The 42nd edition of Tanabata Matsuri, the traditional “Festival das Estrelas”, in the Liberdade district, will be broadcast online on August 2nd. Know more: 

THE Tanabata Matsuri, traditional "Star Festival” which takes place every year in the neighborhood of Freedom, in São Paulo, this time it will be broadcast online. ÇConsidered the largest Japanese street cultural event in the world, anyone can follow the party, which will take place on August 2nd only online.

The presentations, which will have international presence, will take place from 2 pm to 6 pm and will be broadcast by Instagram, Facebook and Youtube of ACAL (Cultural and Assistance Association of Freedom). The novelty is that the tanzakus, that is, small tickets where people place their orders and hang them on bamboos on the date of the festival, will be available via drive Thru.

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Thus, there will be two fixed points available in the neighborhood of Freedom where people can leave their wishes (entrance at Rua Fagundes, 153 and exit at Rua Galvão Bueno, 425). According to the organization of the event, the drive Thru will obey the minimum distance required for social distancing. In addition, the limit of simultaneous people in the same space will be controlled to avoid agglomerations. 

About Festival of the Stars 

freedom star festival

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the story of Star Festival began over 1,150 years ago at the Imperial Court of Japan. In Brazil, the celebration takes place since 1979 in Praça da Liberdade, a neighborhood known for its great Japanese influence. 

Therefore, at the end of Tanabata Matsuri, wishes on paper are burned for the purpose of making wishes reach the heavens so that the stars can fulfill the wishes. 

This year, as a result of restrictions due to the coronavirus, tanzakus may be purchased online, through WhatsApp and social networks. Furthermore, They will also be available at the venues from August 2nd, and can be hung on bamboos until the ceremony at the end of the month, in order to avoid agglomerations on the Sunday of the event.

+ Info
Star Festival
August 2, 2020, from 2pm to 6pm
Drive-thru – Entrance through Rua Fagundes, 153 (from 10 am to 5 pm)
WhatsApp: 11 99025-2113

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