Check out a complete itinerary of up to 7 days in Aracaju and discover the main tourist attractions of Sergipe

Land of hospitable and happy people, the capital of Sergipe, Aracaju, is the city of cashew trees and macaws, the name is a mixture of both, referring to the fruit and the bird. Highlighted for its beautiful beaches, the variety of typical foods and generous dishes, but mainly for its tranquility. Aracaju is on the list of the best cities in Brazil when it comes to quality of life.

Sergipe It is the smallest state in the Northeast and borders Bahia and Alagoas, making it a strategic point for those who want to discover the beauties of this little piece of Brazil. Like neighboring states, Sergipe It also has beautiful beaches, a great cultural and historical collection, and precious places for those who want to relive Northeastern traditions. Visiting the capital of Sergipe, the visitor finds a coastline of shallow waters and extensive beaches crossed by rivers. A generous coastline with sea bathing or diving in freshwater beaches, combined with the beauty and immensity of the São Francisco River are strong points for those visiting the destination. There are plenty of reasons to embark on this small state in the Northeast that will certainly welcome you with open arms.

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Within walking distance to other cities and tourist attractions allow visitors to also get to know other regions of Aracaju and the state, such as the regions of the sertão and the south coast of Sergipe. The destination has been winning the hearts of tourists looking for diverse attractions, good hotel infrastructure and refined cuisine. In the restaurants, the dishes are based on seafood and options with hinterland references. In the months of August and September, the Crab Festival takes place in Aracaju, where some restaurants present creative variations using the crustacean.

Day 1 – Orla do Atalaia and Tamar Project

Praia do Atalaia is the main postcard of the city and is also the darling of Aracajuans. Because it is very close to the center, it is the busiest and has such a good structure that it won the title of “The Most Beautiful Waterfront in Brazil”. In its 6km of extension, lakes, parks, tennis courts, skate park, snack bars, restaurants, handicraft fair, a kart track and the oceanarium of Projeto TAMAR with the main aquatic species. The oceanarium is located in the Lagos Region, with a huge turtle-shaped structure. the seat of Aracaju it houses 18 aquariums and 5 tanks that show all the diversity of marine fauna in the region.

Well recommended in the region, the refined restaurant Pitú com Pirão da Eliane is located on the waterfront and offers combinations of dishes accompanied by an abundant wine list. The region is surrounded by the best restaurants and hotels in the city, there are numerous options for home in its extensive area.

itinerary in Aracaju

Itinerary in Aracaju. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 2 – Ilha da Sogra and Mangue Seco

THE Coast south of the state of Sergipe offers some unexpected attractions such as Ilha da Sogra. The tour begins at the Porto de Cavalo wharf, where travelers take a schooner to a huge sandbar approximately 1km long in the shape of a horseshoe. The attraction is located between the Piauí river and the coast, allowing visitors to choose between bathing in salty or fresh water.

Aracaju Island of Mother-in-Law

Itinerary in Aracaju. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Then we took the schooner and headed towards the small village of Mangue Seco in the state of Bahia, which became very famous for having been the stage for the recordings of Tiêta. The village on the beach is surrounded by dunes, coconut trees and an extensive and paradisiacal beach with several options of rustic restaurants with wonderful typical dishes washed down with seafood, when we were in the region we were recommended to visit the Asa Branca Restaurant. A kiosk facing the dunes and facing the sea, after enjoying lunch the best option is to lie down on the hammock to enjoy the sunset. Even staying in Bahia, the most practical access to Mangue Seco is through the schooners that pass by making the route of Ilha da Sogra (Sergipe).

itinerary in Aracaju

Itinerary in Aracaju. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 3 – Museums and Municipal Market of Aracaju

The best way to get to know the cultural side and traditions of a city is to explore the museums and get to know the historical attractions of each place. We separated a cultural day in the city and started the day visiting the Cultural Center of Aracaju, which houses an imposing well-preserved mansion right in the center. The complex houses the João Costa Theater with free shows, a cinema, a space for traveling exhibitions, the Mário Cabral Library, in addition to offering lectures and mini-courses frequently. We love the Sala de Cultura Popular, which stands out for being a totally playful space with popular toys from the region, such as the “baladeira”, cordless telephones, dolls and various twine.

In front of the building there is a tourist space dedicated to Zé Peixe, a pilot who became famous thanks to the way he performed the function, when he swam for kilometers in the sea. Practical is a craft in which the professional knowledgeable in the region guides navigation maneuvers on arrival and departure from ports, usually in areas where traffic is hampered by wind, sandbank, current, tidal state, among other local difficulties. The same left the profession at 83 when he was still doing long crossings by swimming.

The Municipal Market of Aracaju Governador Albano Franco, is located in Praça Hilton Lopes, very famous for hosting major events such as Forró Caju. In the huge complex it is possible to find fruits from the region and seafood in the various stalls of market stalls spread around the place. Next to it are the old markets of Thales Ferraz and Antônio Francos, which bring together history, culture, handicrafts, typical products and regional restaurants. Among them, the Caçarola that is on the terrace by the sea, famous among the people of Aracaju for containing numerous delicious dishes of Sergipe cuisine.

itinerary in Aracaju

Itinerary in Aracaju. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 4 – Xingó Canyon

It is necessary to set aside a whole day to visit the Xingó Canyon, the main attraction of the state, located in Canindé, in the Sergipe hinterland, 220 km from Aracaju. We did the tour with the company Crystal Tour, which made the round trip transfer to the Restaurant Karrancas, space where the catamarans leave towards the attraction.

It takes an average of 3 hours by car to the destination, passing through various scenarios in the state. The tour has the same duration, being 1 hour sailing between the immense walls in orange tones of the São Francisco River. Then we stopped at a space with two bathing structures that form a pool in the middle of the river surrounded by safety nets. The “natural pools” are 1 meter deep for children and the other 5 meters deep. In the second, noodle buoys are available for those who do not feel very comfortable swimming in great depths.

on the way back to Aracaju the agencies that carry out the tour make a stop at the Casa de Doces Caseiros da Dona Nena, located on the side of the highway, in the municipality of Nossa Senhora da Glória. The house has already been the scene of several reports and has cheese sweets, dulce de leche and other variations of homemade sweets always fresh on the menu.

itinerary in Aracaju

Itinerary in Aracaju. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 5 – Park of the Falcons

The Falcões Park in Itabaiana, 57km from Aracaju, is a true sanctuary for birds of prey.

Persilio, the creator of it all, is known as the hawk charmer. A great harmony between man and birds, in all there are more than 300, all with their own names, nicknamed one by one by the creator of the space. They take a shower, train flying and even do physical therapy if needed. Once recovered, they return to nature, the weakest ones that are no longer able to adapt are used for reproduction, reducing the extinction of some of these species. One of the only ones in Brazil with IBAMA authorization to breed this species.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

Day 6 – Laranjeiras and São Cristovão

Because it is very close to Aracaju, the historic cities of São Cristovão and Laranjeiras are great options to visit while visiting the destination. Just 20 km away, the municipality of Laranjeiras was granted the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is home to several houses and stone sidewalks that remind us of living in the period of the Empire, a period in which the city was the most important in the state. Be sure to visit the Engenho do Retiro Complex, the Capelinha do Bom Jesus, the Municipal Market and the Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Comandaroba Church, one of the most beautiful architectural examples in the region.

Immerse yourself in the history of the state, also getting to know the city of São Cristovão, just 30 km from the capital. The fourth oldest city in the country, it holds a valuable architectural ensemble such as the Historical Museum of Sergipe, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Church and Convent of São Francisco.

itinerary in Aracaju

Itinerary in Aracaju. Photo: Adilson Andrade

Day 7 – Crôa do Goré and Lagoa do Tambaqui

Just 30 km from Orla de Atalaia, nature preserves the most pleasant surprises of Sergipe: the Crown of Goré. The small island of white sand, located in the Vaza-Barris river, appears with the movement of the tide. For those who want more peace, it is recommended to visit the attraction during the week, on Saturdays and Sundays the place is usually more crowded because of the residents who also usually enjoy this region.

With almost 10 km in length, Lagoa do Tambaqui is located in the municipality of Estância, a few kilometers from the capital. In the lagoon, tambaqui fish are very used to people. It is possible to see them up close and even feed them by giving the food in the mouth of the fish depending on the season.


Cariri Restaurant
R. Niceu Dantas, 775 – Watchtower
Aracaju - SE
Tel: (79) 3243-1379

Restaurant Karrancas
Beiro Rio Beach, 01 – Rural Area
Canindé de São Francisco – SE
[email protected]
Tel: (79) 9869-6428

Falcons Park
BR 235, s/n – Povoado Gandú II
Itabaiana – SE
Tel: (79) 9885-2522

Crystal Tour
Rua Urbano Neto, 121 – room 01 – Coroa do Meio
Aracaju - SE
[email protected]
Tel: (79) 3255-4479 / (79) 99908-001

Asa Branca Restaurant
Rua Praia Costa
Mangue Seco – BA
Phone: (75) 3445-9053

Casserole restaurant
R. José do Prado Franco – Municipal Market
Aracaju Center - SE
Tel: (79) 98831-9535

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