Fresh and salt water beaches, large lakes, beautiful waterfalls, mysterious caves and many rivers make up the best resorts to visit in the Amazon

The rich biodiversity of amazon is known all over the world. Immense forests, bathed by imposing rivers and full of species of fauna and flora, make it a unique place.

THE tourism in the amazon it is also quite diverse, going from walks through the forest to large cities and riverside communities, where it is possible to learn more about the culture of the peoples of the Amazon. 

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But did you know that, in addition to all the natural wealth that we have already mentioned, the Amazon rainforest keep great spas, which do not leave anything to be desired for some coastal destinations?

fresh water beaches and salty, large lakes, beautiful waterfalls, mysterious caves and many, many rivers form stunning scenery, framed by native forest.

Did you want to know? Then check out our tips on best resorts to visit in the Amazon.

Find out which are the best resorts to visit in the Amazon

We have prepared a list with tips on the best resorts to visit in the Amazon. It is a more beautiful place than another. You can be sure that, at the end of reading, you will want to know each one of them.

See below for more details on these amazing destinations in the amazon:

Marajo Island


A place where you can enjoy sea beach and river beach, this is the Marajo Island, no stop. Without a doubt, it is one of the best resorts to visit in the Amazon.

Famous for housing the largest herd of buffaloes in Brazil, the Marajo Island impresses by the natural beauty and options of tours, among the beaches, mangroves, streams, farms and the center of their cities.

The island is separated from the mainland by the Amazon delta, the Pará river estuary complex and the Marajó bay.

There, the sea is so calm that it is difficult to distinguish whether you are on a beach or a river. Also, the waters are not that salty. This is what happens at Praia de Barra Velha. 

Another option in front of the sea is Praia de Joanes, which, in addition to the beautiful view, houses the ruins of the Jesuits, which refer to the colonization of Pará.  

If you prefer a river beach, you can't miss Praia do Pesqueiro, the most famous on the island. On its sands there are natural umbrellas and hammocks, as well as tables and chairs next to the restaurants. It's a place to go and spend the day peacefully.


Photo: Carlos Macapuna / Wikimedia Commons

The island of Maiandeua, in Pará, is known by many as the Algodoal Island. But the reality is that Algodoal is just a village there. 

But the most important thing to know about this resort in the Amazon is that it is a place with beautiful and very peaceful beaches, ideal for those looking for peace. 

The streets have no asphalt and do not allow the circulation of cars. The beaches and forests are well preserved. And the villages have that interior climate in which time takes time to pass.

On the beach in the village of cotton, there is the option of bathing in salt or fresh water. There are some houses on stilts and simple inns. A typical paradise setting. Another very quiet beach is Praia Fortalezinha, where there is not much structure and nature reigns supreme.

Now, if you are looking for a place to relax with more structure and a bit of hustle and bustle, get to know Praia da Princesa or Praia Marudá.  

Alter do Chão

Photo: lubasi / Flickr

Bathed by the waters of the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers, the village of Alter do Chão It has beautiful freshwater beaches, which even surpass many destinations on the Brazilian coast.

The village is part of the municipality of Santarém and has just over 600 inhabitants. It is a place to forget about the world and just enjoy nature, between beaches, rivers, lagoons, igapós, streams and lots of forest. 

The beaches are the main attraction, there's no denying it. There are so many pieces of sand that have emerged between the waters of the rivers that many do not even have a name. 

However, the most famous, in addition to a name, have a structure to receive tourists. An example is Ilha do Amor, the most popular of Alter do Chão. There you will find several kiosks and services.

There are also other options for places to cool off in Alter do Chão, such as Ponta do Cururu, Ponta de Muretá, Ponta das Pedras, Ponta do Caxambu, Lago Preto, Pindobal and Maguari. 

President Figueiredo

best resorts to visit in the Amazon

Photo: Luciano cta / Wikimedia Commons

President Figueiredo, 130 km from manaus, is a refuge of the Amazon. The city is surrounded by native forest and many waterfalls, among grottos and caves.

Several ecological trails and parks lead to these paradises nestled in the Amazon rainforest, guaranteeing a lot of fun for those who visit the city.

The main attractions are the Maroaga Cave and the Judea Cave - which can be known together -, the Santuário Waterfall, the Neblina Waterfall, the Pedra Furada Waterfall, the Iracema Waterfall, the Mutum Waterfall, the Waterfall Asframa, Corredeira do Urubuí, Lagoa Azul do Maranhão and Lagoa Azul Park. 

It is a more beautiful place than the other, with impressive scenery, such as the Pedra Furada Waterfall, which emerges from a crack in the rock, or the Blue Lagoon of Maranhão, with its unique coloring.

If you are a nature lover, you need to know this bathhouse of the amazon.

Anavilhanas National Park

best resorts to visit in the Amazon


Formed by more than 400 islands, 600 lakes and lagoons and bathed by the waters of the Rio Negro, the Anavilhanas National Park It is one of best resorts to visit in the Amazon.

It is so beautiful that it was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and all the attractions are focused on the Amazon rainforest and the waters of the river.

Trails in the middle of the forest, spotting native animals and canoeing through the igapós and streams are some of the mandatory tours for anyone visiting Anavilhanas.

Another must-see is the search for porpoises in their habitat in the murky waters of the Rio Negro. There is also the option to interact with these animals at the Botos Floating Station, on the edge of Novo Airão. 

Anavilhanas National Park is 200 km from Manaus. 

Lake Robertinho (Roraima)

best resorts to visit in the Amazon

Photo: Disclosure

The cerrado of Roraima is home to one of the best beach resorts in the Amazon: the Lake of Robertinho.

Located 50 km from the capital Boa Vista, the lake has clear and warm waters, perfect for relaxing baths. The view is incredible and can be seen from one of the many hammocks placed on its shore, in the water.

Umbrellas made of wood and straw complete the scenery and provide comfort for those visiting the place. There is a great structure, with a restaurant and chalets around it. 

It is a very quiet place, great for family outings. In addition, it has a waterslide that guarantees the fun of the most adventurous.

Combu Island


Photo: Carolrmoraes / Wikimedia Commons

THE Combu Island It is very close to the capital of For, Belém, just 15 minutes by boat. Therefore, it is considered a refuge for those visiting the city. 

In it, in addition to seeing the exuberant nature of the Amazon rainforest up close, tourists can cool off in the waters of the Guamá River. There are several trails around the island and a zip line from the top of a giant samaúma – a tree typical of the region.

Another attraction of Combu Island there are several restaurants on its shore, which serve the most traditional dishes of Pará cuisine. 

Ponta Negra beach

best resorts to visit in the Amazon

Photo: Naldo Arruda / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the city of Manaus, Ponta Negra Beach is formed when the waters of the Rio Negro recede. 

The white sands contrast with the turbid water of the river and form a very beautiful setting, amid the buildings of the capital of Pará. 

More than just a beach, Ponta Negra is a tourist complex, with a wide boardwalk, sports courts, viewpoints and an amphitheater for shows.

The view of the imposing Rio Negro is incredible and one of the main attractions of Ponta Negra Beach. In addition, the entire structure makes this resort a very pleasant place to visit.

Jau National Park

best resorts to visit in the Amazon

Photo: Pedro Peron / Wikimedia Commons

Recognized by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve, the Jau National Park stay in amazon and protects practically the entire hydrographic basin of the Rio Jaú.

It is home to one of the largest expanses of continuous tropical rainforest in the world, with rich biodiversity and many impressive places to visit.

To visit the Jaú National Park it is necessary to travel by boat about 100 km from the Rio Negro. As it is an isolated area, trips there usually last at least two days, with overnight stays in camps in the woods.

It is a place for those who enjoy ecotourism and a dose of adventure. Between trails and boat trips it is possible to see many animals, such as monkeys, capybaras and several birds. 

Did you see how many amazing resorts to visit in the Amazon? It's worth including these destinations in your 2021 travel plans.

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