Live unforgettable moments on this incredible balloon ride through the canyons of Serra Catarinense

If you are looking for a tour in Santa Catarina breathtaking, there are a few options that will leave visitors thirsty for much more. An example is the Balloon ride through Malacara Canyon, a beautiful place that, although not very well known, has a beauty and charm that matches the expectations of customers.

Santa Catarina canyon balloon tour

Balloon ride through the Serra Catarinense. Photo: Disclosure

Serra Grande National Park

The place is in Serra Grande National Park and is three and a half kilometers long, one thousand meters wide and 780 meters deep. For those looking for an adventure in SC full of history, this is a sure bet: there are several signs of distant times bequeathed by the old drovers, men who drove cattle, pigs and mules loaded with mountain products. These travelers passed through the canyons in search of places to trade their goods and return with new products and many new stories to tell.

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THE Malacara in particular it is a place full of meaning. Its name comes, according to ancient residents, from a stone found on one of the walls of the canyon, which resembles the shape of a Malacara horse, characterized by having a white stripe on its forehead.

Curiosity: this white stripe is not really a coat, but a characteristic of typical breeds in the pampas regions, mainly related to the Creole horse. According to some websites specialized in breeding, the Brazilian Association of Crioulo Horse Breeders – ABCCC does not present the malacara as a coat; the Sociedad de Criadores de Caballos Criollos Del Uruguay describes this same stripe as a particularity of the animal's head.

Back to our tour. There are some details needed to consider a tour of the canyon. There are those who prefer to make the journey on foot and in this case it can only be done from Wednesday to Monday, while the pandemic lasts. The National Parks Board has established that walks inside the canyon are permitted. If this is your preference, just schedule a visit, as only 60 daily visitors are allowed.

The walking trail is considered of medium and easy access: it has 6 kilometers by car, from the city center to the beginning, most of it by dirt road. The guides take a maximum of 12 people and it is advisable to bring snacks, repellent and sunscreen in your backpack, as well as wearing a hat, closed shoes and comfortable clothes for the walk.

But the best experience is to walk through the air in a balloon. It lasts 45 minutes and provides an incredible and unforgettable panoramic view. Kids will love the show and get up to 50% off. Malacara Canyons Ecoturismo agency has a structure for this type of tour, with instructors specialized in the art of ballooning.

Santa Catarina canyon balloon tour

Balloon ride through the Serra Catarinense. Photo: Disclosure

For those who are afraid of heights, it is possible to do the Cavalgada do Amanhecer, which takes place around six in the morning, accompanied by a picnic and a privileged place to watch the balloons take off.

The flights take place at two times: at six in the morning and at 4:30 in the afternoon, for a better appreciation of the sunset. There are three types: collective, couple or small groups.

Ready for the adventure? Don't forget to book a place at a guesthouse. A tip is the Pousada Malacara, in the rural area of the municipality of Praia Grande/SC, just four kilometers from the city center.

The establishment faces the Aparados da Serra and allows you to contemplate the view not only of the Malacara Canyon, but also of two others, the Coroados and the Molha Coco. For those who love to observe or enjoy birds and its peaceful environment, there are several species that inhabit the place and enchant with their songs.

The inn offers 13 apartments structured in chalets equipped with air conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi, minibar and closed parking; outdoor pool overlooking the canyons; restaurant serving “A La Carte” dinner for guests; collective kitchen with barbecue, available to guests; and games room.

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