The Canyon Circuit has 17 trails where it is possible to see several archaeological sites that reveal the prehistoric past of the American man.

Created in 1979, the Serra da Capivara National Park protects the greatest wealth of the Americas' prehistoric past. There are thousands of archaeological sites scattered throughout the reserve, which are home to more than 40,000 rock paintings, impressive geological monuments and areas where they were found vestiges of civilizations extinct.

There are currently 183 archaeological sites open for tourist visitation, which were divided into several tourist circuits scattered throughout the area protected by the Serra da Capivara National Park.

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Capybara Canyon

Canyon Circuit, Serra da Capivara. Photo: Disclosure

THE Capybara Canyon is one of the four tourist circuits from the park. The route is home to some of the most important sites in the protected area and is just 7 km from the city of Coronel José Dias, and 22 km from São Raimundo Nonato, two of the 13 municipalities that serve as a base for tourists visiting this part of the national park.

This is one of the most visited circuits due to the ease of access, and for offering a significant sample of the rupestrian records found in the Serra da Capybara.

Archaeologists and experts point out that the Serra da Capivara canyon served as a shelter for our ancestors thousands of years ago. This was the first place to be visited by the Dr. Niéde Guidon, a Brazilian archaeologist who showed the importance of the region to the world, and founder of the Serra da Capivara National Park.

Among the main attractions are the Toca da Entrada do Pajaú, an impressive rocky wall that forms a dome where it is possible to find some of the best preserved cave paintings, the Hell's Lair and the Burrow at the entrance of Baixão da Vaca, which can be accessed on a light trail, which leads visitors to an impressive viewpoint between the rocks of the canyon.

The complete circuit offers 17 demarcated visitation points, which house caves with cave paintings dating from approximately 12,000 years, areas where graves and utensils of ancient civilizations dating back more than 8,000 years were found, and well-preserved natural landscapes, composed of mountain ranges. , caves and canyons with rocky walls.

Circuit Trails

Canyon Circuit, Serra da Capivara. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Toca da Entrada do Pajaú

The site features a large number of rock paintings dating back 12,000 years, which were immortalized in a rocky wall in a circular shape. The paintings in this area of the gorge depict scenes from everyday life and prehistoric rituals.

Toca do Clay

Toca do Barro is formed by a huge wall with a cluster of pebbles. The place is one of the few spots in Serra da Capivara where you can see minimalist paintings.

Hell's Lair

A huge cave located between a narrow canyon, leads the tourist to an unusual scenario, presented only by a small beam of light. Unlike other attractions in the Capybara Canyon, Toca do Inferno is not an area where vestiges of prehistoric civilizations were found, but it is a great stop for those who want to observe the unique landscapes found in this area covered by Caatinga.

Paraguayan burrow

Toca do Paraguaio was the first site visited by Dr. Niède Guidon, in 1970, on her first visit to the region. In addition to the illustrations depicting scenes of dancing, sex and hunting, two graves were also found during excavations at the site: one dated to 8,670 and the other to 7,000 years.

Burrow of the Entrance of Baixão da Vaca

The paintings of the entrance to Baixão da Vaca are scattered on the rocky wall of a narrow canyon. The figures are located in an elevated part of the barrier, where it is also possible to contemplate a great view of the park's mountains.

blue deer trail

With medium difficulty, the Blue Veadinhos trail lasts 2 hours and covers 4 archaeological sites. The highlight of this circuit is the Toca dos Veadinhos azul, with drawings in blue color, found only in Brazil.

Boqueirão do Paraguaio Trail

Access is via an easy trail and level and leads visitors to two sites in the valley: Boqueirão do Paraguaio I and II. The attraction stands out for housing figures in sizes larger than the others found in the park.

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