Do you want to visit São Paulo with children and don't know what to do? Check out a list of tips for places to have fun with the little ones

If you have children or at least one very close child, then you know that during the weekend the attention is all on her. Whether we are tired or not, on Saturdays and Sundays, we need to set aside a little time to be with the little ones. But some doubts about the places always arise, for example: Is the place quiet?

Therefore, we have listed some tips for tours with children in São Paulo for you to expand your range of possibilities. And we share them according to your needs, whether you're planning a quick getaway on the weekends or a tour with the little ones around the city during the holidays.

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Places to walk with children in São Paulo

Sao Paulo aquarium

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Where: Rua Huet Bacelar – Vila São José

Why visit?

THE Sao Paulo aquarium is the only themed aquarium in all of Latin America. This means that all sessions have special decorations, for example, the polar bear enclosure is all set in the style of glaciers and snow. The site features sectors such as Africa, Indonesia, Australia and more. So don't waste your time and take your little ones to get to know all this schedule new.

Butantan Institute

Where: Av. Vital Brasil – Butantã

Why visit?

THE Butantan Institute it is divided into several sub-divisions. The best known is the Biological Museum, where it is possible to know much more about the Brazilian fauna, however, offices such as serpentarium it's the reptary are also worth a visit. As the site is a research center, it is committed to the education of visitors, so many guided tours are offered. See more information about where you want to visit on here.

Junior Escape

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Where: Brentano Street – Vila Leopoldina

Why visit?

If you're really looking funoh, this is the right place to go to Sao Paulo with children. THE Junior Escape it's a place where you and your companion become investigators and need to unravel a mystery in order to be released from a room. As the attraction is aimed at children, the challenges are light, nothing scary. But you can choose type of obstacle what you have to discover.

Stone house

Where: Rua Venâncio Aires – Pompéia

Why visit?

THE Stone house is part of tours with children in São Paulo which are most recommended. The site has its walls completely built for climbing, that is, the great attraction of the environment is to venture into the climbing. Therefore, the presence of parents or guardians is essential when raising children. The daily price varies according to the number of children, so before going, check with the site.

Football Museum

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Where: Charles Miller Square – Pacaembu

Why visit?

THE Football Museum is another one of places to go with kids in São Paulo. Have you ever thought about discovering much of football history in one place? This museum is located under the Pacaembu Stadium and has a special route that tells all the sport trajectory here in Brazil. On Tuesdays, admission is free, but on other days, be aware that the schedule may change due to stadium games.

Botanical Garden

Where: Av. Miguel Estefno – Vila Água Funda

Why visit?

On a sunny day, nothing better than visiting the Botanical Garden. Accompanied by a child, the tour of the place is even more special, because everything around it becomes a educational instrument. The garden has the mission of preserving and conserving most of its plants and fungi, therefore, it is one of the places to go with kids and learn a lot of what the place has to offer.

Weathervane Museum

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Where: Av Mercúrio – Centro

Why visit?

THE Weathervane Museum It has a multitude of activities that entertain children. The site is divided into four main sections, Universe, Life, Ingenuity and Society. Among them are exhibitions about the earth, galaxies, different biomes, the cultural evolution of the world and much more. So it's a great tour to do with children in São Paulo, since it has an infinite number of knowledge.  

Ibirapuera Planetarium

Where: Ibirapuera Park

Why visit?

The best place to get to know a little more about the galaxy is the Planetarium of Ibirapuera Aristotle Orsini, the use Ibira Planetarium. The venue's schedule may change every month, but in general it revolves around getting to know the stars and planets in our galaxy. It's one of the great tours to do with children in São Paulo, since it involves a lot the visual issue, which ends up holding the attention of the little ones.

Museum of Image and Sound

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Where: Av. Europe – Garden Europe

Why visit?

THE Museum of Image and Sound it is linked to the Secretary of Culture, thus, most of its exhibitions are free. What is most interesting about this place is that it manages to combine sounds and representations, holding the attention of all visitors. The exhibitions change quite frequently, so before visiting, check out what's going on at the site.

trampoline park

Where: R.Dr. Rubens Gomes Bueno – Várzea de Baixo

Why visit?

When we think about vacations, we always want something new and different. The Trampoline Park offers several activities for children, which take almost the entire day. For example, foam pools, parkour obstacles, basketball, dodgeball and many other things. So don't waste your time and find out what the unity closest to you to go with your little ones on vacation.

Sp Amusements

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Where: R. Santana Rosa Júnior – Butantã

Why visit?

Have you ever thought about doing one of best tours with kids in São Paulo? THE Sp Amusements can provide you with that, since it is an amusement park that offers kart, bowling, snooker and several games. As there is a lot to do, the ideal is to try some of the park's food, so the children have more time to enjoy the place.

Monica's Park

Where: Shopping SP Market

Why visit?

What child never dreamed of visiting Monica's Park? The best time to go to this place is during the holidays, because you can call the whole family and go as a group. The attractions are diverse, including simulators, playgrounds, carousel and much more. If you want to consult the price list, just enter the site.

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