That Búzios is a beautiful city and is home to some of the most beautiful Brazilian scenery, everyone knows. But what are the best beaches to enjoy in the region? We selected 11 of them that you need to know! 

Búzios is among the most beautiful cities on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. With white sand beaches and blue-toned sea, the charming resort gained fame in the mid-60s, when the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot visited it twice. 

Currently, it is one of the most coveted destinations for those who make a tour of the Lakes Region, even more taking the opportunity to combine the also incredible Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio. It is also a good option for those visiting the Marvelous City, since only 170 kilometers separate them.

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In Búzios, there are beach options for all tastes, from the most popular to the most peaceful, from the most rustic to the most sophisticated, from those that offer a calm sea like a swimming pool to those that offer perfect waves for surfing. However, they all deliver something in common to visitors: breathtaking beauty. 

We made a selection with 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region. Check out!

What are the best beaches to visit in Buzios?

Ferradura Beach

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Alberto1939

Praia da Ferradura is one of the most famous in Búzios and, for offering a sea with calm waters and an excellent infrastructure, it is among the favorites of families with children. The beach, which gets its name because of its “horseshoe” shape, is surrounded by kiosks with good dining options, in addition to sheltering umbrellas along its entire length. In addition, because of its calm waters, it is perfect for kayaking and SUP, which can be rented on site. 

Ferradurinha Beach

Photo: Oadamresearcher/ Wikimedia Commons

Many people think that Praia da Ferradurinha is an extension of Praia da Ferradura, but it is not. Despite the similarity of names, Ferradurinha is close to Praia de Geribá, which we will talk about next. Despite not being very big, Ferradurinha offers many beauties, such as a rocky wall that surrounds it and waters with incredibly blue tones. Its calm and calm sea allows the practice of sports such as kayaking and SUP. Despite being quieter than its namesake, Ferradurinha can get crowded on weekends and hot holidays. 

Geriba beach

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Diego Rego Monteiro/ Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for a bit of fun in Búzios, Praia de Geribá is definitely a good option. Always buzzing and with many people occupying its extensive strip of sand, it offers a good choice of kiosks, restaurants, inns around it. It is also very popular for surfing and windsurfing, due to its strong waves and constant winds. For those who prefer a little more peace, a tip is to escape to the corners of the beach, since its center is always where there is a greater concentration of people.  

Forno Beach

Photo: Diego Rego Monteiro/ Wikimedia Commons

Do you want to escape the hype and enjoy a total immersion in nature? A tip is to schedule a visit to Praia do Forno. In addition to reserving stunning landscapes and crystalline and calm waters, its small strip of sand acquires a reddish hue during some months of the year, which makes it exotic and perfect for beautiful photographic records. It is also worth planning a trip to Mirante do Forno, which offers one of the most incredible panoramic views of the region. 

Praia da Azeda

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon/ Flickr

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Praia da Azeda is accessed through a small trail that starts from Praia dos Ossos. Don't be fooled by its small strip of sand: its natural pools formed by crystalline waters allow you to observe the exuberant marine life of the region, even being visited by sea turtles. Take the opportunity to also visit Azedinha, a neighboring beach that can be accessed by just a few steps and which is also beautiful. It is worth remembering that, during high season, both tend to receive many visitors. 

Joao Fernandes beach

Photo: Halley Pacheco de Oliveira/ Wikimedia Commons

Known for its clear waters that allow you to observe several small fish and which are perfect for diving, João Fernandes beach is a paradise that deserves to be discovered on a trip to Búzios. From there it is possible to take buggy tours that allow you to explore the region, covering incredible places. However, all this beauty attracts a large number of visitors, especially on weekends and during the high season months. If you prefer a little more quiet, an option is to go down a long staircase that takes visitors to João Fernandinho, a smaller and more isolated beach that reserves a scene as intoxicating as the first. 

Praia Brava

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Juh oliveira87/ Wikimedia Commons

Praia Brava is a little far from the center of Búzios and, for this reason, it ends up being overlooked by many tourists. But it is worth including it in your itinerary, both for its beauty and for its good structure, with sophisticated bars, lounges and kiosks by the sea. Prepare to be enchanted, but also prepare your pocket, as during the high season prices to eat or drink something there can be steep. However, those who prefer to escape sophistication and face something more economical, will find more affordable options on the right side of the beach. 

Praia da Foca

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Josue Marinho/ Wikimedia Commons

The small Praia da Foca is a little piece of paradise in Búzios. Located between two rocky walls and accessed by a short trail, the beach forms a small cove with a beautiful natural pool. The place has not yet been fully discovered by tourists, which guarantees some privacy and peace for visitors – except, of course, in high season. Accessed through a short and quiet trail, it is a good option for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of other beaches to discover in Búzios and the region. 

Armação Beach

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Fulviusbsas/ Wikimedia Commons

The iconic beach of Búzios, home to the sculpture by French actress Brigitte Bardot, who visited the city in the 60s, is one of the most famous in the region. Being located in the center, this beach has several restaurants, bars and shops, being one of the coolest in the region. The hustle and bustle takes place near Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot. It is worth choosing a place on the boardwalk to admire the sunset over the sea, contrasting with the boats passing by the sea. 

Olho de Boi beach

See 11 of the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon/ Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that one of the best beaches to visit in Búzios is naturalist? Olho de Boi Beach is famous and very frequented by visitors from all over the world. To get there, it is necessary to walk from Praia Brava for about 30 minutes. Despite having a small strip of sand, the beauty of this beach is enchanting, with a bluish sea and surrounded by stones that guarantee privacy for bathers. 

Where to stay well located in Búzios?

Photo: Disclosure

Did you like the tips on the best beaches to visit in Búzios and region? Before taking the opportunity to create a perfect itinerary for your next vacation, it is important to discover places to stay in the city and be well located, with easy access to beaches and main attractions. 

THE El Misti Buzios It is one of those environments with a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for those who want to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. The space offers several pleasant environments to enjoy, such as an outdoor terrace with swimming pool, bar and shared lounge.

In addition, the hostel is located less than 1 kilometer from Praia do Canto Beach and a 12-minute walk from Praia da Tartaruga. The accommodation is also located close to Praia da Ferradura and central points, such as the Bus Station and the trendy Rua das Pedras. 

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