You don't have to go far to appreciate bucolic sites, vineyards, historic buildings and romantic settings with the face of cities of the old continent. These destinations are just a few kilometers from the capital of São Paulo and hide amazing landscapes and experiences. Find out more about the cities of São Paulo that have the face of Europe

THE Europe It is among the favorite destinations of tourists. It is not by chance that flights to the capitals of the old continent depart crowded, every day, from several cities in Brazil. But you don't have to go that far to enjoy the bucolic attractions, vineyards, historic buildings and the romantic settings of the european climate.

the state of Sao Paulo reservation cities very close to the capital with the face of Europe – all without crossing the ocean. Meet some of them:

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Photo: Alexandre Pottes Macedo

The small and charming city of Dutch influence is just 130 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, which makes it the ideal destination for short walks or even a day trip. The sets of colored houses recall the Amsterdam wooden buildings. The city is also home to the largest mill in Latin America. In September, the National Capital of Flowers, as it is known, receives thousands of tourists to the famous expoflora, the largest exhibition of ornamental flowers in Latin America.

Campos do Jordão

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

Campos do Jordão was nicknamed "Brazilian Switzerland” because of its climate and architecture. No wonder: the municipality, which is located at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira, is considered the highest in Brazil. It is this privileged location that provides its European climate, even more so in winter, when the thermometer registers negative temperatures. Bustling, the city is home to very charming places, such as capivari village, main gastronomic point that attracts many tourists and personalities.

Wine Route in São Roque

Photo: Rosanetur / Flickr

The friendly “Terra do Vinho” is just 60 kilometers from the capital and its main attraction, the Wine Route, offers beautiful landscapes and cozy places. Among the more than 30 wineries, cellars, farms and other attractions with beautiful landscapes, there is the opportunity to live the experience and follow all the winemaking processes until, finally, tasting their aromas and flavors.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

the charming english architecture village, which belongs to the municipality of Santo André, was founded in 1860 and keeps historical records of an important phase of expansion of railway technology in Brazil. Located at the top of Serra do Mar, which makes your afternoons cloudy and cold, the village has several cultural and ecological attractions, such as the Castelinho Museum, a House of Memory it's the Nascentes de Paranapiacaba Park. In addition to the easy access via public transport or car, the route is also carried out by a historic train on Sundays.

Lavender Fields in Cunha

Photo: Rosanetur / Flickr

Who thinks it is necessary to travel to the provence, in France, to be dazzled by the beauty of the beautiful and aromatic fields of lavender, you are wrong. Wedge, a city located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is a national address with a scenario very similar to the French region. Entry into the space, which is dedicated to developing products from essences, costs R$10 per person. Due to weather conditions, the flowering season of Cunha's Laundry can be enjoyed 365 days a year. The tip is to contemplate the fields at the end of the day, during sunset, when the flowers enhance their lilac tone even more and guarantee beautiful photographic records.

banana plantation

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The cozy municipality has in its history monuments, mansions and farms, heritage of the riches at the time of coffee production in Brazil. In the historic center, it is worth walking along the old cobbled streets and seeing old buildings such as Church of the Lord of Bom Jesus do Livramento, built in the early 19th century, and a charming European iron fountain, installed in 1880. The railway station dates from 1889, with a beautiful metallic structure imported from Belgium.

Paths of the Sun

Photo: Publicity Path of the Sun

Pilgrimage route inspired by the Camino de Santiago, the Path of the Sun is a full plate for lovers of long walks. The route reserves 241 kilometers between Santana do Parnaíba and Waters of San Pedro, which must be covered in 11 days. The itinerary includes rural and remote areas, ideal for moments of reflection. DDuring the walk, it is possible to stay in inns, farms and houses of families who live in the region. For pedal enthusiasts, there is also the option of taking the bike route.

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