Research identified that searches for national destinations grew in the last year due to a systematic increase in the dollar

With the high dollar, that last week R$ 5 was even sold in some exchange houses, Brazilians are exploring their own country's destinations more. This is what a survey carried out by the travel platform revealed KAYAK. The survey recorded the most searched places in 2019 and 2020 and compared them.

Thus, it was found that all the fifteen destinations that grew the most in searches during a year are national, with emphasis on Strength. The capital of Ceará led the list with 133% of growth in the period. "The city has invested a lot in tourism. In addition, Fortaleza also attracts travelers interested in other beaches, such as Jericoacoara, and Pinto Martins Airport has become an important connection with other countries., commented Eduardo Fleury, Operations Leader for KAYAK in Brazil. 

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Destinations from all regions of Brazil were highlighted, such as Cabo Frio, Brasília, Joinville and Porto Seguro, which occupy the first positions along with the capital of Ceará. The survey also pointed out the places that had the highest absolute volume of searches in January 2019 and 2020. Last year, 5 international destinations appeared among the 15 most searched, in 2020 this number dropped to 4 - and all in the worst positions.

International travel: highlighting Latin American countries


Photo: Travel Buenos Aires

In addition to Brazilian destinations, the ranking also showed an increase in the search for Latin American countries in relation to other international destinations. In the list that compares the most searched destinations last year compared to this year, Orlando, which appeared in 13th position in 2019, was replaced by Buenos Aires in 2020. New York, which occupied 15th place, gave way to Santiago, in Chile.

“New York was replaced by Santiago, a city with much more affordable prices for Brazilians. In addition, it is important to remember that in 2020 we will have many long holidays and travelers may be looking for closer and shorter trips instead of saving the budget for an international trip., said in a note, Fleury.

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