What are the most beautiful cities to visit in Cuba? See some of the tips we separate in this article

When looking for the next destination for that vacation trip, people are always looking for a place that will be different from anything they've seen before, right? During this choice, of course, Cuba and its most beautiful cities, it is a place that attracts attention, mainly for its natural beauty and, of course, for its fascinating history.

If someone ever said to you, “Aren't you happy? So, go to Cuba!”, maybe this is the time to research even more about the region and, who knows, get to know this place that is a true historical paradise, full of colors, good food and lots of happy people.

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To help you prepare for the next travel, we separate a list with the cities you need to know when you venture through this country so rich in history, culture and natural beauties.


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When a person decides travel to Cuba, certainly, the first place that will be in the script is Havana. The country's capital is a mandatory stop, after all, in addition to being full of fascinating sights and history, it also enchants everyone because of its beaches.

With so many period buildings and colorful houses reminiscent of pictures in history class books, the best way to describe Havana it is like a true “open-air museum” or even a “city that stopped in time”.

to know the main points of the city just separate your most comfortable shoes or sneakers from your suitcase to go hiking or venture out with the bicitáxis (which are improvised taxis on bicycles that take up to two people in their carts) and observe the place, which is full of cathedrals, squares, restaurants, cultural spaces, among many other things.

A visit to the Capitol and Revolution Square cannot be left out of the Cuba travel itinerary. The José Martí Memorial, which is on the square, houses the tallest building in the city and from the viewpoint, travelers have a privileged view of the entire city and the sea.

Another place that cannot be left out of the list is the Museum of the Revolution, which explains how the entire process that implanted socialism took place on the island – by the way, when you make this visit, make sure to set aside a space on the photo roll of your cell phone or camera, as the images are amazing.

For those who can't imagine being disconnected from the internet during a trip, after all, social networks need to be updated, good news: there are public wi-fi points scattered throughout Havana. For around R$ 6 per hour, tourists can connect in squares, gardens, hotels and even parks.


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Those who dream of spending a few days of rest enjoying the crystal clear water and white sands of the Caribbean cannot fail to visit veradero. With more than 20 km of beach - which is among the most beautiful on the planet -, the city is also a perfect destination for adventurers, as it is possible to rent a snorkel, kayak or cataraman to enjoy the natural wonders, such as the sea, lagoons, reefs and caves.

The city has a wide variety of hotels and resorts right next to the sand, but it is also possible to find more affordable accommodation for those who don't want to spend a lot.

For those who enjoy a walk after the beach, one option is to get to know the region with the red tourist bus. a visit to Xanadu Mansion gives an idea of what the mansions in the region were like before the Cuban revolution in 1959.


Photo: Disclosure

As with the capital of Cuba, it can be said that trinidad stopped in time. declared as Historical Heritage of Humanity in 1988, when walking through the city's unique architectural streets, tourists are faced with an extremely rural atmosphere, mainly due to the large number of horses and carts that pass by at any time of day or night.

How Cuba it is one of the countries with the lowest rates of violence in the world, the local climate is one of tranquility. With its location between the Escambray mountain range and the Caribbean Sea, the city is also a popular destination because of its “nightlife”, where you can find lots of music and entertainment – there are many options for those who want to enjoy a good night of salsa or even reggaeton, and all washed down with lots of mojitos .

a visit to Plaza Mayor cannot be left out of the script. The open square houses the Church of the Santíssima Trindade and is surrounded by old mansions, which complement and make the environment even more beautiful. It's a great spot to relax, take some pictures and enjoy the day around the city.

Next to the square there is a staircase, always full of people as it is a wi-fi point in the city, which is part of the Casa de la Musica, another place that must be visited. The house is at the top of the steps, where it is possible to be Cuban for a day, as the locals teach tourists to dance, play the country's rhythms and serve drinks to make everything even more lively.

Of course a visit to Caribbean Sea You can't miss out on the trip! Just 15 minutes away from trinidad, a Ancon beach It is a paradisiacal place: with its crystal blue waters and white sand, it is considered one of the best in the south of the country.

Saint Clara

Photo: upungato / iStockphoto

With a key role in the Cuban Revolution, Saint Clara It is one of the most emblematic cities in the country. So much so that its biggest attractions are linked to the revolutionary Che Guevara, the Argentine who was extremely important in Cuban history.

The first thing to do when visiting the “city of Che in Cuba”, as it is known, is to know the Monument to Toma del Tren Blindado, where revolutionaries made history. There, it is possible to travel through history through photos, newspaper clippings and personal belongings of the guerrillas.

THE Che Guevara Mausoleum, one of the Cuba's biggest attractions, is in Santa Clara. With free visitation, inside the mausoleum it is not allowed to take pictures or speak loudly to maintain respect when visiting the graves of Che Guevara and his companions.

To enjoy a day of tranquility in the city, just go to Vidal Park, which is a true meeting point for locals. During weekends and holidays it is possible to enjoy various cultural performances, such as shows and dances.


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Due to the elegance of its architecture, Cienfuegos is described by many as “the Paris of Cuba” and the “pearl of the South”. This is because the city, despite being small, is full of historic buildings and considered by many to be the most beautiful in the country, so much so that they were declared a World Heritage Site in 2005 by Unesco; and, in recent years, many of its buildings have been restored, which makes the city more and more a place of desire for travelers from all over the world.

THE Palace of Valley cannot be left out of the itineraries to see in the city. The building has a very eclectic style, which is enchanting at first sight; as the palace has a restaurant and bar, it is worth a visit to enjoy the view over the bay, listen to Cuban music and, of course, enjoy a mojito.

One of most beautiful regions from the city is Punta Gorda. For a long time, the region was home to the richest families of Cuba, thus, it is full of architectural palaces that combined with the beautiful view of the bay make the city even more beautiful.

Due to its crystal clear waters, Cienfuegos is one of the best places in Cuba for diving.

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