Check out a 5-day itinerary knowing the must-see attractions of the “Capital das Dunas” and the most beautiful beaches in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

Surrounded by dune fields, lagoons and great urban beaches, the city of Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the Northeast. 

With an inland climate, the city of Natal is, in fact, an example in terms of hotel infrastructure. The urban beaches of Ponta Negra and Praia dos Artistas are home to great options of charming inns and the largest concentration of resorts within a Brazilian capital. 

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In addition, another highlight, and by the way, the great attraction of Natal, is the privileged location. In this way, with easy access to other major destinations in the state, such as Pipa, just 86 km away, and the Dunas de Genipabu, 24 km from the center of Natal. This easy accessibility mainly allows visitors to combine several destinations, creating a script in christmas full of interesting activities and attractions. 

Finally, if you are planning to visit the capital of large northern river, check this 5 days itinerary in Natal

Day 1 – Ponta Negra and downtown 


Ponta Negra cannot be missed on your 5-day itinerary in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. photo: Luiz Antonio

Separate your first day script in christmas to walk around the city's urban beaches and get to know some of the destination's important attractions. The tour can start at Ponta Negra Beach, where the main postcard of the destination is located: Morro do Careca, that is, a huge white sand dune over 100 meters high.

From there, follow Via Costeira, also called Avenida Senador Dinarte Mariz, towards Praia dos Artistas. The avenue is 12 km long and houses the best options for hotels and resorts in the city.

In the afternoon, set aside free time to visit the Reis Magos Fort. After all, enjoy the stop and take a souvenir photo of the privileged view of the Newton Navarro Bridge. Another tour that can be combined on the first day of the itinerary is the famous Cajueiro de Pirangi.

Day 2 – Genipabu and beaches on the north coast


Genipabu, in Natal, is the most famous tour in Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Marinelson Almeida

With or without emotion? This is the most awaited question by tourists who take the trip to the beaches of the north coast. So get ready for a day with lots of adventures and strong emotions. 

The best known tour in the state leaves from Natal towards the famous beach of Genipabu, in buggys that cross the dune fields that surround the city.

The tour lasts approximately 7 hours and passes through several tourist spots between Natal and Extremoz, such as Lagoa de Jacumã, Lagoa de Pitangui and Parque das Dunas, until arriving at the famous dunes of Genipabu.

Day 3 – Maracajau 


Maracajaú, RN. Photo: Corsofcorals

Get ready to discover a little piece of the Caribbean in the middle of the Brazilian coast. Maracajaú beach is located in the municipality of Maxaranguape, the closest point to Africa in all of South America and is still little known by tourists who visit the state. However, the great attraction of this beautiful region of the coast of Potiguar are the delicious parrachos (corals) that form true natural pools on the high seas!

In addition to the famous natural pools, the place is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, formed by dunes, coconut trees by the sea and lagoons with warm waters, ideal for relaxing with a traditional drink from the region (highlighting the caipirinha de cajá with passion fruit and cashew with acerola ). In addition, other highlights are Praia de Caraúbas and Praia de Maxaranguape.

Day 4 – Pipa and Tibau do Sul  


Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte. Photo: Emprotur

Surrounded by immense cliffs, the beaches of the village of Pipa stand out as some of the most beautiful in the Northeast. The village is just over 1:30hr by car from Natal, and is the main tourist attraction of agencies that offer tours throughout the state. With narrow streets and rustic atmosphere, Pipa is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, as the destination is lined with great options of bars, restaurants and clubs that usually work until the first rays of sun start to come out. 

It is possible to take a day trip and visit the main beaches of the village, such as Praia do Madeiro, Baía dos Golfinhos and Praia do Amor. Finally, to end the day with a flourish, choose one of the bars located in Lagoa dos Guaraíras, in Tibau do Sul, and contemplate the beautiful sunset of the region, before returning to Natal.

Day 5 – São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso can be your destination on the last of your 5-day itinerary in Natal. Photo: Ricardo Junior

São Miguel do Gostoso is the newest tourist destination being worked on in the destination. With an extensive beach and few rustic streets, the village is suitable for tourists looking for tranquility and privacy. During low tide, relax in the natural pools formed by the reefs close to the sand strip. If your intention is to explore a little more of this part of the Potiguar coast, be sure to check out the beautiful Praia de Touros. 

If you have one more day available, it is worth taking a day trip to check out the beauties of Galinhos, a friendly village surrounded by scenic settings, just 79 km away from São Miguel do Gostoso. 

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