Discover the most fascinating destinations to visit in the Land of the Queen

The Land of the Queen is one of the most fascinating countries on the planet and, despite not having a very large territory, it has many places with stunning landscapes, delicious food and many options of things to do. To help travelers who are planning a trip to know the British territory, we have separated some of the most beautiful cities in england.


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While it is a place full of traditions, London it is also a cosmopolitan, modern and stylish city, which means it is the perfect place for tourists from all over the world. With so many options for food, entertainment, theater and festivals, Queen's Land is the kind of place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

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Buckingham Palace is never left off the itinerary of a trip to London. As the most important royal building in the country, it is an attraction full of history and beauty. During the summer days, travelers have the unique opportunity to see the interior of the royal residence – not the rooms, but various pieces of furniture and objects from the palace and the throne room -; the more curious can also visit the Queen's Gallery to see the royal collection. Tourists who, unfortunately, do not intend to visit the destination on the hottest days of the year will not be left without knowing anything about the official residence of the monarchy, as they can visit the Royal Mews, or rather the Royal Stables, which are open throughout the year.

The changing of the guard is among the must-see attractions of the palace. As you don't have to pay to check the exchange up close, many people head to the place to see it, so the tip is to arrive early (at least an hour in advance) to be able to watch from a privileged view.

Among the postcards that cannot be missed are Big Ben (symbol of the city, the Gothic-style tower houses four clocks and is a constant reminder of the punctuality of the British) and the British Parliament (one of the most famous buildings in the world that is open to visitors throughout the year and where it is possible to watch debates and audiences), but close to them there is one of the most visited attractions in the whole country: the London Eye. The Ferris wheel is 135 meters high and allows visitors to have a panoramic view of all of London, so to get to know the ride without going through stress – or facing queues – many tourists choose to buy tickets online. The view from up there is simply wonderful and makes the whole trip worthwhile.

One of the most important things for those who leave their country of origin to live new adventures and, of course, register some of those moments. The first photo shoot, of course, should be done in Camdem Town, one of the most visited places in the city and full of cool things, like graffiti, street artists, thrift stores, in short, a little bit of everything; The Shard – which is the tallest building in all of Europe – is also on the list of places to make the best clicks of the trip; and the Lake Street Tunel, a space whose walls and ceiling are entirely covered in graffiti. Obviously, there are many other amazing scenarios scattered around London, but it's hard to list them, otherwise the tips will never end.

Although English gastronomy does not have a very recognized reputation, the typical foods are delicious! Among the dishes that represent – and very well – the city are the internationally known fish and chips (a very simple dish, consisting of breaded fish and potatoes, which can be found in practically any restaurant in the country) and breakfast. English (composed of eggs, toast, jam, tomato, sausage, mushrooms, blood sausages and beans), two delicacies that no one can miss. These are just two examples, but the traveler can be carefree, as he will eat well while in London.


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Despite being the fifth largest city of england, full of historic buildings and a place that breathes culture, Liverpool is known worldwide as “the city of the Beatles”. Given this, it is impossible to talk about the city without talking about the band – or the music. But the region goes far beyond that: the respective people and the attractions are responsible for making everything even more charming.

People passionate about music – and, of course, the magnificent Fab Four – need to visit the Cavern Club, where great bands have played, such as The Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, the Beatles themselves, among others. For rock'n'roll fans, having a beer at the place is a magical experience.

But a trip to Liverpool is only complete with a photo at the crosswalk where John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr took the classic photo from the Abbey Road album, named after the street on which the image was taken. done. To reproduce the famous photo, it is necessary to have patience to find the perfect and quiet moment to cross, as the street is very busy and disputed.

Another postcard of the city is Liverpool Cathedral, a construction that impresses with its magnitude and history. Cone-shaped, the building was built in a circular shape, that is, very different from other traditional cross-shaped cathedrals. As entry is free, just book a day tour to stop by and take a tour and see all the Gothic decor.

Tourists who are keen to learn more about the culture and history of the destinations to which they travel should include a visit to the Albert Dock, a UNESCO Heritage site, with a collection of buildings. There is a little bit of everything there, such as shops, restaurants, museums and bars, for example. An unmissable place! The main attractions are the Tate Liverpool art gallery (a branch of London's museum of modern and contemporary art) and the Liverpool Museum (which explains the origins of the port city, its cultural, industrial and maritime importance).


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If Birmingham had to be summed up in three words, surely they would be: fun, big and friendly. The second largest city in England have diverse ethnicity, many attractions historic sites and an extraordinary gastronomic scene. A curiosity about the place is that it is considered the birthplace of heavy metal (Ozzy Osbourne was born in the city).

The Bull Ring region is the ideal setting to start the tours. One of the main streets in the center, from there it is possible to easily move to other tourist spots, but there is also a lot to do. Shops for shopping, restaurants, bars and many other entertainment options to please even the most demanding.

It is very difficult to talk about such a historic place without mentioning one of its main postcards which, in this case, is the Catedral de São Felipe, a construction from the beginning of the 18th century. The baroque-style church can be visited any day of the week – there are free tours for those who want to know more about its history – it is the main church in the city.

For those who cherish a few days of rest and relaxation during their trip, a visit to Victoria Square (ground zero and the heart of Birmingham, the square is full of historic buildings such as the Big Brum clock tower and a statue of Queen Victoria, and cultural events and fairs always take place there), Centenary Square (a public square where the main cultural events of the city take place and which houses the monument in honor of the citizens who died in the First World War) a walk along the Birmingham canals (a place full of of charm, restaurants, bars and a stunning view) cannot, under any circumstances, be missing from the itinerary.

There's nothing better to get to know the local customs than tasting the typical gastronomy, right? Birmingham's strongest culinary tradition is the famous Balti, a type of curry that can be found in several establishments around the city, making it even easier to taste.

Newscatle Upon Tyne

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Another destination on the list major cities tourist from England is the charming Newscatle Upon Tyne (or, simply, Newscatle). The city is quite diverse, with a wide variety of green areas and plenty of entertainment. You can find everything from ancient castles to innovative art galleries, from quiet bars to enjoy a beer to nightclubs. It is certainly worth exploring the region.

To begin your visit, it is essential to visit Newcastle Castle, built in the 10th century in the same place where, before, there was the medieval fort that protected the region and was responsible for the name of the city. Those who visit the place have the opportunity to check out one of the most beautiful views of the city (view from the top of the tower) and check out a small museum with period objects.

Speaking of scenery, the Tyne Bridge – also known as the “Blinking Eye Bridge” – is one of Newcastle's great attractions and one of the places with the best views in the city. Extremely modern, the bridge “turns over” as large vessels pass across the River Tyne.

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas, built around the same time as the castle, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and its tower, which contains a complete ring of twelve bells, is a Newcastle landmark.

Street food or exquisite dishes from fancy restaurants (with a star in the Michelin Guide)? The traveler chooses! Steak and ale pie, a meat pie with beer, is a very popular dish in the region and can be found in virtually every bar, pub and restaurant. To make it even better, the delicacy even accompanies potatoes; impossible to resist!


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Another proof that it is possible to visit many cities in England beyond London is the university town of Oxford. The young and relaxed region is home to one of the most important universities in the world. But there is much more to do – and see – in the region than the University of Oxford, which is also a must-see for anyone visiting the Queen's Lands.

To start the tour with everything, the first stop has to be the Carfax Tower. Considered the center of the city, the 23 meters high building is part of the remaining ruin of the São Martinho Church, built in the twelfth century, hence the historical importance of the place. Travelers face a 99-step staircase for the privilege of seeing all of Oxford from above. A curiosity: no building in the city can exceed the height of the tower.

The oldest museum in the world cannot be ignored on this trip. Ashmolean, opened in the 17th century, has a collection of fascinating works and archaeological relics. One of Oxford's biggest attractions, the museum provides a complete tour for the visitor who, in addition to admiring the structure of the building and its pieces and collections, can book an evening for dinner on the roof of the place.

How about spending a day in the middle of nature? In order to enjoy beautiful landscapes, tourists can venture out on a boat trip – a different way to get to know a little more about the history of Oxford. Taking advantage of the visit to the River Folly, there are some pubs on its banks that are real treasures to relax and taste British cuisine.

Oxford University, of course, cannot be left out of the picture. Comprised of several institutions, tourists can visit the campus of their faculties to get to know the place and even learn a little about different areas, such as art, astronomy, archeology, anatomy, among others. One of the university's most famous buildings, Christ Church College, was used as the setting for Hogwarts, the wizarding school in the Harry Potter saga. Another extremely important place is the Sheldonian Theater, where not only classes take place, but also shows, ceremonies, presentations and lectures. The Bodleian library, one of the oldest in all of Europe and the most important in the educational institution, houses a copy of absolutely everything that is published in the country, as well as a variety of historical items.

Of course, there is much more to be visited in the place, but these are the main attractions for those who are going on a quick trip, but do not want to miss this postcard.


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With a mix of the old and the traditional, Chester is part of the list of “most beautiful cities in england“. And it's no wonder: the region has must-see attractions, such as the most preserved walls in all of England, half-timbered buildings and ruins from Roman times. These are just a few examples of the importance of the city and why the region attracts more and more travelers.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the country is the Eastgate clock, the second most photographed in the whole of the United Kingdom – it is behind London's iconic Big Ben. Taking advantage of the trip to the historic center, the tourist needs to know the Roman walls – which have a complete circuit of almost 3 km in length. In a true journey back in time, it is possible to pass through the medieval gates, walk over the structures and see some more constructions of the time.

England's largest Roman amphitheater (with ruins that are over two thousand years old) is located in Chester. Built in the 1st century for military training and entertainment, today the place is completely in ruins, but you can check out the entire space and imagine how everything was in the time of Roman domination in the city.

Nature lovers should visit the Old Dee Bridge, a place that makes for beautiful photos. During the summer, many people take the opportunity to take a relaxing boat ride on the River Dee. And since the subject is the green areas of Chester, Grosvenor Park cannot be forgotten, after all, the site has more than 20 acres with many flower beds, several trees, trails and a miniature railway.


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Located north of London, Durham is a medieval city that looks like it came out of a painting, such is its beauty. The imposing castles and the cathedral – which is the heart of the place – on a hill are so impressive that they have made the region a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The first mandatory stop to visit in Durham, of course, could not be other than the cathedral. In Norman style, in fact, one of the best examples of architecture in Europe, the church was built on top of another in the 10th century and its characteristics mark the beginning of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture. Tourists who want can also climb the tower – all it takes is courage to face its 325 steps – and have a privileged view of all the surroundings.

Very close to the cathedral there is another extremely important building, Durham Castle. Built to serve as a seat for the King of the Normans during battles and wars, the building is currently occupied by the University of Durham and, thus, at certain times of the year (on certain days and times) it is possible to know its facilities and history in a tour made by the institution's own students.


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Known for being one of the most beautiful cities in england, Cambride has so many attractions that it is often difficult to organize the itinerary to visit everything. The royal castles, medieval buildings, nature, scenery and contact make the trip unforgettable!

Even people who are not so interested in architecture are amazed to walk the streets of the city. A walking or biking tour is a great way to explore the surroundings, see the buildings, museums, bridges, houses and, of course, the universities up close.

And while that is the subject, the College of St. John, one of the best known at Cambridge University, could not be forgotten. A tourist spot in the city, it is one of the most impressive educational institutions due to the wealth of details in its architecture (the red bricks mixed with beige are a trademark). In addition, the place is home to the famous Bridge of Sighs (inspired by the Venice bridge of the same name), one of the most visited and most beautiful places in the region – that is, a great setting for photos.

Another Cambridge University attraction is the Fitzwilliam Museum. In addition to the entire collection (with ancient objects, works by renowned artists such as Monet and Picasso, among other things), there are always very interesting exhibitions.

How about trying an authentic British meal? In Cambridge there are several gastronomic festivals, with tastings and sales of local products, but visitors who want to taste the delicacies need to know the various restaurants on the banks of the River Cam – with outdoor tables, which makes the moment of the meal even more pleasant. . But, what the tourist needs to put in the itinerary is: enjoy a traditional and delicious afternoon tea scones (homemade cookies served, usually, with fruit jam or a type of soft butter).

A visit to Cambridge is only complete if the tourist takes a punting tour along the River Cam, which cuts through the main points of the city. Punting boats are typical boats in the region, initially designed for the transport of small loads, but which are now used for sightseeing trips. So, the tip for those traveling in the hottest periods of the year – during spring or summer – is not to miss this excursion to get to know the main points of the city, enjoy the landscape and relax.  


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For being one of the smallest cities in england, many tourists do not know or have heard much about the city of Wells. However, what these people don't know is that the city is a real treasure that dates back to Roman times and is a place full of history and interesting places.

The cathedral is the main tourist spot in the city, so a stop there is a must during your trip. The Gothic-style building – in fact, the first with this type of architecture in all of Europe – was built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. During the year, the place hosts many events in addition to the traditional cults (among them, some shows, exhibitions, lectures and workshops), which attract visitors to get to know the city.

The building has more than 300 sculptures (from angels and saints to kings and queens), impressive stained glass windows and an astronomical clock (which still keeps the right time), but the most interesting are stairs that lead to Chapter House (a meeting room used by the clergymen to discuss church business), for the steps, worn down by hundreds of “steps” and years, are shaped like waves.

The Bishops' Palace – built in the 13th century and home to the Bishop of Bath and Wells – is one of the most beautiful places in the entire city. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, the property hosts various activities, such as concerts, community fairs, workshops and demonstrations.

Downtown Wells is the ideal place to shop, especially for local produce, arts and crafts – so it's the perfect tour to pick out souvenirs to gift friends and family with.

After a busy day discovering the best the city has to offer, there's nothing better than a great meal. The region has restaurants and bistros with meals of all tastes and types, but it is necessary to point out that the locals are very proud of their cuisine made with regional products. To try some of them, the tourist should include a visit to the Local Market of Wells in the itinerary.


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It is impossible to begin an explanation of this city without mentioning its name: Bath, which in English means “bath”, is its main feature, as the region is world-renowned for its hot springs (created a long time ago, at the time of the empire’s domination). Roman). In addition, the region is extremely authentic, that is, it is impossible to leave the destination out of a visit to England.

Main attraction, the Roman Baths, as the thermal waters are known, are a mandatory stop. But, contrary to what many think, it is not possible to bathe in the waters, as the place has become a museum. Whoever wants to visit, can take the tour with an audio guide and even dress like the Romans to take amazing photos in its facilities.

For those who don't want to miss out on experiencing how the city's famous hot water baths work, the place to visit is the Thermae Bath Spa. At the spa it is possible to have aesthetic and medicinal treatments, massages and enjoy a relaxing day in an open-air pool overlooking the beauties of Bath.

Another attraction is The Circus, a set of buildings in English Georgian architectural style that draw attention for forming a perfect circle with a beautiful square in the middle, that is, a work whose shape is wonderful. During World War II, part of its construction was bombed, but the demolished houses were rebuilt and restored in their original style.

Bath Abbey, the most important church in the city, is one of the greatest examples of the English Gothic style, but what attracts visitors the most, in addition to all the beauty of its interior, of course, is the tour that can be taken in the tower. A warning is necessary: to reach the roof you have to climb no less than 212 steps; but, believe me, it will be worth it, because the view from up there is simply impressive and unforgettable. A great option for places to visit in england.

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