Thinking about taking advantage of a trip to Foz do Iguaçu to do some shopping in Paraguay? Check out shopping tips in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay

A question that always comes to mind for anyone traveling Foz do Iguaçu is: is it worth taking the time to shop at Paraguay? The answer is yes, without a doubt. Dedicate a few hours to strolling through the chaotic and exciting city of the east It's one of the programs you can't miss, since the values are worth a lot for Brazilians – even with the highest dollar.

Before venturing into the world of Paraguayan shopping, it is important to pay attention to some details and tips so as not to turn the tour into a frustration. In city of the east there is every type of product you can imagine and different store patterns. As soon as you start walking through the streets, tempting offers begin to appear in the various stalls and vendors offering the most varied goods.

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Shopping tips in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay

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Unlike what many people imagine, shopping in Paraguay can yield great acquisitions, including for those who enjoy famous brands. It is necessary to be careful because the supply of counterfeit products is large, which is why it is so important to always look for reliable stores.

Tips from trusted stores to buy in Paraguay

Imagine the following scenario: many cars on the streets, thousands of people walking to and fro, vendors offering products all the time. It's this frantic vision you'll get when visiting city of the east for the first time. With so much movement, it is a little difficult to know where to go and what to see first. A tip is to make a list of all the items you intend to buy on your visit to Paraguay.

In order not to make a mistake, look for the well-known malls and the great Paraguayan stores, such as Shopping del Este, Mega Electronics, Shopping Paris, pretty kim and the Cell Shop.

In this last store, one of the most famous in the city, there are several floors with a wide variety of original and guaranteed products. The first floor is paradise for those who enjoy cosmetics. An immensity of perfumes, creams and the most varied makeup can be found with very nice values.

Shopping tips in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Photo: Tarobá Hotel

You can spend hours and hours trying out products and getting to know the latest news and trends. On the same floor there is also a cellar sector, with liqueurs and drinks of the most varied brands, in addition to many chocolates and sweets.

in the basement of Cell Shop you will be blown away by so many electronics options. In fact, this department is one of the favorites for tourists and one of the most advantageous for Brazilians who want to shop in Paraguay. There are several models and brands of smartphones, cameras, tablets, iPhones, camcorders, computers and even drones.

Shopping tips in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay

Photo: Better Travel Guide

Smartphone accessories are also very varied and at a great price. They are cases, cables, memory card, headphones and everything else you can imagine. There is also a space with items for cars, such as speakers, radios, lamps, DVDs and much more.

The other floors feature clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and home decor items and household items such as kitchen equipment, dishes, silverware and more.

Shopping tips in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay

Shopping tips in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Photo: Better Travel Guide

For those who enjoy famous brands and a more luxurious environment, a tip is to Mona Lisa store, a huge 6-story space that is right next to the Cell Shop. Here, the offerings are more upscale and more expensive, but the showrooms are worth dazzling.

There are products from brands such as Adidas, Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Calvin Klein and many others that can be purchased for up to 40% cheaper than in Brazil. THE Mona Lisa It is one of the most expensive stores in city of the east, but it has some advantages such as wi-fi for visitors, air conditioning and a slightly more personalized service.

What documents are required to enter Paraguay?

the customs of Paraguay, which is just after the International Bridge of Friendship, requires the presentation of the RG in good condition and with less than 10 years of issuance or the passport. Some stores in city of the east they also require registration and the presentation of these documents to make purchases, so always have these documents on hand.

What currency to take to Paraguay?

The most advantageous for shopping in Paraguay it is to take cash in dollars, but most stores accept the real and convert it at the time of payment. If you need to exchange reais for dollars, exchange offices in Paraguay work with a slightly more favorable rate than those on the Brazilian side.

Most stores also accept international debit and credit cards, but they charge an additional fee. In addition, making the payment with a card you will also pay the IOF. Any tourist can purchase the equivalent of US$300 worth of products in Paraguay and be exempt from taxes.

How to get to Paraguay?

One of the best options to get to the Paraguay is by hiring a transfer service, since the traffic is very chaotic in the city. This option is very advantageous because it disembarks passengers at the main and most reliable shopping city of the east.

THE Iguassu Combo, for example, is an agency that offers this type of service. In addition to taking care of the entire customs process and bureaucracy for entering Paraguay, it also has driver-guides who indicate the best places to shop.

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