Spring is an especially magical time in Norway, when the ice starts to melt, the trees and flowers wake up and nature comes into its own.

When we think about Norway soon comes to mind the image of a white and snow-covered scenery on winter days, right? In fact, winter in Norway provides the tourist with a dream trip with short days, long nights, lots of ice sports and the incomparable aurora borealis dancing in the sky.

However, another season that is worth a trip is spring, an especially magical time in the country, when the ice begins to melt, the trees and flowers awaken and nature celebrates, showing its colors and natural spectacles. It is at this time that Norwegians begin to leave their homes for the cultural events and outdoor activities that take place on the occasion. The country comes back to life and the scenery changes, as do the people.

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How is spring in Norway?

THE spring in norway, which runs from mid-March to June, enhances even more the beauty of the country and its incredible natural environments. The mountainous regions, the fjords formed by the retreat of glaciers, the forests and beaches, the sumptuous rivers and waterfalls, as well as the twenty-one national parks are the perfect environments to explore nature during the most colorful season of the year.

The sun rises earlier and sets later, creating the ideal environment for outdoor activities, be it a boat trip through the fjords or a glacier climb. The trails are also very popular in the destination, which offers incredible viewpoints in the mountains such as Pulpit Rock Or the trolltunga. With higher temperatures and thaw, several waterfalls and waterfalls come back to life, which are beautiful for observation or for activities such as rafting and kayaking.

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For lovers of gastronomy, the period is also suitable for tasting delicious fruits and vegetables from the region. Apple plantations are famous in the fjord region and tourists can visit small local farms and taste delicious freshly squeezed apple juice. Jellies made with red fruits from southern Norway are also essential. In bigger cities like Oslo or Bergen, the most renowned restaurants are also inspired by the season and offer special seasonal menus.

During the spring, another incredible phenomenon appears in the skies of Norway: in June, the north of the country gets the midnight sun, which can be an amazing travel experience. The tip is to visit the North Cape, which, as its name suggests, is the northernmost point in Europe, where it is possible to see the sun almost touching the horizon and rising again at dawn. During this period, various festivities and events take place on site, such as golf championships or the iconic Midnight Sun Marathon in the city of Tromso.

Photo: Visitnorway.com

Many cultural festivals, sports competitions and gastronomic events take place throughout the Norway during spring. One of the most important festivities takes place on the 17th of May, known as the norway national day, when Norwegians take to the streets to parade and celebrate their traditions.

If you are traveling to the Norway during spring, it is worth accessing the calendar of events in the country clicking here and see what you like best.

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