Suspended tent can be mounted above ground quickly and conveniently

There are many ways to sleep outside in nature, and in recent decades, technological innovations have made this experience even more comfortable and rewarding.

The latest example is the ARK, an elevated tent that has an inflatable structure for ease of use. The project is now seeking funding from people who believe in the idea, ideally those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors and see this as a great way to camp in the great outdoors.

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hanging tent

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Unveiled by Exod, the first prototype of the tent was shown in 2015, with developments in the works since then. The company's CEO, Dorian Fleuri, was inspired to create the tent after traveling around the world while traveling from country to country.

“This concept is unique for its ease of installation, its versatility, its stability in a suspended position and the immersive feeling it provides,” he told the Lonely Planet.

hanging tent

Sleep under the stars with this innovative hanging tent. Photo: Disclosure

Made in France with industrial partners who manufacture for companies in the military, aeronautical and sports sectors, the tent was created to be practical and comfortable to accompany outdoor activities.

The tent can be used on the ground, as well as suspended and stabilized from vehicles, rocks, trees, bridges and other objects and terrain. She has an inflatable skeleton that inflates quickly, developed based on kitesurfing technology. In addition, the tent can also be packed in a compact size.

hanging tent

Photo: Disclosure

Currently seeking backers on Kickstarter, the ARK is made from waterproof fabric. “People who have tested the product are always amazed at the stability, it feels like the tent is frozen in midair.” They also love the see-through roof that lets you get the feeling of sleeping under the stars while being protected from the elements,” said Dorian.

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