Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada: We list some unmissable cities to visit in the country and fall in love with the destination once and for all

Tourism is growing more and more in the Canada because of all its charms, such as exuberant nature, cities of the most varied sizes, hospitable people and interesting attractions that are worth knowing. If you are thinking about visiting the country, but don't know where to start, don't worry, as we have listed some of the most beautiful cities and with different profiles to help you choose the next destination you will visit.

The first thing to keep in mind when taking a trip to Canada is that the cities are completely different during the coldest or hottest periods of the year. This is due to the fact that the country has a very harsh winter, so when the temperature changes, the routine of residents and all regions does too.

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Photo: Wladyslaw / Wikimedia Commons

Capital of the province of Ontario, Toronto is considered the most multicultural city in Canada due to the growing number of immigrants that the region receives annually. For tourists, the place is one of the most sought after for the variety of attractions it offers – for all tastes, ages and, best of all, pockets.

One of the city's symbols and postcards, the CN Tower needs to be part of the travel itinerary. Located in the center, the structure has more than 500 meters and three observatories so that travelers can experience what it is like to see the city from above. What many don't know is that the tower changes color throughout the year to represent some important events that happen in the country and in the world, that is, your favorite color may be in the sky of the city during your trip (to check, just check the lighting calendar). Still talking about one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the bravest can venture out and walk on the outside of the tower – with the help of safety equipment, of course – to feel the Canadian wind breeze on their face and test their limits.

Another must-see attraction for those arriving in the city is Casa Loma, a place that has been the scene of some cinematic super-productions, such as the School for the Gifted in the X-Men saga, for example. In addition to being a movie rental space, the castle is also the scene of big parties, so be sure to take the time to get to know the attraction.

Did you know that there is a Times Square in Canada? Called Dunda's Square, there you can find many shops, giant screens everywhere, street artists, etc. The view, of course, is one of the most impressive and unforgettable. After shopping and taking photos in Dunda's Square, be sure to visit the famous Path, an underground mall designed so that people can enjoy winter days better without freezing on the city's streets.

As Toronto is a big city, there is always an event happening in one of its museums. In fact, these buildings are an architectural show on their own. So, if you enjoy understanding the local culture, be sure to visit the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), the largest museum in the country that has a collection of more than six million objects and a collection of dinosaurs that fascinates adults and children alike.

Quebec City

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Capital of the province of the same name, the Quebec City (or “Quebec City”) is a little piece of France within Canada. With cobblestone streets, castles and old houses, the region retains its European atmosphere to this day.

For tourists who do not give up taking beautiful travel photos, the Château Frontenac is the perfect setting, as it mixes sophistication, beauty and grandeur. The interior part of the castle – which is currently a hotel with more than 600 rooms -, which is more than 70 meters high and has a breathtaking view, can be freely visited. With all the charm of a medieval building, it is one of the main tourist attractions of the city, so much so that it was registered in the book of records as the most photographed hotel in the world.

One of the most beautiful and unmissable places for anyone visiting the country is the Basilica Notre Dame des Victoires, which is one of the oldest churches in North America and, therefore, a symbol of the city's culture and history. And as the subject is history, we cannot forget a curious fact about Quebec: its walls. Built to protect the territory, the wall is located in Old Quebec (or Vieux Quebec), is over 4 km long and is a great walk for those who want to get to know the city completely. 

As Quebec is full of natural beauty, the traveler needs to know the Montmorency Falls, one of the best tours in the region. In addition to enjoying the view – so beautiful that it is possible to admire it for hours -, the traveler cannot miss the opportunity to explore the entire place, from the base of the waterfall to its top. Those who take this tour in spring or summer can still do some trails through the park, while those who choose the coldest months have a completely different view of the landscape, as the frozen water turns into a wall of ice.


Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada

Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada. Photo: Marcus Jeffrey / Flickr

Canada's first capital in the 19th century, Kingston is one of the most amazing cities in the entire country. Full of culture, rich in history and with unique characteristics, it is the ideal destination for those looking for tranquility.

Fort Henry National Historic Site is the main tourist point of the city, therefore, a place that every traveler should know. The attraction is located on top of a mountain and has daily depictions of Canadian historical moments as well as ancient weaponry. Another stopping point, especially for architecture lovers, is Kingston City Hall, a neoclassical-style building built in the 19th century.

Although the town is small, there are always entertainment activities, such as music festivals, especially at the Kingston Waterfront, one of the favorite places for locals on the hottest days of the year.


Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada

Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada. Photo: Lezumbalaberenjena / Wikimedia Commons

Full of museums, great location and one of the best places in canada, Ottawa, the country's capital, is a city full of tourist attractions and, despite not being as popular as other canadian destinations, deserves to be placed in the travel itinerary, because those who visit it once guarantee: it is impossible to regret it.

Located in the city centre, The Parliament Hill is one of the local landmarks. The parliament building draws attention from afar with its huge garden and Gothic style. With free admission, you can take a guided tour of the building and have a panoramic view of the entire city as you climb to the top of the tower.

In the vicinity of Parliament is another attraction that cannot be left out of the itinerary and is one of the most beautiful parks in Ottawa, Major's Hill Park. The perfect place for those looking for a relaxing day. Whether to have a picnic, enjoy the local view or simply relax in the midst of nature, the place must be visited at least once during your stay in the country.

One of the great advantages of those who put the city on the list of places to visit is that the city has attractions at all times of the year. On colder days, for example, the Winterlude Festival attracts thousands of visitors with the most diverse attractions, including ice skating on the Rideau canal, seasonal foods and ice sculptures; when the days get warmer, on the other hand, the region hosts the Canadian Tulip Festival, to celebrate the arrival of flowers, and Canada Day, the country's Independence Day, which is a party with presentations, fireworks and concerts.


Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada

Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada. Photo: jusuf111 / Pixabay

An urban city surrounded by nature, Vancouver attracts visitors who are looking for greater contact with the environment, but who do not want to leave aside urban life with all its modernity and technology. But, certainly, what most attracts people to know the region is its cultural diversity, a result of the constant and great incentive of the country to immigration.

When it comes to the Canadian winter, the first thing that comes to mind is a harsh winter, right? Well, for those who fear facing the Canadian cold, know that Vancouver it is the least cold city in relation to the rest of Canada. That's why cold weather lovers choose the region to venture into snow sports for the first time. Grouse Mountain, one of the most sought after mountains by tourists due to its strategic location (20 minutes from downtown) has several slopes and stunning views; now, for those who are new to the sport, the ideal option is to choose Mount Seymour.

But not only the snow lives in the city! For those who prefer to do other types of tours, you can't miss Stanley Park. There, you can visit the Vancouver Aquarium, a very famous place for rescuing animals at risk, and Second Beach, a fun beach with a public pool and playground for children.

For those who insist on having contact with nature, two places that cannot be left out of the list are: Queen Elizabeth Park, one of the most beautiful in the city and from where it is possible to have an impressive view, and the Capilano Suspension bridge. , a place in the middle of nature that is 70 meters from the Capilano River.


Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada

Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada. Photo: Maxim Polishtchouk

A mixture of the best of Canadian tradition with all the French charm: it's these two hallmarks of Montreal that make the city is on the list of the most sought after by tourists who want to know Canada. As practically all the residents of the region are bilingual, tourists hear “bonjour” and “hello” everywhere, a mixture of culture that makes the place even more interesting.

Old Montreal (Vieux Montreal or Old Montreal) is the oldest region of the city and, therefore, has a unique look: Gothic-style buildings, old buildings and mansions. Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most visited places, is considered the most important symbol of the historic center and therefore deserves to be part of the travel itinerary, as it is like returning to the 18th century in the 21st century.

One of the best refuges for residents and tourists is Mont Royal Park, created by the same architect responsible for Central Park, in New York – just from this detail you can already have an idea of the beauty of the place -; during the summer, the park receives many people looking for a sun to relax and enjoy nature, while in winter, the population enjoys skiing or running through the vast green area.

And just as important as walking around and getting to know Quebec's main postcards is tasting its regional cuisine. As the city is full of influences from English and French cultures, this is also reflected in the local cuisine. An example of this is poutine, a dish of Quebec origin, but consumed and traditional throughout the country; the delicacy is made of french fries with some type of cheese, meat sauce and, if the consumer wants, some accompaniment (such as meat, vegetables or mushrooms, for example). Definitely a taste that must be tasted while traveling.

Saint John

Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada

Most beautiful cities to visit in Canada. Photo: Shhewitt / Wikimedia Commons

THE Canada it owns some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, but it is on the coast of the country that visitors are most surprised, as everything can change depending on the time of day. In Saint Johns, in the province of New Brunswick, the traveler has the unique opportunity to discover the Bay of Fundy, which joins the Saint John River, forming one of nature's most beautiful spectacles.

For those who want to know this city, the first tip is: separate your most comfortable clothes and, of course, don't forget the camera or cell phone to record everything. The place attracts tourists for the highest tide in the world, with about 17 meters. Watching the sea go back and forth – a phenomenon that happens every six hours, on average – is something possible in very few places on the planet. Given that, there is no need to explain why the Bay of Fundy is a mandatory stop, right?

But there's so much more to see in Saint Johns! A visit to the Carleton Martello Tower, a fort built during the 19th century, is a great way to learn about the country's history. Inside the building there is a museum with replicas of everything that was inside the tower at the time it was used. However, the best, for sure, is the panoramic view of the city, which is beautiful, even on days when everything is covered in fog.  

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