Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba: discover the best the state has to offer and discover this impressive region of Brazil

From the coast to the Sertão, the Paraíba is filled with beautiful places to visit. Considered a welcoming state by all travelers, the region owns so many beauties and attractions that it is even difficult to enumerate, after all, there are many beaches, old churches, historic centers and stunning architecture that need to be visited, especially by Brazilians to value more the places that this country, of continental dimension, has.

Compared to other destinations in the North East, a paraibaa is not one of the most sought after by tourists, but make no mistake: there is much more to do there than people realize! Check out some of most beautiful cities and impressive attractions in the state that are sure to make you want to start planning your next trip.

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Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba

João Pessoa

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa – or “Jampa”, for the intimate – is the perfect destination for those looking for rest and tranquility. The region is very popular, especially for tourists looking for unforgettable trips that don't weigh too much on their pocketbooks. One of the great highlights of the city is that, in addition to being the third oldest in Brazil, it has the most beautiful waterfront in the entire Northeast, so you can already have an idea that there will be no shortage of places to admire during your visit.

It's practically impossible to talk about a place in the northeast of Brazil without talking about the beaches, right? You postcards from João Pessoa go far beyond refreshing baths in crystalline waters, but they are an invitation for those who like to go for walks, ride a bike or rollerblade along the seafront promenade and eat – very well – at the most diverse restaurants scattered around.

One of best beaches of the city – and the most visited in the entire state – is Praia do Bessa, which attracts tourists for its natural beauty and variety of sports practiced on site (such as stand up paddle and kayak, for example). About 800 meters from the sand is one of the great attractions: the four kilometers of preserved corals that are responsible for separating the shallows from the high seas, a paradisiacal area with transparent waters that made the region known as “Caribessa” (or the “Caribbean of Paraiba).

In almost all points of the coast of the capital of Paraíba there are natural pools that, daily, give the air of grace at low tide. The most famous are the Piscinas do Seixas, which attract travelers from all over the world who dream of getting to know the immense bank of corals, fish and other marine animals that live there and can be seen at the bottom of the sea – and whoever wants to make the trip even more most unforgettable, there is the possibility of renting a snorkel and a diving mask so as not to miss any detail of all this natural beauty.

The São Francisco Cultural Center, located in the historic center of João Pessoa, cannot be left out of the travel itinerary. The architectural complex formed by the Convento de Santo Antônio and the Igreja de São Francisco are extremely important for the historical and Baroque legacy of Brazil. The 18th century works impress visitors with their details and grandeur (such as wood carvings covered in gold and white and blue tiles, for example). The complex was restored to maintain its original features and transformed into a Cultural Center, with workshops and exhibitions, and a guided tour is possible to learn all about its history and importance.

Between the attractions of João Pessoa, the Parque Solon de Lucena, also known as Lagoa, is one of the most in the whole city. With about 35 thousand square meters, the place has jogging and skateboard tracks, a climbing wall, a deck where it is possible to hold events and parties, bike paths, several squares and a vast green area, but the best thing is that all this is in around a beautiful lagoon. The park is a great place to relax and enjoy the day.

Campina Grande

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Janine Moraes

Second largest city in Paraíba, Campina Grande is cheerful, hospitable, festive and full of cultural attractions, but attracts the attention of tourists because of one of the best and biggest popular festivals in Brazil, São João – considered the biggest in the world -, that lasts the entire month.

During the traditional festival, the region gets a special soundtrack and coloring, as a result of the little flags scattered everywhere and the sounds of accordion, triangle and bass drum that are heard in the streets. The big party takes place at Parque do Povo, located in the center of the city, throughout the month of June. Those who choose to get to know the city during this period can prepare for 31 days of many shows, cultural presentations and, of course, lots of typical food. It is certainly the best time to get to know the city and those who participate in the party will not regret it.

One of the coolest things when you know a new destination are the memories, especially the ones you take home, after all, it's a way to immortalize the visit. In Vila do Artesão, in addition to getting to know the local people from Paraíba, trying the food of the region and having fun with the forró squares and trios, tourists can buy a variety of products – wood, lace, colored cotton, clay, among other materials – made by artisans. As the place is open daily and has free admission, no matter what time of year the trip will take place, the important thing is not to miss visiting the space.

On the banks of the Açude Velho, one of the postcards of Campina Grande, is the Museu da Arte Popular da Paraíba (MAPP), also known as Museu dos Três Pandeiros – because of the circular format of its rooms. The structure was built by Oscar Niemeyer and stands out for having a three-part structure that project under a water mirror – with so much beauty, it's a great setting for taking incredible photos. The place has a historical collection full of books, strings, handicrafts and a section dedicated, especially, to music from Paraíba. Want to understand better about the culture of Paraíba? So, this tour is mandatory and unmissable.

For those looking for a quiet place, with a green area to have a delicious picnic, Parque da Criança is the place that was missing from the itinerary. Open daily, there you can enjoy the running tracks, venture out on the slackline or take the kids to have fun in the playground, and the best: it doesn't pay anything.

The cuisine of the Brazilian northeast is so rich that many choose to spend their holidays in this region just to taste the flavors that can only be found in their cities. In Campina Grande, Feira Central is one of the best places for those who want to get to know – and try – the best of traditional Northeastern food, such as sun-dried meat, goat stew, butter cheese and the famous quiche.


Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

Before anything else, a warning: Conde is home to the most beautiful beaches in the entire state of Paraíba. That said, when choosing the city as the destination for your next vacation, expect to find beaches of all types and for all tastes, that is, it doesn't matter if it's a solo trip, with family, as a couple or just with friends, one thing is certain: there is a part of the city that contains all the attractions necessary for every tourist.

With a paradisiacal landscape, Praia de Coqueirinho is the most famous in the city. Surrounded by coconut trees and cliffs, it has clear waters and perfect waves for surfing or diving. To get to know this wonder of nature better, quad and buggy tours are the best options. One of the most visited tourist spots in the region is the Mirante Dedo de Deus, a great place to take pictures and enjoy the view of the beach.

Praia de Tambaba is one of the most sought after in the city for its beauty and also for being the first naturist beach in the Brazilian Northeast. But, those who are not adept at the practice need not worry, as the place is divided into two areas by a walkway closed by fences and for those who enjoy “social nudity” there are some rules, such as the non-authorization to take photos and the ban on the entry of men unaccompanied by women to avoid harassment.

Another beach attraction is a coconut tree that grew out of a rock located in the sea, a true natural beauty that draws the attention of all visitors. In addition, when the tide goes down, visitors delight in the natural pools of warm water. A stretch of soft sand, cliffs, Atlantic forest and coconut trees: it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the scenery of this beach.

One of the newest sights in Conde is Praça do Mar, built on the edge of Jacumã beach (a great place for those looking for tranquility and beautiful landscapes) and opened in 2018.

construction, made for tourists who plan the city and also to improve the quality of life of local residents, has a playground, skate park, bike path and a variety of kiosks to meet the needs of visitors who want to enjoy the local cuisine. . In addition, the place hosts some cultural events, shows, presentations and fairs, so it's worth a visit to stay on top of what's happening in the region.


Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba. Photo: blogdomarciorangel

Despite being a small town, Cabedelo is full of charms, stories and sights that make those who have the pleasure of visiting the city never forget – and, of course, come back whenever the opportunity arises. With a privileged location, between the Paraíba River and the Atlantic Ocean, and close to João Pessoa, the municipality has several historic buildings and exuberant beauties that make it unique.

The first stop for those arriving in the city could not be other than the Forte de Santa Catarina, also known as Fortaleza de Santa Catarina. Built in the 16th century, the structure has been rebuilt several times and preserves features from different periods in Brazilian history. Visitors to the building have the opportunity to visit the Captain-General's House (full of works on display), Casa da Pólvora (with important items from the colonial period, such as coats of arms of some families and a collection of historic tiles), secret passages, among other places.

It is impossible to leave Cebedelo without mentioning Praia do Poço, one of the most sought after by those who want to escape all the hustle and bustle of João Pessoa, the state capital. Those who know the beach guarantee that it is a place for all types of visitors, as the waters close to the shore are calm for those who prefer to just enjoy a refreshing bath or dive, while on the high seas the waves and the winds help those who like to swim. jet skiing and windsurfing.

But the trip itinerary cannot be completed without a trip to Areia Vermelha Island, one of the most beautiful in the entire region. When the tide is low, a reddish sand appears in the middle of the sea, so, to reach the place you need a boat, catamaran, speedboat or jet sky, and it is important to remember that during the high season the demands increase, so it is need to make a reservation in advance. On the island, there are several vendors that rent chairs, stalls, drinks and food (one of the specialties is fried fish with potatoes, cassava, salad and vinaigrette) so that visitors can spend a peaceful day, without too many worries. Once the tide rises again, the entire structure of the place falls apart and the vessels return to the shore. Simply, an unforgettable place!

Cabaceiras (Lajedo do Pai Mateus)

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba

Most beautiful cities to visit in Paraíba. Photo: Claudio JJ / Wikimedia Commons

“Roliúde Nordestina”: this is how it is known by many Cabaceiras. The city was the scene of several super productions (Auto da Compadecida, by Guel Arraes and Cinema, Aspirinas and Urubus, by Marcelo Gomes, are just two examples) because of its luminosity and semi-arid climate. But the region is not only suitable for lovers of the seventh art, but also for those who enjoy natural beauties and cultural festivals.

Lajedo do Pai Mateus is not only an obligatory stop for tourists, but also one of the most beautiful places in Cabaceiras and all of Paraíba. The 1.5-square-kilometer rock formation that looks like a downturned deep plate is made up of more than 100 rounded stone blocks. In the impressive landscape, the impression that the visitor has is that a simple push can make the giant rocks roll down the hill.

Currently, the attraction is part of the Hotel Fazenda Pai Mateus, so to get to know the place it is necessary to go to the reception of the accommodation and pay a fee that entitles you to a guided tour. As few places in the world are similar to Lajedo do Pai Mateus, those who visit the destination cannot miss the place, which was elected one of the Seven Wonders of Paraíba in 2010.

But, definitely, what most attracts travelers to Cabaceiras is the Festa do Bode Rei, an event that takes place annually in June and marks the opening of São João in the region. The festival is marked by the animal parade for the choice of the “Royal Family” (to show the importance of the animal in the local economy), in addition to the presentation of folkloric groups, exhibitions, games and a variety of typical dishes, such as bodioca (stuffed tapioca of goat meat), “strogobode” and a series of dishes whose base is made with goat meat.

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