The July holidays are just around the corner and it is at this time that some destinations get even more charming. With the winter that arrives with everything in much of our continent, some landscapes receive an extra spice in the coldest season of the year. And for the more attentive travelers, taking advantage of this period can be the chance to enjoy the best time of some emblematic destinations.

South America is a full plate for those looking for new experiences in unique and diverse settings. There are countless options for ecotourism and adventure destinations that will surely fill your eyes. With more competitive prices than in other countries, this is also a good opportunity for those looking for more economical trips, without giving up comfort, experiencing fascinating experiences.

For those who are planning to travel in the middle of the year, we have separated some destinations that are worth considering for your next trips.
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winter Patagonia

As if the imposing beauties of Patagonia if not enough, during the winter, the region known as 'end of the world' becomes even more charming. The region takes this nickname because it is located exactly in one of the most extreme points of the planet (the extreme south of our continent), for this reason and also due to the very low temperatures, the region is extremely inhospitable, allowing one of the most memorable trips for adventurers. who choose the destination as an option.

Worshiped by mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world, there is no shortage of landscapes that will take the breath of any demanding traveler, offering different alternatives for those who explore this curious part of South America, you choose: whether visiting the mountains or the lakes while hiking, skiing or just enjoying the scenery riding snowmobiles or aboard a sled. If you do at least one of these tours, you can be sure, you will already have the entire trip valid. Another option is the tours along the Beagle Channel, called Nautical Safari, which allows you to discover the beauties of Patagonia from a different perspective. The tour retraces part of the route taken in two English missions in the 19th century, the second became even better known for being part of Darwin's journey through South America.



Even in winter, here some destinations are hot all year round, being inviting options for those who want sun and beach destinations at that time. If the holidays are here, the suggestion is to enjoy some quiet days on the paradise beaches of the Caribbean! The Colombian territory is rich in diversity and landscapes that leave anyone ecstatic, as well as contemplating a series of islands in the Caribbean and Pacific. This means that there is no shortage of beaches with crystal clear waters to make your trip even more special.

In San Andres, for example, the typical Caribbean scenery impresses with the transparency of the waters and the beautiful beaches that form a true paradise on earth. The archipelago brings together three main islands, in addition to dozens of rocks, islets and sandbanks that provide excellent diving.

Another Colombian pearl is the city of Cartagena de Indias, in the state of Bolívar. The Walled City was created to protect the region from the frequency of pirate attacks, years later, with the end of the attacks, some access roads were built between the walls to facilitate movement through the city, however, the charm still remains in the immense fortification that surrounds the complex. The historic part also concentrates a good part of restaurants, shops and historic houses that complete the landscape.


Machu Picchu

Get ready for an intense dive exploring one of the most curious regions on the planet. It is in the Land of the Incas that you will be able to have one of the most amazing trips of your life. Machu Picchu, the City of Stone, is the highlight of your journey through the fascinating stories and mysteries of the Peruvian regions. The traditional customs and the Inca culture still well preserved allowed us to know another side of Latin America, learning more about the civilizations and curiosities of America in the pre-colonial period.

It can be explored in different ways, Machu Picchu is one of the strongest legacies of the Inca civilizations, with a large flow of tourists most of the year. To enjoy the best of the region, and especially if your goal is to go on one of the Inca trails, it is worth opting for pre-booked itineraries with guides, to ensure availability for tours and accommodation.

Machu Picchu

Bolivian Altiplano

For those looking for extreme trips in neighboring territories, without necessarily spending a lot of money, a good option may be to embark directly on an adventure through Bolivian destinations.

With different scenarios, the Bolivia It's one of those destinations that take our breath away from the beginning to the end of the trip. Especially the route that follows the Bolivian Altiplano, which has become one of the main attractions in the country. Surrounded by colorful lagoons and small villages that live in isolation, the traveler will find desert landscapes at more than 4,000 meters above sea level. In the Salar de Uyuni, the sky and the earth mix forming a unique landscape, being one of the maxims of the trip, the fabulous salt desert is simply out of this world! There are more than 10 thousand square kilometers forming the largest salt flat on the planet, close to the Andes Mountains.


Maranhão sheets

For those who dream of knowing the Lencois Maranhenses National Park, the best time is during winter. Even with heat throughout the year, it is during this period that the lagoons are formed between the dunes, transforming the landscape into a true postcard, thanks to the rains that precede these months of the year allowing this phenomenon. There are countless natural pools of crystal clear fresh water, in a landscape unlike anything you've ever seen.

The route guarantees curious experiences even before arriving in Lençóis Maranhenses, boarding a speedboat departing from Barreirinhas, the visitor navigates the calm waters of the Preguiças River passing through villages that border the National Park, such as the stop in Vassouras, where the tourist is welcomed. by several capuchin monkeys that seem not to be frightened by the presence of humans. Continuing on, at Caburé beach, visitors can choose to swim in the river or in the sea, in addition to a buggy ride through the dunes and along the beach, in a fascinating oasis. For those who have availability, another suggestion is to include the Delta do Parnaíba (PI) and Jericoacoara (CE) in the same itinerary, completely closing the famous Route of Emotions – we already talked about this script with more details in this other article.


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