Train ride to Morretes from Curitiba: discover the Serra do Mar train crossing carried out by Serra Verde Express. Surprise yourself with this train trip in Paraná.

Crossing the Atlantic Forest, the Serra Verde Express – which makes the famous trip between Curitiba and Morretes is among the 10 most beautiful train rides in the world! 

the ride of train in Serra do Mar get out of Curitiba toward the historic city of Mortars and paranaguá (goes to Paranaguá on Sundays), is for those looking for an ecotourism and adventure tour, close to nature, with breathtaking landscapes.

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The train ride that delights tourists of all ages, cuts over 150 kilometers through the Serra do Mar in a well-protected region of the Atlantic Forest. The train also passes through 30 bridges and 14 tunnels dug in the mountains, on a railway from 1885 that is considered the most beautiful in the country.

The mini tour passes through several attractions in the Serra do Mar, among them are The Caiguava Dam, The Roça Nova Tunnel, a Ipiranga River Dam , The Sanctuary of the Padlock and several viewpoints with incredible views. The Serra do Mar train leaves daily from the Rodoferroviária station in the central region of Curitiba at 8:15 am and has 3 categories of wagons: tourist, executive and luxury.

The tours are led by a guide who goes on to tell some curiosities about the train and stories that have already happened since the construction of the railway. Visitors can also visit the driver's cabin and other carriages on the train.

Nature is undoubtedly the main attraction of the tour. Brazil currently has only 7% of Atlantic forest, being that 4% is in this region, along the way it is possible to see araucaria tree symbol of this territory.

Serra Verde Express

Landscapes of the Serra do Mar Train. Photo: Publicity Serra Verde Express

The Paranaguá-Curitiba railroad, through which the train passes, was inaugurated in 1885 by Princess Isabel and the city of Morretes preserves much of the architecture of its foundation in 1733. Find out how much the train ride to Morretes costs and check out tips on how organize your trip, where to eat and what to do.

Train ride to Morretes: best time to do

train curitiba mortes

Paraná Train: Curitiba x Morretes. Photo: Publicity Serra Verde Express

Despite having a cold and humid climate most of the year, this area of the state of Paraná is close to the coast and has a more pleasant climate, always around 21° C. During the summer the climate is hot and the chance of rains it is much smaller.

The Serra do Mar train leaves Curitiba's Rodoferroviária Station daily at 8:15 am and is offered by the company Serra Verde Express. The return from Morretes to Curitiba is at 15:00.

Train ride to Morretes: how to get to the train station

train curitiba mortes

Photo: Publicity Serra Verde Express

The Rodoferroviária Station is located on Avenida Presidente Afonso Camargo, in Jardim Botânico, a very central region of Curitiba. To get to the Rodoferroviária you can use the public transport system, called biarticulated by the people of Curitiba, and get off at the tube (bus stop) at the final destination.

For more information about rates, schedules, packages and agreements: consult the operator Serra Verde Express by phone (41) 3888-3488 or by site company official.

Ticket from Curitiba to Morretes:

Serra Verde Express

Photo: Publicity Serra Verde Express

THE train to Morretes depart in the morning Curitiba Railway Station, attached to the Rodoferroviária Station, and return in the afternoon. Tickets must be purchased on site (Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 6:30 pm, and on Sundays, from 7 am to 12 pm).

the return to Curitiba, can be done by Graciosa Road, a charming 19th century cobblestone road, an old route used by drovers. Pride of the people of Paraná, it was declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve area due to the abundant local fauna and flora!

The journey takes about 4 hours and there are different categories offered on the train. The guide service is very useful, because in addition to knowing the curiosities and highlights of the region, it is always good to have someone telling you when and from which side the waterfalls, bridges or a small piece of a mountain will appear.

Serra Verde Express offers several packages with other types of services included. In addition, there are a number of discounts in low season, such as cheaper prices on Wednesdays, free birthdays and a 30% rebate for blood donors.

Regardless of the category chosen for your train trip in Paraná, it is recommended to buy the ticket in advance.

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