This will not be the first time that the city of Gramado has been covered in snow.

It hasn't been that long since it snowed in Lawn, the last time residents recorded the phenomenon was in August last year (2018). But, despite being something recent, whenever there is the possibility of snowing in Gramado or in some other city in the Serra Gaúcha, tourists arrive in droves to inhabit these mountainous municipalities in the extreme south of Brazil.

Now in 2019, this news may be one more reason to visit Gramado in early July. according to Weather Weather, with the arrival of a large polar mass in Brazil, it is very likely that the thermometers in the southern region will again mark negative temperatures.

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According to the company, there is a great chance of snow in the cities of Lawn and Lower leg this week, leaving the temperature at -2ºC, with an even lower thermal sensation. In some high cities in the Southeast and Midwest, the climate can be close to 0ºC.

Entrance to the city of Gramado covered in snow. Playback/YouTube

City of Canela (RS) after the snow of 2013. Photo: Flávio Miguel / Wikipedia

Snow in Gramado

Gramado and Canela are part of a set of towns in the Serra Gaúcha region, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The cities form one of the main winter destinations in Brazil, internationally known for the Gramado Film Festival, Winter Festival and Christmas Luz, one of the periods when the city receives more tourists. See a complete guide with what to do in Gramado.

Snow in São Joaquim, municipality of Santa Catarina. Photo: View/Reproduction

Where is there snow in Brazil?

The enthusiasm of Brazilians in seeing snow is justifiable, the tropical climate of Brazil does not allow the formation of this phenomenon very often, although it has already snowed in some other places as well, most of it in cities of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. South.

Entrance to the city of Gramado covered in snow. Playback/YouTube

What are the coldest cities in Brazil?

See the list of the coldest cities in Brazil:

  • Sao Joaquim (SC)
  • Urubici (SC)
  • São José dos Ausentes (RS)
  • Bom Jesus (RS)
  • Urupema (SC)
  • Bom Jardim da Serra (SC)
  • Cambará do Sul (RS)

Rural area of São Joaquim after the 2010 blizzard. Photo: Arthur Puls/Wikipedia

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