its 35 floors and 161 meters in height ensured it was the tallest building in the capital for years. In the 2000s, the Santander bought the former financial institution and secured ownership of the property.

Photo: Alexandre Carvalho/Government of the State of São Paulo

Years later, in 2018, the enterprise became the Santander lighthouse, a renovated space with exhibitions, new environments and a café with a panoramic view of the city. Now, visitors will also have the possibility to explore part of its basement and its history with the opening of the mysterious Safe Bar.

+ Info:

SubAstor Safe Bar
Rua João Bricola, 24, Centro (Farol Santander)
Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 1am (from February 1st)
Tel. (11) 3101-1217

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