Through the Localiza Pass, customers can avoid queues and fully enjoy the itineraries, without wasting time along the way

Practicality and comfort. These are the keywords that captivate a traveler who is about to start a new adventure. Obviously, when arriving at a destination, the idea is to make the most of all the attractions and not waste a single minute. And the road can be a big obstacle to that, especially on road trips. 

Many drivers face major traffic jams at tolls, especially during peak seasons such as school holidays. Sometimes, this delay takes hours of travel that could be better used by visitors. However, Localiza offers a service that helps drivers who want to avoid queuing at tolls: the Localiza Pass.

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The tool is available to any Localiza customer who is interested in renting a car to enjoy new experiences on the road. This is an opportunity even for drivers who already own a vehicle, but who value the time and quality of their tourist experiences. 

Continuous leverage of congestion

Skip-the-line toll car rental: discover the Localiza Pass

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Over the years, urban mobility has become even more democratic, with many more people purchasing a car. However, this increase was also the main factor for the increase in congestion in large cities and also in the queues that form at tolls and parking lots. 

According to the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), developed in 2016, there were some factors that led to this high growth in the acquisition of a car, such as tax reductions to encourage the sale of motorcycles and cars, the attraction of investments by automobile industry of the 1990s and the readjustment of public transport fares above inflation. 

Another survey, this time carried out by the National Transport Confederation (CNT), shows that important capitals recorded this growth between 2013 and 2018. In Belo Horizonte, for example, the car fleet grew by 24% in this period, following the same trend of rise in bus fares, which increased by 44%. 

This explains, for example, the long period lost by Brazilians in traffic, which represents a month and seven days a year, according to a study by the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Ibre/FGV), led by Armando Castelar. . 

Localiza Pass: ease of transportation 

Skip-the-line toll car rental: discover the Localiza Pass

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Based on these studies, it is possible to understand how much time drivers waste in their daily lives in the midst of traffic and how this affects even the tourist itineraries prepared by travelers who do not give up a good four-wheel adventure. 

It was with this in mind that Localiza, a company specialized in car rent, developed the Localiza Pass, a service, in partnership with ConectCar, which aims to facilitate the daily life and, above all, the travel of tourists who want to have even more experiences in their next destination. In addition, the facility brings benefits to customers who also use the parking lot, thus being a product that guarantees speed, practicality and control. 

The service is currently available for the state of São Paulo. However, there are expansion plans already foreseen by Localiza to implement this service in other Brazilian states, further expanding the facilities for customers who wish to have a good interstate trip. 

How does Localiza Pass work?

This is a technology available to all customers who book a car with a valid credit card for online purchases. Drivers who are interested in avoiding queues, both at tolls and parking lots, will only pay R$ 5.99 per day, in addition to the toll and/or parking used for four days. From the fifth day, the driver purchases the fixed monthly package of R$ 23.96. 

The total amount spent on tolls and parking will be debited from the card used to rent the vehicle within ten working days after the date of return of the car. In the case of the monthly contract, this charge is made every 30 days from the date of opening of the rental contract. 

Drivers will be able to enjoy a lot of extra time by only paying for the day they use the service. And the best thing is that it is possible to follow the statement online and see which days and places the technology was used, thus facilitating the control of all travel expenses. If by any chance the driver is not aware or has doubts about a charge, he can contact ConectCar or Localiza Customer Assistance.

It is important to note that customers are not obliged to take advantage of the service. If you go to a toll, for example, just use the manual payment gate, traditionally already used.

Reservations without bureaucracy

To take advantage of the services, simply book a car. And the process is very simple. Check out: 

  • Enter the official website of Localiza;
  • Select the cities where you will pick up and return the car;
  • Choose the date and time of pick-up and return;
  • Select the vehicle model that best fits your profile;
  • If you wish, complement your reservation with optional services, such as vehicle insurance, third-party coverage and GPS navigator;
  • Fill in the form with your personal data;
  • Check the information registered and finalize the reservation;

For this to be possible, the driver must meet certain requirements. They are: minimum age of 18 years; driver's license with no minimum time of use; and approved credit, which is carried out when the vehicle is picked up at one of the company's more than 500 units spread across the country. 

In this way, Localiza maintains its quality of service and proves its concern in offering the best to drivers and providing new experiences in various destinations, both in Brazil and in South America, as the company also has units in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Surely, with this tip, it will be easier to reach your destination and fully enjoy your next road trip with much more tranquility, the way it should be. 

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